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Further Reading

This is a small collection of books that every Brujo, Espiritista and Curandero should have in their personal library, or those interested in Puerto Rican Espiritismo and Latino Folk magic studies.  Many are translations from Spanish Books, others are historical and educational.  I am not here to give full reviews just a quick cap on each book, and yes each one is a part of my personal library.  Sorry no books with John Edwards or, Sylvia Browne within this list.

1. Sea el Santisimo

Sea el Samtisimo is a book written by Mario Dos Ventos and is a basic Manuel on Creole Spiritism in Cuba and Puerto Rico.  Has many prayers to various popular Saints.  How to construct a Boveda.  The book is 75% prayers which is an important part of Espiritismo, Sance and Santerismo.

2. Helping yourself with Selected Prayers
 Volumes 1 & 2

If you ever visit any Puerto Rican Brujos, Espiritistas or Sancistas home, on the altar you will often come across a paper back prayer book titled.  La Fe en La Oracion.  The book has prayers to many Saints, Folk Saints, Spirits and some Orishas.  These two volumes are the English translations of that particular book. 

3. Collection of Selected Prayers
by Candita Gual / Allen Kardec

Every Boveda, Altar, Tableau or Mesa Blanca has the infamous little Orange Book with the image of Jesus Christ on it.  In Spanish it is title Oraciones Escojidas, by Allen Kardec.  This is the best english translation of the book, and covers prayers for a Sesion Espiritual and other important prayers for communications with the Spirits.  Most of the book as the original is prayers, a must have book for ones altar.

4. The Spiritista.  Chris Ochun

This is a basic book for beginners on Espiritismo as practiced by Puerto Ricans, with prayers for conducting a Spiritual Mass.

5. Earth and Spirit
Medicinal plants and healing lore
from Puerto Rico by Maria Benedetti

An important book about the healing practices lore and magical practices of Puerto Rican Brujos, Espiritistas and Curanderos.  Various short stories, essays traditional Puerto Rican remedies and Spanish to English names of many herbs used.  An important book that every brujo and curandero from Puerto Rico and the world should have in their private library.  The Spanish title of this book is Sembrando y Sanando en Puerto Rico.

6. Witchcraft and Welfare in Puerto Rico.
By Raquel Romberg

The history of Brujeria "Witchcraft" in Puerto Rico.  From Taino Indian, African practices and Spanish traditions.  Also short essays on the late, numero Uno Bruja de Loiza, Hadie.

7. Healing Dramas:
 Divination and Modern Magic in Puerto Rico. 
 Raquel Romberg

From the author who wrote the book Witchcraft and Welfare in Puerto Rico,  History and practice of Puerto Rican witch healers.

8. Rx Spiritists As Needed

Rare out of print.  A study of mental disorders, and health issues amongst Puerto Ricans and how they search to heal mind, body and soul through Espiritismo, Brujeria and Santeria.

9. Governing Spirits,
Religion, Miracle and Spectacle of Cuba and Puerto Rico

A study on Cuban Espiritismo Cruzado and Puerto Rican Mesa Blanca, and the study of the various spirits.

10. The Magical Powers of the Saints
 by Ray T. Malbrough

Although I personally am not a big fan of Llewelyn Publications, this book is a good book for beginners in Hispanic Brujeria and American Hoodoo.

11.  Spiritual Cleansing:
A Handbook of Psychic Protection
by Draja Mickaharic

How to cleanse and protect one self with items found in the home, traditional spiritual work used in Brujeria, Curanderia and Espiritismo.

13.  A Century of Spells
 by Draja Mickaharic

Spells traditionally used by Brujos and Brujas through out Latin America, as with all books by this author, a must have in ones library. 

14.  A Spiritual Workers Handbook
by Draja Mickaharic

Traditional spells used by Espiritistas and Brujos in the Caribbean and New York.  Great little book and to the point for all Espiritistas. 

15.  Speaking With the Dead
Among Puerto Ricans in the United States
by Andres Isiodoro Perez

A study of Spiriitist Centers in New York in the late 1970s early 1980s.  The function of a Spiritist Center, its members and interviews with its congregation. 

16.  Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms
 by William Oribello

17.  The Psalm Workbook
by Robert Laremy

Every Brujo and Spiritual worker should have a basic understanding on how to use both candles and psalms in their spiritual work.  Both these books are a must have book.

18.  Spiritual Cleansing and Psychic Defense. 
 By Robert Leremy.

Simple spells and prayers to various Saints and Spirits such as La Madama, El Congo and Santa Marta Dominadora are within the pages of this book, good little book for beginners.

19. Devotion to the Saints
 by Ann Riva

One of Anna Riva's best books includes many saints respected and venerated within Brujeria, Hoodoo, Espiritismo and Curanderismo.

20.  The Spirits Book
 by Allen Kardec

A monumental and historic work that brought Spiritism to the forefront of today's culture.  Important work and the belief systems behind Espiritismo.

21.  The Mediums Book
by Allen Kardec

An important work on Membership by the founder of Spiritism.

22.  The Line of the Sun
 by Judith Ortiz Cofer

A novel about a Puerto Rican family and their struggles first in Puerto Rico then in New York.  Espiritismo, Brujeria and Santeria play a major role in this novel.  A beautiful story that leads you through three generations and the Puerto Rican struggles, how spiritual beliefs and religious ideas change through each generation.  Every Puerto Rican should have a copy of this book within their library.

23.  The Santeria Experience
 by Migene Gonzales Wippler.

As a young girl in Puerto Rico, Migene in introduced to Santeria by her nanny Maria, which takes her on a lifelong journey through Espiritismo and Santeria.

24.  Creole Religions of the Caribbean
from Vodou, Santeria, Obea and Espiritismo

Everything is covered in this book, Santeria, Brujeria, Espiritismo, Obea to name a few, interesting reading.

by Carlos Antonio Montenegro

Book on the Dominican Voodoo Religion of 21 Division, similar to Puerto Rican Sance, Sanse Reliogion.  Small little book only around 80 pages, but a quick and simple introduction 

These are just a few, educate, learn and grow.
Sancista Brujo Luis

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