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Magic of the Psalms.

I am an avid believer in the power of prayers, I pray in the morning to give thanks for a new day, and at night when my body is ready for rest and my soul is ready from its freedom from the carnal flesh. I also often meditate and recite Catholic, Spiritist prayers and Buddhist chants, "NAM-MYOHO-RENGD-KYO!"; in front of my spiritual altars as well as in nature. I pray to ground myself, and give me strength before receiving a client for a consultation, and for removing any negative vibrations I may pick up from a client's, "causa." I meditate and pray before reading the cards, or performing los pases, or santiguando. "LIMPIANDO, RECOJIENDO Y BOTANDO!" And prayers from a spiritist book is always recited before and after every spiritual session or festivities. I recite prayers from a book titled, La Fe en la Oracion, a selection of prayers to Saints, Angels, African and indigenous spirits that every Brujo and espiritista owns. I speak to my angels, protectores (protective) and cuadro espiritual, (spiritual frame) and Guia Principal my muertos and ancestors from improvising and letting the words come from my very soul.

I have to admit I am addicted to praying, and prayer books and pamphlets, it is one of the basic fundamentals of Puerto Rican Espiriritismo, Sance and Brujeria. If I am ever at a local walmart or a botanica or bodega,and I see a book on prayers I do not own, I purchase it.

Three of the mostlly used prayer books on my altar are the one I mentioned above, La Fe en la Oracion, as well as Coleccion de Oraciones Escojidas Espiritistas and the Holy Bible, which are staples in every Puerto Rican Brujos, Espiritistas altar. The Colleccion de Oraciones Escogidas is used for our Seances, Spiritual Masses, and Spiritual Festivities, and I own the books both in Spanish and English, for both my hispanic and non spanish speaking clients; and are used by every Brujos, Santerista, and espiritistas to invoke, Saints, Misterrios, Orishas, Seres, and Muertos, during misas, fiestas espirituales, veladas and all workings of La Obra Espiritual.

But the number one book I use to lift a clients causa, healing or protection is the Bible. The book of the bible is known as Psalms, and the prayers, can be used in all travajos de la obra, or magical / spiritual work.

Depending on the causa of a client, or under taking, when I recite a certain psalm, I use the appropriate candle color oiled down with Olive oil and herbs, incense, a glass of holy water, or bottle of alcojolado, eggs, and tobacco smoke. Other items are used but this all depends on the travajo. Following is the complete list of how the psalms are used in Puerto Rican, brujeria and espiritismo. May they bring your travajos much Fuerza y Luz.

1. Protection of Pregnancies, avoid miscarriages, and harmful associations, against attacks from animals.

2. Conquer enemies, diminish the strength of an enemy, control rivals.

3. Remove a curse, or a hex, combat crossed conditions, remove the evil eye. Calm headaches and backaches.

4. Spiritual Protection while asleep, against psychic attacks, envy, remove tension.

5. Stop gossip and slander, quiet a rival or enemy. Against false accusations.

6. To comfort sickness and illnesses. Aiding in blood disorders or diseases. Protection while asleep.

7. Against black magic, sorcery, to uncross and remove hexes. To return black magic to its source.

8. For binding enemies, for better business, increase business affairs.

9. Against the power strength or hold an enemy has on you. Protection during court cases, and against injustice.

10. Against witches, necromancers, enchanters, and sorcery. Against malignant forces and evil spirits. Vanquish unclean, restless, and trickster false spirits.

11. Protection from violence, violence in the home, domestic violence, punish evil, combat those that assault you.

12. Stop gossip, slander and dispel lies and false testimonies.

13. Protection from violence and bodily harm.

14. To quiet an enemy, to make other not believe false gossip about you, to be free from slander and wagging mouths.

15. To find out the truth when you feel that someone is lying. Against all forms of lies.

16. Remove depression, calm mental disorders, change sorrow into joy.

17. So that others will believe the words from your mouth and not those of your enemies, or those that lie about you.

18. For Spiritual strength, courage, and victory in an undertaking.

19. Spiritual Protection. For gambling, and luck in games of chance.

20. Freedom from coming danger.

21. Remove evil eye, or curse. Return negatives to sender.

22. Change bad luck to good, against misfortunes. Remove bad luck.

23. Cleansing and purification, help healing, especially chest pains, or diseases of the lungs. Prayer for calmness during times of tribulations amd great stress, for peace of mind, control conquer fear, against psychic attacks.

24. Protection from floods. Opening the door of opportunities and success.

25. Helping in breaking bad habits, against addictions.

26. To remove a negative companion, remove unloyal friends or companions. To make a person realize how others treat them.

27. To be unnoticed or unseen, to be as if invisible to others.

28. To make a curse or black magic impotent, to weaken those who deal in the black arts, powers.

29. Offering liberation of blessed water. To review the magical energies from the wilderness and nature.

30. Spiritual and faith healing.

31. Escape slander, psychic protection. Help in relief from stress.

32. Spiritual purification, cleansing, using herbal bath, the smoke from sacred herbs.

33. For work, abundance in luck and labor. Against bone disease.

34. Against misfortune, to be received well and find favor by high officials and authorities.

35. To curse or hex an enemy, make someone move away, leave, against argumentative and vengeful people.

36. Stop malicious gossip, against black magic.

37. Make enemies powers impotent to return evil to sender. Help in healing process of broken limb. For people who suffer, diabetes, cancer, hiv, aids and other illnesses.

38. Exorcise evil from the home.

39. Against violent relationships, abusive relationships.

40. Against occult enemies.

41. Against gossip, slander, evil eye, evil intentions.

42. For spiritual prophecies, insight, visions, or premonition through dreams or meditation.

43. Spiritual help, assistance with difficult situations. Finding an answer to a problem.

44. Cast off, vanquish and remove demons.

45. Blessing of family unity.

46. Tame ill mannered family members, calm ill tempered siblings or disputes.

47. Influence authority in your favor.

48. Cleansing and purifying the home.
Against tension in the home.

49. To combat envy or jealousy. Against vain and people who brag about their material belongings.

50. Against theft and robbery. Combating ungrateful, unfair and injustice in people. For court cases, and incarceration.

51. Cleansing and Purification.

52. Against incantations, enchantments, sorcery, and curses.

53. Combat black magic, occult enemies, and witchcraft.

54. Against betrayal or violence.

55. Revenge against enemies, or wrong doings.

56. Against those that plot against you.

57. Against the wrath of an x lover.

58. Court cases, domestic assault, influence a judge in your favor. Against trials, false accusations, and false testimonies.

59. Against violence, protection from animals. Return evil to its source.

60. Protection or healing in all forms of injuries of the mortal flesh.

61. Bless and purify a new home, against robbery, or accidents or psychic attacks.

62. Spiritual refuge and defense.

63. To make an important decision.

64. To punish a deceitfullness, betrayal, strike down a person that wants to take what is yours.

65. Protection while traveling over air, on.water or through land.

66. Calming nerves. Against mind control against mental abuse

67. Bless a union, lovers a marriage.

68. Vanquish and remove evil and malignant forces.

69. Protection from floods, drowning, fires, or natural disasters.

70. Weaken and confuse a rival or enemy. Remove a rival from your life and loved ones.

71. Against slander, gossip and vicious rumors.

72. Court battles, court cases, law in your favor.

73. Against envy, attract luck.

74. Defeat enemies

75. Fix problems with loved ones or friends caused by misunderstanding, bring peace to a troubled household, bring peace to the home.

77. Safe travel, bring comfort, calm nerves, Against nerve problems.

78. Protection of children, family peace. Bring peace to a troubled child.

79. Make enemies pay for wrong doing. Bring karma back to wrong.

80. Keep enemies away, keep those you wish away from your life.

81. Thanksgiving when a request has been fulfilled.

82. Against necromancers, and troubled spirits.

83. Against a curse, a hex, cross condition, return evil to sender. Make a sorcerers or witches magic impotent.

84. Bring peace, strength and courage to a troubled person

85. Calm anger, rage and wrath,

86. Victory in life, strength and courage.

87. Peaceful home, house cleansing.

88. Spiritual healing, bring a cure, faith healing. When feeling regret and remorse, so others will forgive your trespasses.

89. Healing, against health problems caused by Karma.

90. Overcome depression.

91. Against evil spirits, and malignant forces. Against poltergeist and demons.

92. Protection of the home, from floods, fires, and natural disasters.

93. Protection from floods, storms and hurricanes.

94. Banish evil, defeat an enemy.
95. Thanksgiving after a special request has been fulfilled.

96. 97. General offerings, special requests.

98. Victory over battles.

99. For meditation, finding answers, special requests, see the truth in people, find the truth.

100. Giving thanks after a request has been fulfilled.

101. To see the wicked heart or true intentions of others, realization, against adversaries.

102. Against a psychological illness.

103. Asking mercy or forgiveness from those you have offended.

104. Protection while travel in boat, automobile, or air.

105. For those who suffer depression.

106. Against envy, Against the lies of earth bound or trickster spirits. Remove a ghost or a haunting from the home.

107. Bring back a lost loved one. Find lost objects or material possessions.

108. Asking for strength or spiritual help in times of great distress.

109. Against gossip, slander, for revenge, and return wickedness.

110. Strength and control over enemies, having the upper hand in all situations.

111. For good memory, all that has to do with the mind, for an examination, school test, wisdom and knowledge.

112. Against all phobias.

113. For pregnancies, motherhood, safe pregnancies, protection of child while in the womb. Protection of a newborn.

114. Against a natural disaster, floods, hurricanes, car accidents.

115. Against Voodoo dolls, doll magic, make evil intentions impotent.

116. Protection from lies, an early death, protection from bodily harm, from weapons.

118. Strength and courage, when walking alone at night, against violence or attacks. Against stab wounds or gun shots. Against rebellious acts towards you.

119. Against mental comfusion. Protection of family members when away.
Against lies. For a safe return home. Against robbery, or theft, nightly protection while away from the home. Against all attacks while away from the home.

120. From lies and deceitful people, protection from work.colleagues, or a deceitful boss. Protection from deceitful people, against slander.

121. Against dangerous situations, against attacks.

122. Peaceful home house blessing and purification.

123. To open ones eyes, recognize and accept a dead end situation, realization, calming a headache, eye strain, or earache.

124. Escape persecution, and enemies.

125. Nightly protection, while asleep, against demons, incubus or sacubus that stir at night.

126. For prosperity, for strength and learning.after a trial or tribulation.

127 / 128. Finding work or employment, job.

129 / 130. Against troublesome employees, boss, or coworkers. Against troublesome tenants, or neighbors.

131. Calming a troubled child or adolescent.

132. Against thieves or robbery of the home or belongings.

133. Ask for rain in times of drought, against fires.

134. Protection of home while away.

135. Against voodoo, sorcery, hexes, curses, crossed conditions.

136. For those over seas in combat, battles, or wars, safe return home.

137. Prayer and blessing for new borns, blessing a child.

138. Faith healing, healing using the energy of the universe through the hands, air travel.

139. Blessing a pregnancy, faith healing, to become pregnant.

140. Against black magic, violence, bodily harn, physical assaults, or attacks.

141. To keep away evil associations, protection from worldly harm, drug addiction, all addictions of the flesh.

142. Against depression, diseases, mental illness.

143. Healing from an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, against financial troubles.

144. Protection from gangs, gang members, hoodlums, violence or assault from a young adult.

145. For general courage, help in speaking ones mind, control over an obsticles.

146. In times of ruin, or financial difficulties.

147. Peace of mind, stop anxieties, and panic attacks.

148. For the environment and nature. Protection of the earth, our home.

149. Receiving justice, asking for the help of a spiritual lawyer, help in court matters, during incarceration.

150. Giving thanks and praise when ones wishes and desires have been granted.

May they bring you Light, Progress, illumination and prosperity.

Hermano Brujo Luis

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