Wednesday, July 30, 2014



The Axis Mundi is the central pole of the universe,  it is where the energies of the Astral plane manifests itself into the realm of the material.   It connects the realm of the dead, with the realm of the living and into the realm of the Highly Elevated Spirits.  It connects Heaven, Earth and Hell, It connects all as would a spiders web.  The roots of the Tree or the Axis Mundi are life a magic mirror that reflects and mimicks its branches above and represents the many ancestral roads that lead you to whom you are today,  the trunk represents you now in the realm of the material, while the branches that reach out in every direction symbolize the many roads that your soul will take in this life and in the next, it also symbolizes your future descendants.  

Every culture make use of the Axis Mundi, and it is known as the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, columna cerului, center of the world, world tree, May pole, Palo Mallo, Palo de Muerto, Palo Mita, Poto Mitan, Totem Pole and so forth.   It is the World Tree, or the Tree of Life that symbolizes one's D.N.A and ones connection to everything and all, because all is of Bondye's, and all is connected in a cosmic dance, that swirls around the Cosmic Tree like a whirlwind which is represented by the Orisha, Oya and symbolize, life, death and rebirth.  Each root, each branch and the trunk symbolize the roads, and is governed by Legba, the leaves that sprout out or down are ruled by Dambala, and the tree in itself is Papa Loquo, "alive" Papa Boquo "dead" or one of his many children, Iroko, or the Great Penis that springs from the earth and resides wirhin the woods Gran Bwa Ile.   Within the roots one finds the Ancestors, the Dead, the Ghede, within each branch one finds the Lwa, the Orisha, the Misterios, while the trunk represents you and your connection to your past and to your future, to your dead and to your Angels   If you are part of a Haitian Voudou Sosyete than you will always honor infront of the Poto Mitan, and if you are a part of Palo Monte or Sanse you will have your Palo de Muerto, and if you are European Pagan, I am sure you have danced the May Pole in May.  The many colored ribbons we place on it represent the cosmic sperm of the Simbi, the waters "cosmic sperm" which trinkle from the heavens and into the womb of the Earth, which bring forth the magic of life, then death,  and into rebirth or reincarnation.   The bells placed at its roots or near the ground is a reminder to those earth bound or intranquilos Spirits, that it is sacred and the natural order and balance of the universe is under the control and watchful eye of Bondye Sambi or one of his many escorts, the Mysteries "Lwa". 

If you are a part of a Vodou Branch you will honor always before the central pole, you will honor your dead and the arrival of the Lwa.  If you are Native American you will dance infront of the Totem Pole, and if you are Athiest I am sure you have gone to the Town Square, or City Hall where a central Plaza sits with a Fountain of Water, a Pilar or a Statue of a great leader is placed, these are modern representations of the belief in the Axis Mundi.  If you live near a tree, honey, water, and palm oil is always poured at its roots, so that it will bring fortification, strength and ground you and strengthen your connection to your Spirits, and if you are Spiritual, you will never willingly poison or cut down a tree, as this will be like cutting the life force, the Ache, which brings abundance to your life. 

You will see people of all cultures tie ribbons, in yellow, blue or gold to symbolize a safe return or to celebrate a feast such as the Fourth of July.  If you are a part of a Palo Branch or Sanse you will soon recieve if you have not yet your Palo Mallo, (palo de muerto) and if you have not you can decorate a tree with multi colored ribbons and in Easter place colored eggs on its branches and white ribbons to bring forth the cosmic dance of the Simbi which will reflect like an image in a mirror, and bring forth abundance, health, and stability; not just for yourself, but for the earth, your ancestors and your Saints.