Monday, September 5, 2011

How Puerto Ricans Do Brujeria Folk Magic

How a Puerto Rican works Magic

I have been getting alot of emails, some from members of the Sanse Espiritismo group, others from my blogs and random client, on what items I use, or Puerto Rican espiritistas and brujos use in Trabajos de Obra. (Magical work). Let me say that all the items I use I find in my cabinets in the kitchen, or in a Catholic religious supply shop or botanica.

My house can not go without these 8 following items.

1. Holy Water,
2. Florida water
3. Candles any kind even tee lites.
4. Spring water
5. Nag champa incense. The one I use the most, or frankincense and myrhh. Or sandalwood.
6. a bible.
7., olive oil.
8. Salt. My grandmother would often say. "Que Falte todo en la casa, menos la Sal. (May everything in the house be missing, with the exception of Salt) Every salt imaginable, epsum salt, kosher salt, sea salt, rock salt, and table salt.

I use the psalms in the bible for everything, as there is a psalms for every causa (spiritual problem) or magical under taking imaginable. I also use, Allan Kardecs book on Selected Prayers, when performing a seance. Also as a Brujo / espiritista, I use every ingredient in the house imaginable, and every almost every item I purchase at a local food market, or Spanish bodega. Sugar, honey, pepper, vinegar, fruits, vegetables, coconuts eggs, cinnamon sticks, mustard seeds, and herbs which I purchase in jars, or even herbal tea bags. I try to buy bulk on Rompe Zaraguey, reserection plant; or mate tea for healing infusions when I go to New York, or Boston, but most I buy in local markets. Such as chamomile, mint, anise seeds, star anise, bay leaves and affordable 7 day saints candles I get at the Hispanic.section.

I prepar most of my working oils with a baby oil, or use plain old Olive oil. Most of the magic I perform is traditional Puerto Rican folk magic, and as such I use items my abuela (grandmother) and aunt taught me. Almost every item in the house can be used for magic, from nails, spare change, to crayons, glitter, brown paper bags,and old wine bottles, everything imaginable with the exception of plastic, or other man made materials.

One must have an understanding of the items in their house and the magical properties. But with one's faith, intent, anything can be used. If you have any questions feel free to ask or visit me at my yahoo groups. Sanse Espiritismo.

Brujo Luis.

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