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Every traditional Puerto Rican home has some of these items in their pantries or bathroom cabinets. Traditionally these items where used as colognes, rubbing alcohols, or for bathing. Today many Spiritual Workers and Brujos use these items to make spiritual baths, house cleansing, or washes, and to remove negative vibrations from the home. All these items can be found in Caribbean Latino Bodegas, (food markets) Botanicas and online. Recently I have found them in Grocery stores in the Hispanic section. A true Brujo never purchases premade baths or oils, we make them ourselves. None of these items are made for internal intake or consumption.

Agua Bendita: No home should be without Holy water, it removes negative vibrations, keeps evil spirits away, heals, used to remove evil. Never purchase Holy Water, gather some in a church, but be respectful and leave an offering.

Agua Maravilla: Used to heal acne, scars scratches, minor burns, reduces swelling.

Alcolado 70 Superior: Used when cleansing a body, during pases, cleansing the aura, healing with the power or prayer and the hands. Add to bath water to help in quick recovery from colds and flues. A person who has a temperature is rubbed down with it. Used as a floor wash or spray in the room of a sick individual.

Alcolado Mentolado: Mainly used as a rubbing alcohol for the sick, placed in a simmering pot to cleanse and purify the air. Sprinkled on the bed of a person who is ill will help them recover quicker. Rub on individuals to aid in reducing fever. Other popular alcoholado are Alcolado Relampago and Alcolado w/Eucalyptus

Añil: Indigo Blue Balls. Used to remove psychic attacks, dispel demons, used with florida water in Misas to keep evil spirits away. Used in baths to remove bad

Arnica pomada: Used to heal bruises, minor burns, simple scratches and cracked or chapped skin.

Azahar Orange Flower: Used in love baths, to attract a mate or lover.

Camphor: Alcamfor, Used to dispel and remove negative vibrations, promote calm sleep, cleanse and purify. Used in baths to treat colds, or skin irritations, or in a humidifier to help relieve congestion. Sooth minor burns relieve insect bites.

Cocoa Butter: For healing dry skin, moisturizing, facials, healing cuts or wounds.

Colonia Agua Floral : To cleanse an aura, calm nerves, and remove negative vibrations.

Colonia Agua de Ruda: Remove the evil eye, bring peace to a disturbed individual, calm a troubled person, used as a floor wash to calm the house.

Colonia Kananga Water: To remove the evil eye, black magic or curses. Used to clean the house from negative vibrations and appeasing the spirits of the dead.

Colonia patchouli, Colonia Abre Caminos, Colonia Dominante: Colonias come in many different fragrances, and are all great for spiritual baths and house cleansing. Add to your herbal infusions.

Florida Water: Cleansing and purification. Remove tension, Aleves minor headaches, caused by tension or evil eye. Cleanse the home.

Jabon Zote: used to wash ritual clothing, altar cloths, great after shampoo to combat oily hair, soap used for spiritual baths before spiritual work, mosquito repellent, and keep rodents away. Placed on altars to keep bugs away from offerings.

Hoyt's Cologne: Used by men before shaving, and as an after shave, contracts the pores, a mild astringent that soothes and heals skin abrasions caused by shaving.

Kolomia 1800: add to herbal teas for spiritual baths, and cleaning the home.

MASLAC manteca de Ubre: For muscle tension. Many santiguadores use this product, it was a staple in my house.

Mutton Tallow: Used to treat cold sores, chapped hands, skin and lips, and for the relief of sunburn

Pompeya Lotion: Used in baths to attack luck, and prosperity, Calms stress, and agitation, it soothes, comforts and calms for a restful sleep.

Rose Water : Used for love baths, romance, attraction, and peace in relationships.

Siete Machos Cologne: Used for men in baths to attract women, make a man more sexually appealing, to win over a woman, and in luck with games of chance and gambling.

Tranquil Balsam: Sprinkle on wrists or forehead to soothe nerves, worries and anxiety.

Violetas Francesas Cologne, Agua de Violetas, Royal Violets Cologne: for spiritual baths.


Lori-Ann Locke said...

Honestly, This is the best blog! One of my favorites to read. Thank you for taking the time to write!

Hermano Brujo Luis said...

thank you, i am happy you enjoy it,I am working on my next post, will be out this weekend. on the spirit, TOBAKU, prayers and Tobacomany, first time in english, if I am not misinformed, love your site as well, Lun to your Altar.

Jvega8985 said...

I need to do a cleansing for my house, and also need help for a court case.

Sancista Brujo Luis said...

where are you located, sorry for the delay in responding, email me privatly..

Anonymous said...

How can I speak to you privately, i need help badly some put a curse on me.

Anonymous said...

hello could u help me get a ex back to me an keep her with me?

jon robles said...

after i crush up one of the four camphor blocks, im not sure how much kananga water to pure over the crystals of camphor. I do know not to use all ive smashed.

Anonymous said...

I have colonia de ruda...wondering how to use it
To benefit my husband! Or can you tell me what to use so he could stop drinking and using drugs? Please

Robert Gonzalez said...
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