Thursday, September 18, 2014


Of all the email I receive none is more than Individuals who contact me to investigate their Cuadro Espiritual, often these individuals live to far from a practitioner who is able to give them this information and direction of their Spirits, be it Houngan, Sancista, Santero or Espiritista.  I have always refrained from doing this, and have done the investigacion traditionally which is in person, ("which I still recomened highly should be done in this manner"), but I must understand that many individuals can not travel far, or have the means to reaching an elder be in Shaman or Spiritist who will give them the Cuadro Espiritual.
The cold weather is comming here in New England and I have decided I will be setting up my Paypal for this purpose and will be doing Spiritual readings over the Phone. (( A Spiritual Reading is not Fortune Telling!))  It is messages from your Spirits and Guides.  The types of readings I will be doing are...
1. Investigacion de Cuadro Espiritual.
2. Life Path Spiritual Reading with Cards with Spirits.
The readings can take up to 45 minutes to one hour.  As soon as I am ready, I will let those who are interested know so we can set up an appointment and make payment arrangements.  
This is a great way for you to recieve messages from your Spirits or know which Spirits pertain to your Commisiones and to recieve any guidance from your Misterios, or to find out which is your Angel de la Guarda and Jefes. 
The price for the reading over the phone is 45.00, and a person interested must first contact me before sending payment to request an appointment and to be shedualed in. 
Understand that I have a full time job and have other resposibilities so I will take on two readings a night starting at 8:00 pm Eastern Time Zone, so please make sure to take this into consideration and check the time in your area.
Spiritual Consultations over the phone will begin October of 2014, please contact me at and through my facebook at Sancista Brujo Luis.
Make sure you speak directly to me through that email and facebook and through no other medium, for your safety and privacy.

De todo los correo electrónico que recibo ninguna es más de las que son de personas que desean Investigar su Cuadro Espiritual, a menudo estos individuos viven lejos de un Espiritista o Sancista que es capaz de darles esta información y dirección de sus espíritus, ya sea Houngan, Sancista, Santero o Espiritista. Siempre me he abstenido de hacer esto, y he hecho la investigacion tradicionalmente que es en persona, ("que todavía recomendamos altamente que debe hacerse de esta manera"), pero tengo que entender que muchas personas no pueden viajar lejos, o tienen la manera de alcanzar un maestro espiritual sea en Chaman o Espírita que les dará el Cuadro Espiritual.
El clima frío está llegando acá en Nueva Inglaterra y he decidido que voy a ser una cuenta con Paypal para consultas espirituales y estaré haciendo las lecturas espirituales por teléfono. ((Una lectura espiritual no es Adivinación!)) Es mensajes de sus Espíritus y Guías. Los tipos de lecturas que haré son ...
1. Investigacion de Cuadro Espiritual.
2. Trayectoria de la vida Lectura espiritual con baraja sea Española o Tarot para poder comunicarme con los Espíritus y Seres de tu Cuadro.
Las lecturas y consultas espirituales se pueden tomar hasta 45 minutos a una hora. Tan pronto como estoy listo, voy a dejar que aquellos que estén interesados ​​saber para que podamos hacer una cita y hacer arreglos de pago.
Esta es una gran oportunidad para que usted reciba mensajes de sus espíritus o puedas saber qué o cuales son los Espíritus, Guias y Seres que pertenecen a su Cuadro y para recibir cualquier orientación de su Misterios, "Santos" o para averiguar cual es tu Ángel de la Guarda y Jefes.
El precio de la lectura a través del teléfono es $45.00 Americanos, y una persona interesada debe ponerse en contacto con migo primero antes de enviar el pago para solicitar una cita.
Entiendan que tengo un trabajo de tiempo completo y tengo muchas responsabilidades espirituales así que voy a hacer dos lecturas en cada noche comenzando a las 8:00 pm, Zona Horaria del Este Estado Unido, así que por favor asegúrese de tomar esto en consideración y comprobar el tiempo en su área.
Las Lecturas empesaran al principio de Octubre 2014.  Favor de contactarme al o por mi facebook.  Sancista Brujo Luis
Asegúrese de que usted habla directamente con migo a través de ese correo electrónico y facebook, y a través de ningún otro medio, para su seguridad y privacidad.

Please contact me in facebook and through email

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Puerto Rican Espiritista Templo

Templo Espiritsta y Sancista en el pueblo de Guynabo.  Templo de la mama de Mi vecina, Mama Chabela. Templo Fe Esperanza y Caridad, Espiritista Puerto Riquena, Templo Sanse y Espiritista. Fundado y Rejistrado en la Isla de Puerto Rico 1938

My neighboors, Mama Chabela's mothers Espiritista and Sanse Temple in Guaynabo Puerto Rico, Templo Fe Esperanza y Caridad, Founded 1938.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014



The Axis Mundi is the central pole of the universe,  it is where the energies of the Astral plane manifests itself into the realm of the material.   It connects the realm of the dead, with the realm of the living and into the realm of the Highly Elevated Spirits.  It connects Heaven, Earth and Hell, It connects all as would a spiders web.  The roots of the Tree or the Axis Mundi are life a magic mirror that reflects and mimicks its branches above and represents the many ancestral roads that lead you to whom you are today,  the trunk represents you now in the realm of the material, while the branches that reach out in every direction symbolize the many roads that your soul will take in this life and in the next, it also symbolizes your future descendants.  

Every culture make use of the Axis Mundi, and it is known as the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, columna cerului, center of the world, world tree, May pole, Palo Mallo, Palo de Muerto, Palo Mita, Poto Mitan, Totem Pole and so forth.   It is the World Tree, or the Tree of Life that symbolizes one's D.N.A and ones connection to everything and all, because all is of Bondye's, and all is connected in a cosmic dance, that swirls around the Cosmic Tree like a whirlwind which is represented by the Orisha, Oya and symbolize, life, death and rebirth.  Each root, each branch and the trunk symbolize the roads, and is governed by Legba, the leaves that sprout out or down are ruled by Dambala, and the tree in itself is Papa Loquo, "alive" Papa Boquo "dead" or one of his many children, Iroko, or the Great Penis that springs from the earth and resides wirhin the woods Gran Bwa Ile.   Within the roots one finds the Ancestors, the Dead, the Ghede, within each branch one finds the Lwa, the Orisha, the Misterios, while the trunk represents you and your connection to your past and to your future, to your dead and to your Angels   If you are part of a Haitian Voudou Sosyete than you will always honor infront of the Poto Mitan, and if you are a part of Palo Monte or Sanse you will have your Palo de Muerto, and if you are European Pagan, I am sure you have danced the May Pole in May.  The many colored ribbons we place on it represent the cosmic sperm of the Simbi, the waters "cosmic sperm" which trinkle from the heavens and into the womb of the Earth, which bring forth the magic of life, then death,  and into rebirth or reincarnation.   The bells placed at its roots or near the ground is a reminder to those earth bound or intranquilos Spirits, that it is sacred and the natural order and balance of the universe is under the control and watchful eye of Bondye Sambi or one of his many escorts, the Mysteries "Lwa". 

If you are a part of a Vodou Branch you will honor always before the central pole, you will honor your dead and the arrival of the Lwa.  If you are Native American you will dance infront of the Totem Pole, and if you are Athiest I am sure you have gone to the Town Square, or City Hall where a central Plaza sits with a Fountain of Water, a Pilar or a Statue of a great leader is placed, these are modern representations of the belief in the Axis Mundi.  If you live near a tree, honey, water, and palm oil is always poured at its roots, so that it will bring fortification, strength and ground you and strengthen your connection to your Spirits, and if you are Spiritual, you will never willingly poison or cut down a tree, as this will be like cutting the life force, the Ache, which brings abundance to your life. 

You will see people of all cultures tie ribbons, in yellow, blue or gold to symbolize a safe return or to celebrate a feast such as the Fourth of July.  If you are a part of a Palo Branch or Sanse you will soon recieve if you have not yet your Palo Mallo, (palo de muerto) and if you have not you can decorate a tree with multi colored ribbons and in Easter place colored eggs on its branches and white ribbons to bring forth the cosmic dance of the Simbi which will reflect like an image in a mirror, and bring forth abundance, health, and stability; not just for yourself, but for the earth, your ancestors and your Saints.


Monday, April 21, 2014



The Marassa are the divine twins within the various branches of Voudou, such as Haitian Vodou, Dominican 21 Division and Puerto Rican Sance, and although divine twins is the image mostly associated with them, triplets are also well known, may they be masculine or female spirits or a combination of the two.  The Three Virtues also known as Las Tres Marias commonly known as Faith, Hope and Charity are often associated with the Petro Lùa, while Saint Cosme and Saint Damian are La Marassa or Divine Twins often with a third Spirit hidden to make them a triplet and are associated with the Rada Lùa.  This third spirit speaks of the spiritual, healing and psychic connection held with twins, and is termed as Marassa Twa or Marassa Tre.

In Sanse, La Marassa Tre are mainly associated with Taino Zemi Spirits and go by the name  Boinayel and Marohu, ( ying and yang, day and night, negative and positive, aggressive and passive, masculine and feminine.)  The third of La Marassa Tre is more of an African Spirit often called Dajome in honor of the Dahomey Kingdom of modern day Benin Africa.  Dajome is a Ghede Spirit that is said to have never been born into material existence, and if Dahomey was born, he would have not made it past his/her seventh "7" year.  Dajome stands as a link between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead, and is an Ere "spirit of sorts"  which stands as a Centinela for the Marassa.  Dajome embodies the ancient Irunmole Mawu and Lisa who embody the cosmic duality of masculine and feminists.  The Spanish word for Ere is Seres which stands for Spiritual beings.  While the Ere is connected to la Marassa as a Spiritual being the Marassa embody the incarnate energy of the Lùa which provide a spiritual link between heaven and earth, between the material and spiritual planes. 

Offerings to the Marassa consists of candies, sweets, pastries, cookies, cakes, soda pop, balloons and toys.  Their feasts are similar to children parties, with seven or more children invited and when they mount their servitors they can be a bit glutinous as they sit on the floor and partake of their offerings before consulting those that have come to attend the feast.  As they consult they enjoy pulling pranks on those around them. 

They are very connected with the Ghede and the Legba Division, and also pertain to their own nation of spirits which is called Divicion Marassa or Divicion Niños Gemelos.  There colors are pink and baby blue, although some also use red and blue.  They enjoy instruments such as rattles,  whistles, and drums, and their services or altars are always decorated with pacifiers, lolly pops, baby bottles and a gourd jiguera or whicker tray full of popcorn, coconuts, and candies which always comes in sets of two or three.  In nature their offerings are left in the woods by the trunks of two trees or on a bridges, while the offerings in the dita jiguera or palm wicker tray are given in handfulls to all who attend.  

In Africa the divine twins are known as Mawu and Lisa, and were the offsprimgs of the ancient Spirit Nana Baluku, and they fathered 7 sets of twins "14", one being Dambala.  In Taino oral tradition two set of divine twins "4" were born from the joining of the Grey Serpent of the sky and heavens and the mortal ancient mother of the Taino nation, this woman's name was Itiva Tahuvava,  Itiba Cahubaba ), whom after dying while giving birth to the two sets of divine twins became the Zemi spirit of the earth, each of the sets of twins became the Spirits of the four cardinal points and its elements.  

In Sanse the Marassa where raised by a number of Lùa, such as Cachita Tumbo, and Lasirena Yemalla del Norte, but their parents are Papa Marassa Jumeaux "San Nicolas del Sol", and Maman Gembo Jeremux. ( Mama Marassa ) "Our Lady of Fatima.

The Catholic Saints syncrenized with La Marassa are Saint Cosme and Saint Damiam, and their feast day is celebrated on the Saints days which is September 26th and 27th.  The veve sygil used to invoke the Marassa energy is that of 3 circles within three crossroads similar to that of Papa Legba and has its origin on how the Marassa where the only Lùa to be able to trick the ultimate Trickster Legba Kafou Petro at his own games.



La Marassa son los Divino Gemelos muy conosidos en las varias ramas del Vodou, sea en el Vodou Haitiano, en la 21 Division y en el Sanse ( Sanci ) Puertorriqueño.  Pero tambien existen los Trillizos, sean Femenino, Masculino o mescla de los dos.  Fe, Esperanza y Caridad son las Tres Marias, que pertenecen a los Lùa Petro mientras que San Cosme y San Damian son la Marassa o los Divino Gemelos que pertenecen a los Lùa Rada, y con el tercero que simboliza los Divino Trillizos, o La Marassa Tre "Tres" , Marassa Twa, o Marassa Twazyèm.

En los Sanse muchos atributan a estos dos Santos con Cemises Tainos llamados Boinayel y Marohu, Dia y Noche, Dia Nublado y Dia Soleado.  El Tercero es mas Misterio Africano llamado Dajome, por el antiguo reino de Dahomey en Africa.  Dajome es mas un espiritu Ghede o Muerto que nunca nacio en materia, o si nacio murio en los primero 7 años de vida, pero que aun guia a la Marassa como un Ere "espiritu en escultura" Centinela, y representa a Mawu y Lisa dos Espiritus gemelos antiguos del reino de Dahomey que representa la dualidad de la masculinidad y la feminidad.  Los Eres son llamados los Seres en Español y la Marassa oh Los Gemelos Divinos son la encarnación de los misteriosos lazos entre el Cielo y la Tierra, mundo espiritual y mundo material. 

La Marassa, sea Divino Gemelo, o Trillizo como ofrenda le gusta todo lo que sea dulces, bombones, globos, biscochos, y juguetes; ellos son glotones, juguetones y les encanta las travesuras.  Fiestas para ellos son como fiestas de niños infantiles, y ellos en cabesa se sientan en el suelo a disfrutar de la fiesta, y hacer sus travesuras. Son muy conectados a los Ghede y a los Legba, aunque pertenecen a su propia Divicion que es la Divicion Marassa o Divicion Niño Gemelos.   Sus colores son rosado y azul claro "bebe", aunque tambien se usa el color rojo y azul como se usa en la Ocha para los Ibeji Melli.  Le encantan los instrumentos especialmente maracas, pitos, tambores y baterias, y sus altares se colocan muy bajo o en el suelo en un mantel, son decorados con paletas de dulces, chupetes "bobos" y teteros de leches "bibi".  (En Puerto Rico se usa las palabras Arawaque bobo y bibi que significa tetillas del ceno de la madre.)  Sus ofrendas son dejadas en puentes y en las raizes de arboles.  

En las fiestas a la Marassa siempre hay una bandeja hecha de higuera o de paja con dos velas, una rosada y otra azul, llena de palomitas de maíz, maní, nueces, almendras, coco y chocolates que es repartida por el caballo montado con un Marassa a todos que atienden la fiesta, mientras baila con la bandeja colocado en la cavesa.

En la Africa antigua Mawu y Lisa eran hijos de Nana Baluku y los padres del Lùa Dambala; mientras que en la cultura Taina dos conjuntos de Divino Gemelos eras hijos del Serpiente Gris "cielo" y Itiva Tahuvava ( Itiba Cahubaba ) "tierra", la antigua madre de la nacion Taina que se convirtió en Cemi madre de la tierra.  En los Sanci como en la Ocha, las que crio la Marassa eran Cachita Tumbo y Lasirena Yemalla.  Pero sus padres son Papa Marassa Jumeaux "San Nicolas del Sol", y Maman Gembo Jeremux. ( Mama Marassa )  Nuestra Señora de Fatima.

Como padre de gemelas, nacidas Junio 5 Géminis y gemelos "mellizas y mellizos" fraternas, hijas que en el momento de esta lectura tienen 22 años y dos varones que partieron de esta senda material ante de cumplir unas horas de vida en materia senti que era mi responsibilidad y muy importante escribir este articulo, ya que todo gemelos son hijos y desendencias de la Marassa.  Tambien mi padre era gemelo y mi abuela materna era gemela.  

Los Santos Catolicos usados para representarlos son San Cosme y San Damian y su dia festivo es Septiembre 26 y 27.  El punto firmado o veve  comúnmente utilizado es de tres circulos que representa a tres tambores o tres firmas unidas parecidos a los de Papa Legba, esto tiene su origen en una leyenda Africana que cuenta que los Divino Gemelos vencieron a Eshu "Legba Kafou Petro" con sus propios trucos.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Servicio YEMAYA

Every year on September 7th and 8th we celebrate La Sirena, Yemaya and all her courts of the Oceans and Seas. Olokun, Agwe Tawollo,  We where lucky that on Saturday we got to do services to this 
beautiful Misterio Orisha on Saturday, following by a quiet Sunday for Cachita Tumbo who is the equivalent of Ochun,.  Here is the ceremony documented by photos, of what we could take.

Maria Tormenta and Sancista Brujo Luis blessing and cleansing the children. 

Sancista Brujo Luis 




Velando de la Materia.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Los Ghedes

El Mani de los Misterios


El Mani
y, Los Servicios y la Firma

Papa Lwa

Papa LWA
Sancista Manuel

Fluidos en los Fuentes


Papa Lwa

y sus Ahijados en Sanse

La Sociedad


Los Misterios
de las 7 Diviciones del Panteon Sancista