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"Centinela Alerta?  Alerta Esta!"

When I began this blog a year and a half ago, one of the first articles I wrote about was on the importance of the Centinela as this Spirit and "Division" is viewed within the Sanse tradition.  A short while after I had come across a video on youtube about a person proclaiming, that their Madama, who in life was a Southern Baptist, was his alleged Centinela, and he proceded to say his Centinela's name for the world to know.  Now I never attack anyone, as this is not my nature, "unless in self defense" but I have to be responsible enough to fix the misinformation as would anyone who follows a tradition.

The video made me a bit confused because, one, a Madama / Madamas are not, nor were they ever in life Southern Baptist.   "Spain ruled the Latin Countries it colonized with an Iron fist and Catholicism was the dominant religion.  At the time when these woman lived, many where often Cuban woman of African descent who not only where followers of Catholicism in public, but also practiced their ancestral traditions in secrecy, these Madamas where Iyalocha "Santera" priestesses.  Any one caught practicing any religion out side Catholicism was deemed a heretic and was punished by death, this of course included any denomination of a Christian religion outside of the Roman Catholic doctrines, remember the Spanish Inquisition and its mindset came to the Americas with the Spaniards. It was not until the ending of the Spanish American war, and the independence of many of these Latin Countries from Spain, that other religious belief systems "often of African or Indigenous descent" as well as Spiritism and Brujeria and its folk branches came out from hiding and began to be practiced in the open.  Southern Baptist missionaries, Pentecostals and other Christian traditions where then introduced to these countries in the latter part of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century.  Often the people who began to follow these new religions were the Jibaro and Guajiro rural folk, as these traditions often shunned its nose from towns and cities of a more African population.

Know Madamas although some were Housemaids, most were respected midwives and healer woman who took care of the Spanish aristocratic white children, but the Afro Cuban Madamas were regarded in a similar fashion as the Voodoo Queens of New Orleans of old, who practiced Catholicism during the day and at night participated in outlawed rites and were highly respected within their African communities.  They were woman of authority, dignity, strength and pride, who as I have stated practiced Catholicism but also kept the African Religions of their ancestors alive.

I have noticed a trend in many American  practices where spirits that belong to La Morenas, Las Negras, and Las Congas are often being confused and grouped up as being one and the same, with las Madamas = plural or La Madama = singular.  "But those things are a part of Espiritismo Cruzado and Espiritismo Criolla, and another subject in itself.". As my Abuelita would say.  " en el mar hay peces de todos los colores." and "Cada cavesa es su mundo."
The Centinela as is viewed in Puerto Rican Sanse is the head Punto Spirit of our Cuadro Espiritual and very similar to the Haitian Vodou concept of the Spirit known as Gros Bon Ange "The Soul", while the Emisario "messenger" spirit that works under the Jefes of your Cuadro would fall under one of the Spirits of your Comisiones, such as a Madama, Gitana, an Indio, a Pirata, an Arabe, est, est, est, and this Guia which is also known as a Guia Prinicpal, represents the Consciousness or the voice of the Higher Self, which is also similar to the Ori in Lukumi Santeria.  The Centinela is like the voice of the Soul which is the human anamalistic drive and will.  Yes a Madama can be a Guia Principal of the cuadro espiritual, while a Sanse is the mouthpiece or messenger of the Misterio, and lastly the Centinela itself is the main punto and mouth piece of the whole.  "The collective higher consciousness."

Centinelas have their own Court or Comision as we call them in Sanse, Santerismo, Espiritismo Criollo, Folclorico or Espiritismo de La Caridad and other Espiritismo traditiones.  Now although some Comisiones can be found in all Espiritismo traditions, some have Comisiones or Courts that are not known or not as popular in another tradition, for example.  In Puerto Rican Sanse, and Espiritismo Criolla we have la Comision de los Sanse and La Comision de los Centinela.  These are not known in traditions such as Venezuela Espiritismo de Maria Lionza which has Corte de los Vikinga or Corte de los Malandra Calé, just as Cuban Espiritismo Cruzado or Espiritismo del Cordon has La Comision del Triangulo or Comisión de Santa Clara: which are not as popular or known in Puerto Rico or Venezuela.  Even in Puerto Rico itself, being a small island, Espiritismo traditions such as Evangélico Espiritista, and Trincadistas "which are similar to Trinidad and Tabago's Spiritual tradition known as Spiritual Baptists, has Guides that are not used in Sanse, Santerismo or Espiritismo Criollo / Folclorica.

Now back to my point, because I am jumping around.  One major important factor of ones Centinela is that one is taught by one's Padrino or Madrina, is that one never is to reveal ones Centinela's name to anyone or for that matter the identity of your Centinela in public, for this reason we often hide it or synchronize it with a Catholic Saint, such as Saint Sebastian, and use that name when we talk of our Centinela, to protect its true identity.  The Centinela is our private guardian and messenger, and his / her name is never revealed to anyone.  When we call Centinela by his/her true name, we do so in private, and use the term Centinela or the name San Sebastian or San Se for short in public.. Many Sancistas I know also call him, El Gran San Se, "the Great Ancestor".


Everyone is born with a Centinela, and within Puerto Rican Sanse its name is revealed to an individual through a misa espiritual known as an Investigation de Cuadro.  Similar concepts of the Centinela can be found in Dominican 21 Division (often spelled Centinela or Sentinela) as well as Haitian Vodou, Gros Bon Ange and Ti Bon Ange.  Everything that is alive has a soul, and every thing that has a soul has Ache, and everything that has Ache has a Centinela, even Buen Dios has a Centinela, known as Simamayo Pie, Buen Centinela de Dios or Centinela de Bondye. which in Sanse is synchrenized with el Espiritu Santo or Saint Sebastian.  Under Buen Centinela de Dios resides Centinela Sangriñé, who has a Guede vuelta known as Guedé Sanguiñao or Ghede Sanguiñé and is synchronized with San Cipriano.  The Loa themselves have Centinelas, but these names "within Sanse" are not often revealed to an individual.  A well known Centinela who is also a Ghede is Feribunda who is the overseer of the Cemetery; he works closely with Ghede Cemitiel who is a Ghede that is viewed as the actual grounds of the Graveyards and Cemeteries, another vuelta for Feribunda is Guede Senche.  A darker fierce vuelta of Feribunda that is never worked in Sance is Baron Kriminel, who is a Ghuede with a mean temper.  Feribunda himself has four Centinela that guard the four corners of the Cemetery and work under El Baron del Cementerio, the Petro Division and the Ghuede.  Feribunda is always synchronized with a male Anima Sola.   Belie Belcan's  Centinela is known as Centinela Tribunal, some of the Ogun Loa work with Sentinela Tin Jan or Centinela Indio Juan, and the Gran Bwa have Sentinela Sabalo, other known Centinelas are Criminel, Sabalo, Zabalo, Kriminelo, Kriminel, Criminal, Tribunal, and the list goes on and on.  Although all that exists has a Centinela, the Centinela that are mostly widely known are those of the puntos of the Petro / Division Prieto / Negra.

While within Dominican, 21 Division Vudu "Vodoun" a Papa Boko and Mama Mambo can work with the Centinela of the 21 Division, in Sanse we do not.  We work with our own Centinela and respect those Centinela that work under the puntos of the Siete Jefes or the Siete Divisiones of our cuadro, even though most Sancistas are not revealed these Centinela's names.
The Centinela in themselves as are all Divisions, are a very complex group of Spirits.  In Sanse everyone is born with a set group of Misterio Spirits, and the Centinela make up one of these groups, and as one grows, more Misterios come into play.  This is the same with the Cuadro.
The Centinela are viewed differently in Dominican 21 Division as they would be viewed in Puerto Rican Sanse.  Sanse being a mixture of Vodou and Espiritismo Criollo work heavily on the Emisarios of the Misterios.  These Emisarios are the Messengers of the Loa and are the ones we generally work with and are the ones we call Los Sanse.  Many confuse Los Sanse with Los Antepasados "the blood ancestors" Los Muertos or Seres of the Comisiones or Cuadro Espiritual.  "Yes los Sanses are Muertos and Seres, and they are Ancestors but not necessarily of the blood line and yes in Sanse they have their own Comision but of a different level.  (A godfather's, godfather is your godfather, thus in death your ancestor.)  In life they where servitors of the Loa, and their wisdom and knowledge should be past on to you.

Now to make it a bit more complex the Centinela are Muertos and are a part of a Comision which in the Sanse tradition is a Division but not necessarily a Nation, (Nation as in an African Nation such as Fon, Ewe, Dahomey, Nago, Arara, Ibo Lele, Mayonbe, Wangol, Kongo, Makaya, Ghuede, Bantu, Togo,

Ogou, Angola, Ketu, est. ) and not all Centinela are Sanse as not all of them necessarily served a Loa in life, "many did, but not all".  Just as many Comisiones did not honor the Loa such as Los Arabes, Los Hindu, los Orientes and so forth.  Just as some Comisiones did such as las Madamas, los Congos and so forth. 

Unlike spirits from Comisiones which demonstrate many qualities of how they where in life, the Centinela as honored in Sanse do not come down as an Espiritu de materia.  They often manifest as spirits of radiant bright light, who seldom consume or partake of material offerings.  The Centinela are a bit above ones Muertos, but lower than the Nacion Ghuede but still of an equal vibration level,

"The Centinela and the Ghuede, the Yin and Yang", the natural dualities, female & male, dark & light, low & high, cold & hot, water & fire.", which makes them easily excesable to a Sancista.

The Centinela often are confused with the Sanse, which the latter "the Sanse" often come demonstrating traits and qualities of the Loa they represent, while ones Centinela does not.
A mane difference between Puerto Rican Sanse and Dominican Vodou, is that Puerto Rican Sanse also works with the Cuadro Espiritual, while Dominican 21 Division traditionally does not.  Thus in Sanse, ones Centinela becomes a messenger and guardian of one's Cuadro Espiritual as a whole, while in Dominican 21 Divisiones, that do not work with the Cuadro Espirituales,  the Centinela works for, and under the Loa, which in Sanse would be the task of of a Spirit from our Cuadro known as an Emisario that we call los Sanse.

Luke 23:42 – “Then he "Dismas the Good Thief" said, ‘Yeshua (Jesus), remember me when you come into your kingdom.’. Yeshua replied to him, ‘Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.’”

In life Centinela where often thieves and sinners, who at the end of their life repented.  Buen Dios being a forgiving God, forgives their humanly sins and trespasses.  But unlike the Anima Sola, who must cleanse their humanly sins in Pergatory, the Centinelas did have the chance to repent at the last moment, and in order for these spirits to find elevation and forgiveness, must complete a spiritual mission, which is that of leading us into the right paths of spiritual evolution. Whether they complete the mission or not, at the end of our life, they often find elevation, into a higher form of being, or are assigned another mission that they must complete. They are our personal messengers, gate keepers, guardians, and work as tribunals, in the sense that they have the authority to speak for us in the celestial courts.  The Centinela are also our guardians against psychic and occult attacks, and can only protect us if we are willing enough to listen to their voices of reason and experience.  Who best to teach you not to follow the rocky path or be misguided by earthly desires and wants, then the very spirit who in life had the same experiences.

People have asked me, do people with mental disabilities, drug or alcohol addictions, murderers psychotic disorders and tendencies have a Centinela.  My answer is yes, although these individuals Cuadro Espiritual is weak, and often many Spirits do abandon the individual, for an individual who may need them more, or serve them better, leaving the individual accessible to lower and higher demons, it is these very people who need the help and support of their Centinela, Guardian Saint and Angel "Loa" the most, and it is those very spirits who never give up on the person, until their very last breath is exhaled.


If one looks at the major arcana of the Tarot, one will see a close relationship or resemblance to the 21 major arcana with the 21 Divisiones, although there are 22 cards which number from 0 to 21. The four trumps or minor arcana as they are called can represent , Rada "Coins / Earth"  , Petro "Swords Fire", Agua Dulce "Cups / Water", and lastly probably Ghede or Legba "Clubs / Air", with a little minor abjustment on the suits.  But hey maybe that will be a future blog post that I will write about. Centinela as perceived in Sanse would be The Hanged Man from the Major arcana, card number XII "twelfth". The following description is from Aclectic Tarot, one if not the greatest resource on Tarot Cards ever compiled.




Basic Card Symbols

A man hanging by one foot from a bar or tree. His free leg is always bent to form an inverted "4," his face is always peaceful, never suffering. Sometimes his hands are bound, sometimes they dangle. Sometimes coins fall out of his pockets or hands.

The Fool settles beneath a tree, intent on finding his spiritual self. There he stays for nine days, without eating, barely moving. People pass by him, animals, clouds, the wind, the rain, the stars, sun and moon. On the ninth day, with no conscious thought of why, he climbs the tree and dangles from a branch upside down like a child. For a moment, he surrenders all that he is, wants, knows or cares about. Coins fall from his pockets and as he gazes down on them - seeing them not as money but only as round bits of metal.

It seems to him that his perspective of the world has completely changed, as if his inverted position has allowed him to dangle between the mundane world and the spiritual world, able to see both. It is a dazzling moment, dreamlike yet crystal clear.

Timeless as this moment of clarity seems, he realizes that it will not last. Very soon, he must right himself, but when he does, things will be different. He will have to act on what he's learned. For now, however, he just hangs, weightless as if underwater, observing, absorbing, seeing.



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John 8:12 "When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world."
Matthew 4:16 "The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned."

Matthew 17:2 "His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light."
John 12:35-36 "Then Jesus told them, "You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. The man who walks in the dark does not know where he is going. Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light."

“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings;  Malachi 4:2.

Trece mil rayos tiene el sol, trece mil rayos tiene la luna, trece mil veces sean arrepentidos los enemigos que tengo yo”

Thirteen thousand rays of the Sun, Thirteen thousand rays of the Moon, Thirteen thousand times shall my enemies come humbled and repented before me.


  1. A la una, esta el sol mas alto que la luna.
  2. A las dos, tablas de Moisés en que escribe nuestro señor Jesucristo.
  3. A las tres, los tres patriarcas.
  4. A las cuatro, las cuatro llagas de nuestro Señor.
  5. A las cinco, las cinco puntas de la Santa Estrella.
  6. A las seis los seis cirios que alumbraron Galilea.
  7. A las siete los siete dolores que sufrió María Santísima por su hijo.
  8. A las ocho todas las puertas se alzan con las ocho del paraíso.
  9. A las nueve mírese amigo menos nueve enemigos.
  10. A las diez los diez mandamientos guardare.
  11. A las once las once mil vírgenes me acompañaran y me guardaran y me guiaran de todo mal camino o peligro.
  12. A las doce los doce apóstoles me acompañaran por mi camino.
  13.  A las trece Miguel ato a Satanás, no me tocará ni por delante ni por detrás.

  1. At 1:00 the Sun is Higher than the Moon.
  2. At 2:00, the two slates of Moses written by the fire of the hand of our lord Jesus Christ.
  3. At 3:00, the three Patriarchs.
  4. At 4:00, the four blessed wounds of the Son.
  5. At 5:00, the blessed points of the star, in which I feel his love.
  6. At 6:00, the six candles which gave light to Galilee.
  7. At 7:00, the seven sorrows the blessed mother suffered for her son.
  8. At 8:00, the incense will clear my mind.
  9. At 9:00, look deep within yourself, and nine enemies less you shall have.
  10. At 10:00, guard the ten commandments.
  11. At 11:00, the Eleven Thousand Virgins will be with me and guide me safely through the treacherous dangerous paths.
  12. At 12:00 the twelve Apostles will accompany me along my way. 
  13. At the 13:00 hour Michael Imprisoned Satan you will not touch me from any direction.  And for the last one I will find peace.  Amen.

Gran Simbi Glo "Simbi Dlo" also known as Gran Rey Molinu, Rey Molina or simply Simbi Rey del Agua "Simbi D'l'eau" is the head of the ancient Serpent Simbi Division, in Sance he also governs over Agua Dulce and the Indios, and in Puerto Rico is often associated with the Cemi Spirit Yucaju.  Gran Rey Molinu as we call him in Sanse is synchronized with el Cristo Rey "Christ King".  He is a great Magician, Powerful sorcerer and messenger of the Sun, although he is an ancient Spirit and concidered thus part of the Rada, he as his other vueltas or paths governs other nations.  He is the great Sun whose reflection sparkles on the waters of the earth, and is the bearer of the souls of those which reside within the waters of the earth.  It is Gran Rey Molinu's energy that gives them the Ache to manifest, it is through this energy that life first sprung on our planet.  Most of his offsprings are ancient spirits whose Division is named after him.  "Division Simbi" but as I have stated in Sanse he also governs Agua Dulce.
Many also syncrenized  Gran Simbi Glo with Jesus being baptized in the River Jordan, which is his closest vuelta to Agua Dulce.   



Gran Toro Sentao "Sentado", also known as Gran Torolisa or Gran Toro Lizan is the head of la Division del Fuego, Morena, Prieta or Division Negra.  He is a fierce spirit, a Lwa of cosmic uncontrolable energies, rage, animal survival instincts, freedom from opression, and the need for independence at all costs.  He is a well known Sorcereer and can render any black magic impotent.  He is not a Lwa to be taken lightly, he is symbolized with Bulls, Bull's Horns, whips, shackles and chains and signifies strength, the power to conquer and the ability to push past obstacles to achieve success, the ability to get things done, the fight for freedom and independence.  He is an ancient Loa whose energy is said to have came forth from human suffering, opression, pain, anguish and the desire to survive.  Gran Toro symbolizes survival of the fittest. But it is also this fierce fiery emotion that through the grace of Bondye, created the cosmos. Gran Torolisa's force and the human will to survive, strive and overcome has been seem in some form in every culture and society through out human history.  His pressence can be felt in the struggles of African slaves, the slaughter and then rebellion of the Indegenous people of the Americas, and in all forms of hardship, mistreatment, and enslavement of any culture and race has gone through.  From hardship, one learns strength, and from strength one learns to survive.

In Dominican 21 Division. Gran Torolisa is synchrenized with Jesus de la Buena Esperanza.   He is the one who transforms Water into wine, and blood into water which represents grapes ripening after they're rained on and then heated by the sun.  He is the one who walks on water, which not only symbokizes African slaves being brought from Africa to the New World but also symbolizes sun light reflecting off the surface of water.



Gran Solier, Gran Soley, Gran Soliel, Gran Sol, is the head of la Division Blanca, also known as the Rada Division.  He has the power to create life, to awaken and bring forth new life. 
In 21 Division Gran Solie is syncrenized with San Nicolas del Sol, while in Sanse el Gran Poder de Dios is used to symbolize Gran Solie.  He is the great star that resides at the center of our universe, the Sun.  He is the life giver, which sustains life not just in our planet but any planet that is given the blessings of life from a Star.  The thorn crown symbolizes the rays of the sun, the 12 apostiles, the 12 signs of the the zodiac, sunday his day the day of the Sun.  Gran Solier is the light of the world, the Risen Savior who comes on clouds, and every eye shall see him.”



El Justo Juez, or the Just Judge is the head of the Nago Division and the Ogun Nation known as the Los Anagos or the Ancient Orisha Spirits.  Gran Olofi symbolizes that from life comes death, and from death life is reborn.  From Light shall come darkness and from darkness soon shall come the light.  Gran Olofi symbolizes change in order for life to move on and survive.  Gran Olofi symbolizes advancement, development, growth, change, rebirth and reaching a higher form of consciousness.  It is through the rays of the Sun that the great Spirits came to this earth our planet and gave it life.  The rays of the sun is symbolized as the thread, rope or latter in which life force first came into our planet, and it is through the rays of the Sun which life is sustained on this planet.   The cross is an extremely ancient symbol which often represented the sun, fertility, ever lasting life or victory.

During the winter solstice, The Sun stops moving toward the south. For three days, December 22nd , 23rd , and 24th , the Sun rises on the same degree.

On the morning of December 25th , the sun moves one degree to the north. It seemed like anything that was in motion all year long suddenly stops moving for three days must have died. So, the sun was dead for three days and then moves one degree to the north on December 25th . The Sun is symbolically born again. This is why Christians traditionally celebrate the birth of their solar deity on the winter solstice.

"The Spanish pronunciation for Jesus is Heh Zues meaning of Zuez."

The Sun had died during winter and is now 'passing over' to his new life in Spring. This is the origin of the modern Pass Over celebration. In the story of the Exodus, the Bible says that Yahweh inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release his Hebrew slaves. The Hebrews were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a Spring lamb and then the spirit of Yahweh “passed over”.  The sign was a cross or an x which is an ancient symbol of the Sun.  In other words, the Sun ‘passes-over’ the equator at the same time that the Jews celebrate a “Passover Service” by partaking of the ‘bread and wine.’ The Passover is the Jewish Spring festival.

This is why Christians celebrate “The Resurrection” of their Sun god in Spring with a “Sun rise service”. The date of Easter was always determined by taking into account the same lunisolar cycles. Easter is the Christian Spring festival and was named after the goddess Eostre.
The Greek word for “son” is “huios” and the word for “sun” is “helios” which seam to come of the same origin, as the English Sun and Son.



Rey Molinero: bendito, puro y sagrado, bendito sea con la fuerza que fuisteis llamado, con esa misma llamé a mis enemigos en nombre de Dios, las Tres Divinas Personas, Padre Hijo y Espíritu Santo, con esas tres palabras benditas llamé a mis enemigos para que vengan en son de reconciliación hasta mi persona.  Que vengan humillados a mis pies como fue humillado Satanas a los pies de San Miguel.

Los once mil rayos de Sol radien los cinco sentidos de mis enemigos para que se arrepientan de corazón de sus malas acciones para con migo, que se frenen las malas intenciones y en su lugar advengan a ellos las buenas y a la vez la prosperidad.

Los once mil rayos del Sol radien los cinco sentidos de mis enemigos, sumergiendolos como fue sumergida la esponja en hile y la sal al agua, y que las malas intenciones que vengan en mi contra sean rechazadas con el Vastago de San Pedro, y con la llave sean abiertos los cinco sentidos de aquellos que tengan ojos y no me vean, corazon tengan y no sea yo prisionero, sentidos tengan en mi no piensen, pies tengan y no me sigan, cuchillo y no corten, carabina tengan y se les llene de agua, boca tengan y no hablen y en el manto de Maria Santisima sea yo cubierto y el Sacramento del Altisimo sea mi compañia.

Que toda mala acción sean rechazada con el Vástago de San Pedro y con la llave sean abiertos los cinco sentidos de aquellos que tengan ojos y no me vean, corazón tengan y no sea yo prisionero, sentidos tengan y en mi no piensen, pies tengan y no me sigan, cuchillo y no me corten carabina tengan y se les llene de agua, boca tengan y no hablen, y en el manto de Santa María Santísima sea yo cubierto y el Sacramento del Altísimo sea mi alimento y compañía. Amén


Blessed King Molinero sacred and pure, with the same force that you was called, I want you to call on my enemies.  In the name of God, the Son and Holy Ghost, with these three blessed words I want you to call my enemies so they will come humbled before my feet, just as Satan came humbled before the feet of Saint Michael.  May the Eleven Thousand Rays of the Sun irradiate the five senses of my enemies, submerging them just like the sponge that was offered to Christ was submerged in a bucket of vinigar and salt. 

May all wicked intentions hurled at me be revoked my Saint Peter's staff and with his very keys may all evil intentions be revoked and changed into good. 

May their eyes not see me, their hearts not feel me.  May I be free of them.  May their five senses be blinded by your radiant light and not be aware of my pressense.  May their feet not walk my paths, and their knives not pierce my flesh.  May their bullets not reach me, may they be deflected.  May their mouths not speak hateful words about me.  May I be covered by the shroud and robe of Mary which will accompany me to the Holy Sacrament before the altar.  Amen


Santísimo Justo Juez. Hijo de Santa María, que mi cuerpo no se asombre ni mi sangre sea vestida, donde quiera que vaya y venga, las manos del Señor delante las tenga, de mi Señor San Andrés, antes y después, las de mi Señor San Blas, delante y detrás, las de la Señora Virgen María, que vayan y venga mis enemigos, salgan con ojos y no me vean, con armas y no me ofendan, justicia y no me prendan, con el paño que Nuestro Señor Jesucristo fue su cuerpo envuelto sea mi cuerpo, que no sea herido ni preso, ni a la verguenza de la cárcel puesto. Si este día hubiese alguna sentencia en contra mía, que se revoque por la bendición del Padre, el Hijo y el Espíritu Santo. Amén.

La compañía de Dios sea conmigo y el Manto de Santa María, su madre, me cobije y de malos peligros me defienda. Ave María Gratia Plena, Dominus Tecum, me libre de todo espíritu no bautizado y por bautizar. Cristo vence, Cristo reina, Cristo de todos los peligros me defienda, Amen.

Oh Just and Holy Judge, Blessed Son of the Virgin Mary, let my body be calm and my blood be washed so that wherever I may go, the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ be in front of me. That of St. Andrew before and after me. St. Peter's in the back and the middle. Those of the Virgin Mary, that my enemies may come and go with eyes but without seeing me, with arms but without hurting me, and that justice may not apprehend me. That my body be covered with the cloth that covered Jesus Christ's body, that I may not be hurt, or dead, or incarcerated. Oh Virgin Mary, this prayer I say for good or evil that my enemies hold against me. If any sentence be in this day against me, let it be revoked by the blessings of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The companionship of God is with me and the Mantle of Mary, his mother will shelter me of all ill will and dangers it defends me. Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Dominus Tecum, free me of all unclean and unbaptized spirits. Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ for all evil shall defend. Amen.

The Great Ancient Water Serpents of Magic and Transformation


Ayida Quedo, Aida Weddo,  Ayida Wedo, Ayida Wedo is an ancient Loa of water and fertility.  She is the wife of Gran Damballah and she is symbolized as all all Simbi Loa by a serpent, she is the rainbow serpent of life and fertility.  The great mother of the universe, as the universe is encircled within her grasp.

Gran Damballah:  Well respected and ancient Loa, father of the Loases.

Dan Wedo / Ogou Dan Hueso Weso / Dan Gueso / Dan Weso is the son of Dambalah and Ayida and pertaining to the Ogoun Nation.  He is a mystery of changes, purification and of shedding ones skin and becoming another.  He is a great Warrior Loa. 

Papa Chimbi / Pai Simbi / Ochu del Mar / Ochu Mar, Ancient Loa of tranaformation, son of Gran Dambala and Ayida Wedo.  He is a great sorcerrer, a water spirit and a part of the Simbi Nation.  He is known world wide as the Rainbow Serpent, and has manifested himself materially as the Staff of Moses.

Gran Simbi Dlo "Glo" / Gran Rey Molinu / Rey del Agua:  Ancient father of the Simbi Division of Spirits, Padrino of Mama Chimbi and great Magician Loa who is the bearer of souls, both are of the Rada Division and their offsprings are ancient spirits whose Division is named after them.  "Division Simbi"

Gran Siligbo / Mama Sili Gbo, Female aspect of Gran Soley, sister of Belie Belcan, she is of the cleansing flames of the sun, and she is the Misterio who purifies through water and fire, and bestows healing and magical power through herbal baths.  She is symbolized by fresh clean water, wells and the the rays of the Sun.  She is manifested in many traditiones and would be close to the Kundalini Serpent within.