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Divine Rose of Jericho / Jericho Rose

Divine Rose of Jericho / Jericho Rose

Divine Rose of Jericho: By the Blessing that you received from Our Lord Jesus Christ, by the grace and power that you have help me conquer the difficulties of life, grant me health, strength, happiness, tranquility, and peace to make more money to cover my needs and those of my household and my family.

Divine Rose of Jericho: All of this I ask through the power that you have in the love of Jesus Christ and His great mercy. Amen.

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Divina rosa de Jericó: Por la Bendición que de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo recibiste, por la virtud que tu encierras y por el poder concedido ayúdame a vencer las dificultades de la vida, dame salud, fuerzas, felicidad, tranquilidad y paz para ganar más dinero con que cubrir mis necesidades y las de mi hogar y toda mi familia.

Divina Rosa De Jericho: Todo esto te lo pido por la virtud que tú encierras en amor a Cristo Jesús y su grandiosa misericordia. AMEN


The Legend tells the tale of how when the Lord Jesus Christ went into the desert for 40 days to pray and Meditate, God sent the Spirits of the Four Winds to blow a seemingly lifeless tumbleweed called the Rose of Jericho to his feet; this sacred Rose of Jericho followed Christ during his days within the desert.   During the dawn the Rose of Jericho would collect the moisture of the night's dew.  Each morning Jesus would put his fingers to the Rose of Jericho and collect the little water it had and quench his thirst from the drops of water from the branches of the plant.  After the 40 days with in the desert, Jesus blessed the plant as a magical talisman of resurrection and sustaining life through hardship. 

The Rose of Jericho also known as the Resurrection Plant or Anastatica Hierochuntica, other names include Saint Mary's Flower, and Mary's Hand, within Espiritismo and Sance is part of the Division of Plant Spirits which include the Selaginella lepidophylla "Jericho Rose" known to Hispanics as La Siempre Viva or La Flor de Piedra.  The later being the one that is sold most frequently in Hispanic Botanicas.  The Rose of Jericho is by far the most widely known and sold of tumbleweeds.  Its magical properties as a talisman are undisputed and was used by the Spanish Monks and Friars as a symbol of the Holy Trinity and imported the plant to the Americas to demonstrate to the Native Americans the power of the Spanish Christian God and the concept of rebirth.  It is a staple plant within homes of Curanderos, Espiritistas, Brujos, Sancistas and Santeros alike, and sold in every Religious Botanica shop.  The plant can be kept on an altar, a book shelf, or a table of its own.  The Rose of Jericho is not just a talisman but also a powerful Spirit which bestows its owner with spiritual abundance.  



In the delivery room under the bed in which the baby shall be born, place a glass bowl with enough water so that the Rose of Jericho gets its roots wet.  When the Rose of Jericho opens, place a pair of scissors on top of the Rose and a miniature statue of the baby Jesus, the kind used in a Nativity set, or a charm with Madonna and Child, Saint Gerard Majella, or Saint Margaret.  This will insure a safe delivery for both mother and child.  If it is impossible to place under the delivery bed, place this on the altar or on a table besides the labor bed.  The charm is given to the mother and the Rose of Jericho is dried out and also given to the mother with the instructions to place it in water for a week, during the child's birthdays.


Place the Rose of Jericho into a clear glass bowl of water, and within it place 5 coins.  Next to it light a green or gold candle to attract money, and pray for five consecutive days.     A charm to Our Lady of Charity can also be placed into the bowl and used as a charm to attract money.


On a Tuesday or Friday at around 9:00 a.m. place the Rose of Jericho in a bowl of water with a jet stone or Mano de Azabache on top of the Rose of Jericho.  Light a white candle and meditate and pray before it for 3 consecutive days.  On the third day, take the water and pour it into a spray bottle with 1 single  drop of ammonia and a half cup of beer.  Spray the outside of the house, each door, entrance and window of the house, praying to your spirit guide to help you remove any negative vibration, envy or jealousy others may have for you. 

"Divine Rose of Jericho: I ask all this through the strength that you lock yourself in the love of Christ Jesus and his great mercy, Amen "


Enter the Rose of Jericho in a bowl with water. On a piece of parchment paper write down your desires and wishes.  If it is a certain job or position you wish take the application or job resume and fold it in half with a loadstoneloadstone in the water with the Rose of Jericho.  Do this 3 to 7 days before you give the application or job resume. 


When you bring the Rose of Jericho into your home make sure to also purchase a brand new shallow glass bowl for it.  Take the shallow glass bowl and smudge it with Tobacco smoke and clean it with Holy water.  Then pour a little fresh water into the bowl and with the right hand place the plant within the water, making sure that the roots touch the water.   As you are doing this recite these or any other words you wish to say.

Yo te adopto Rosa de Jericó y te doy la bienvenida a mi humilde hogar para que finalice tu errar por los desiertos y encuentres en este humilde lugar tu mansión definitiva. Te doy el nombre de (N.N.) y prometo cuidarte y respetarte siempre. Te ruego que protejas mi casa de todo mal, por la bendición que de Jesús recibiste y su infinita misericordia. Amen.

I adopt you Divine Rose of Jericho  and welcome you into my humble home, and put an end to your wandering Spirit. Which wandered the desert until you made your way into this humble mansion.  I give you the name of (NN) and promise to take care of you and honor you until the end of my days.  I pray that you protect my house from all evil.  By the blessings and mercy given to you by our Lord Jesus.  Amen. 

The Rose of Jericho will begin to open slowly within the next few hours, until it is completely opened.  You can meditate in front of the Rose of pray your rosaries and watch it unfold and open before your eyes or you can let it open in peace.  It is important to  leave the Rose of Jericho undisturbed for the next following three days.  It is common that within the following three days the water may have a strong unpleasant odor, do not let this distract you and leave it there for the remainder of the three days.  On the morning of the fourth day, carefully remove the Jericho Rose from the water and rinse it clean in fresh water then place it on top of a clean fresh white towel.  Discard the water from the bowl and clean it.  Then add fresh water and place the Jericho Rose back into the bowl.  During the next following three days you will carefully remove the Jericho Rose from the water, discard the water, carefully rinse the Jericho Rose in luke warm water and place it into the bowl with fresh water. 

These seven days are very important because you are creating a spiritual link and bond with the Rose of Jericho and giving it the lack of care or lack of fresh water that it probably has not had for some time since it was removed from its natural habitat.   During these seven days it is a period of connecting and building a strong bond with the plant, and should not be used for any magical purposes or petitions or requests should not be made.  Some times you may notice white spots growing on the plant.  If so remove from the water and gently clean it and gently pat it down with a clean towel and place in fresh water.   It usually is impossible to remove these white spots so do not worry to much.  A Rose of Jericho should have a light earthly aroma to it, as if you where walking through the woods after a rain storm.   If the aroma is to strong this is an indication that you are drowning the Rose of Jericho.  Remember it should sit on a shallow bed of water and never completely submerged.  The water should be changed and discarded every 3 to 7 days, and you can lightly mist your Rose of Jericho with a clean fresh spray bottle every other day.  Never allow your plant to rest or sit in fowl water, and never place it in direct sunlight.

I have seen individuals beautifully decorate the bowl in which the Rose of Jericho is placed with semi precious stones, seashells, and dried flower petals.  This in not necessary but if you are careful, responsible and faithfully devoted to your Rose of Jericho, you may do so, or you can just simply leave it alone in the glass bowl.  What is important is that the Rose of Jericho is allowed times to rest, regain strength and go dormant for at least one or two weeks out of each month, or when not in use for any magical or religious purposes. 

A misconception a lot of religious fanatics and individuals have is that the Rose of Jericho is not as powerful when dormant.  This is false and incorrect.  During the rest period when the Rose is dry and closed it is just as powerful asleep as if it where completely opened.  Remember the Rose of Jericho is a dessert tumbleweed and maintains it's lack of human co-existence closed and in a desert.  When dried and closed one can place charms, stones, bottles of oil, florida water or amulets beside it and receive its beneficial blessings just as much as if it were opened.   Some individuals say to use only Holy water with your Rose of Jericho, I disagree as many times Holy Water contains salt within it, which can be detrimental to the plant.  Also I always discard the water out of my house or down the sink, I never use the water for any spiritual work.  Just personal preference. 

Spells and Prayers to
the Rose of Jericho


Take a gold lace ribbon and a red ribbon and bind them together making three knots all the while concentrating on your desire and say these words.

Oh Divine Rose of Jericho, by the blessing, powers and virtues you received, by our Lord Jesus Christ and His infinite mercy, I beg you to help me find my luck and bind it tightly to my life.  This I pray.  Amen.


Divina Rosa de Jericó, por la bendición que recibiste, la virtud que encierras y el poder que se te concedió en el amor a Jesús y su infinita misericordia, te ruego que me ayudes a encontrar la suerte en mi camino y anudarla fuertemente a mi vida, para que no me abandone jamás.  Amen.

Divine Rose of Jericho, for the blessing you received, enclosed with the virtues and powers given to you by our Lord Jesus Christ and his infinite mercy, I beg you to help me stay healthy and restore my health, so that I may deal with life with the strength and power necessary to overcome every obstacle that presented itself in my path.  Amen.


Divina Rosa de Jericó, por la bendición que recibiste, la virtud que encierras y el poder que se te concedió en el amor de Jesús y su infinita misericordia, te ruego que me ayudes a conservar la salud   (a recuperar la salud, si se está enfermo), para afrontar las vicisitudes de la vida con la fuerza necesaria y poder vencer cada uno de los obstáculos que se me presenten.  Amen.

There are countless and limitless ways one can work with ones Rose of Jericho, as long as the plant itself and the Spirit within it are treated carefully and with respect, it will give you a long time of blessings and protection.  Also the prayers can be modified and changed to suite your purpose.  If one uses coins or charms within the water of the Rose of Jericho this can be used  as items to fill Resguardos "charm bags" or given to clients as a gift.  

May your Rosa De Jericho bring you much blessings.
Hermano Brujo Luis

Sance Sanse Religion, Espiritismo, Brujeria


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