Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bubbles in the Goblets

Bubbles in the Fuente and Goblets

Often times when filling the Spiritual Fuente and goblets with clean fresh water, and placing them on the Tableau altar or Mesa Blanca shrine  "Boveda" one will notice that at first the Fuentes will be sparkling clear and fresh.  Then after a few hours sometimes even shorter, on expecting the altar or shrine again one will notice air bubbles within the water of the Fuentes.  This can mean a few things and really depends on the purpose for the Fuente.   First of all water used for the Saints is used as a portal in which the saints come down from the Spiritual realm, while the water used for ones dead and ancestors is used to give clarity, to quench their thirst,  re freshen and clean themselves.

Air bubbles within the Fuentes represent los Fluidos Espirituales, or the Spiritual Fluids of the Saints or Dead.  It represent that the Spirits are near and content with the individual.  If an offering was given such as fruits, tobacco, incense and candles, then the spirits are content and happy with the individual, they have accepted the offering, and have partaken of its energy, their presence is near and felt, just listen, all is at peace.  Many times the bubbles also represent that you have kept your side of a bargain with the Spirits and that they wish to show their blessings upon you for the services you have done for them. 

If the water was placed on the altar and is fresh with bubbles many individuals pour this water into another glass and take a sip or prepare an herbal bath with it to receive the blessings of the spirits.  Many say that when you do not see bubbles within the fuente, one should worry because it indicates that one needs to concentrate on a spiritual obligation or a promise made to a Saint or a Spirit that has yet to be completed. 

On the other hand it can also represent that it is picking up unwanted negative energies, water picks up unwanted energy and negativity, Just as it does the physical body, it also does the same for spirit and energy.  A Sancistas, and Espiritista always places new talismans, amulets and necklaces into the water to cleanse it, if one sees a lot of bubbles within the Fuente that is cleansing a talisman, it indicates that it has picked up unwanted vibrations.  The water is thrown away, the talisman is usually fumigated with tobacco smoke and replaced into a fuente with clean fresh water.

During a misa espiritual or a sesion where "Causas" are lifted, if the fuentes have a lot of bubbles, this indicates that much negative energy has been lifted, and the water is removed away from the house. 

When one purchases a new statue, we always purify it and cleanse it with Holy Water, Florida Water and Tobacco smoke, before placing it on an altar.  Also a Sancista and Espiritista always baptizes the statute in the name of the Saint or Spirit it represents.  Then it is placed on the altar with a brand new Fuente with fresh water.  If the Fuente fills with bubbles it can indicate one of two things.  One that the Spirit is happy, present and is bringing blessings.  Or it can represent that the statute was not properly prepared or cleansed.  Usually the Sancista will listen to his / her gut instincts.  If it feels like something is wrong, they listen to the inner voice and they follow it.  Or they often perform divination to get an answer.

During the act of private prayer, bubbles in the fuente depends on the emotional state of the person.  If the person is in a good mood, the Spirits are present, but if the person has inner worries or a heavy heart the Spirits are listening and cleansing.

Where the bubbles are located also has a lot of significance.  On the bottom or base of the Fuente can indicate that ones dead or ancestors want an offering.  Or if the Fuente is on a Tableau Espiritual this indicates that an offering of Food, or flowers is wanted.

If the bubbles are on the rim of the Fuente this indicates that the Centinela wants an offering of prayers.  If it is on the Tableau Espiritual as in the mesa blanca, then candles, incense or tobacco smoke is being asked for.  A ring of bubbles in the center of a fuente indicates a sesion espiritual or a velada is being asked for. 

If the Mesa is in the patterns of Reposo, Ataque and defensa this also has to be considered.  When in Reposo all is well, the Saints and Spirits are near and are showing the blessings.  When in Ataque this is a sign that negative energies are around.  Remove the water from the home, cleanse the fuentes and refill them with fresh water.  Remember when in Reposo the Saints or Spirits are on your side, they are protecting you and the opposite is to be said when in Ataque. When in ataque the water is cleaning the home, of unwanted vibration, it is picking up psychic dirt and energies.


Each tradition has its own symbolic meaning for whom each goblet is in honor for, example Cuban Espiritismo Cruzado might have a similar out line but with minor differences.  The following is of Puerto Rican Santerismo and Espiritismo.  The representations of the Fuente and the surrounding 8 cups are as follows:

• El Santisimo Papa Buen Dios TodopoderosoFuente it is this one.
• Centinela  - The Principle Spiritual Guide
• División Blanca, Commission of the Saints.
• División Negra, La Commission de los Congos, Negros, Esclavos, Madamas, Cimarones.  The Orisha, the Misterios, the Loases.
• División India, La Commission de los Indios, The Indian Spirits, the Cemis.
• La Commission de los Gitanos, Orientales, Arabes, Hindus, The Gypsies.
• Los Espiritus Familiares, los Muertos.  Family Members that where known and have past.
• Los Antepasados, the Ancestors, ones blood lineage.
• Los Espiritus Necesitados, las Bendita Anima Solas.



V.V.F. said...

What would you say is the difference between Los Muertos and Los Antepasados? Are Los Muertos the people that you would have known in life?

Also, when you refer to the Espiritus Familiares, do you mean this in the sense of a spirit or animal who serves and attends to you?

Sancista Brujo Luis said...

Los Muertos refers to ones dead. This makes up spirits of ones family blood line, and even spirits of past lives that we may have known in another life.

The term Difuntos is ones dead who we knew in this current life.

The Antepasados are ones Ancestors from this life who make up the current blood lineage.

Then there are the Seres. These are those spirits who make up ones Spiritual Frame. We have spiritual links with these Souls from a past life, or have gravitated to us in some form.

The Espiritus Familiares are the spirits of those familiar spirits we came in contact during this life cycle. Both human and non humans. Pets are Familiares.

V.V.F. said...

I think I understand. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi i will like to get your opinion, a few months back when i would sit in front of my biveda to pray before giving readings that day i would be filled with goose bumps and chills but readings where accurate, but something didnt feel right because even after despedirlos i will spend the rest of the evening with chills and cold, i did a few cleansing rituals because i felt the precense of an uninvited spirit, but now when i call my negra francisca to assist me in my readings i dont feel her and the water in the cups on the boveda doesnt have fluidos when before it did, im trying to make the story short but would appreciate your opinion. Ive been a spiritist for many years first time this happens. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Well those chills and bumps you get are the fulidos that you get. Also when you get that coldness threw the whole day is because you are picking up that fulido (vibration) of that spirit so what you should do is take a cup of water and clean your self.. clean your head to alot because that is were one picks up the most especially mediums. Also you was saying that you was calling negra francisca and you didnt feel her is probably because you need to call the one whole who comes with you to work with spiritualy....what you need to do is go to someone with experince so you can get gudience. You come to work but you need guidence from another medium higher then you.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this statement i think you need to seek and learn of your guia principal which is the one who usually aids in your readings, I too am a medium who does readings...remember one must always cleanse themselves when doing spiritual work. I think what your missing is the connection to your guia principal...start vibing again reading the padre nuestro, ave maria and psalm 23 and dedicate it to your guia principal dandole reconocimiento. hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound ignorant but I believe in the water absorbing negative energy. I used to leave a bowl of water out to absorb negative energy but the bowl broke and I haven't replaced it. I do however have a full glass of water next to my bed every night. The past few days there have been a lot more bubbles than usual. The glass is lined with larger bubbles. Before I went to sleep, I didn't think to use the water for absorbing or offering. Would you think that it is absorbing negative energy or being seen as an offering? Something has been waking me up so I'm sure spiritually it means something, I'm just unsure of what and don't know who to contact in my area. Thank you.