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Dambala Guedo in Spanish or Damballah Wedo also known as Pa Damballah or Pai Dambala is the loving father of all the Misteries.  He governs over peace and purity and is a powerful magician, and a great healer and is one of the few Puro Misterios, Lwa / Irunmole who has a direct link to Papa Buen Dios.  His metals on earth are platinum and silver.  He is the creator of the human form, and is also known as Obatala.  He is the essense of life, and germinated the cosmos with his sperm of life, he is the drops of water which holds life and spawns it.  As the essense of life, he is often kept away from the dead.  When Papa Buen Dios said.  "Let there be Light, Dambala Guedo came into existence. He is envisioned as an ancient wise man all in white with white hair and a long white beared or as Moses holding the Serpent Staff of the old testament, or the Figure of Obatala.  He is said to be both male and female, as our limited human minds can not completely comprehend his vast mysteries.


Ayida Guedo in Spanish or Dan Ayida Hwedo, is the strong wife of Dambala Guedo, She is also known as Ma Ayida, Mama Yida, Abuela Wela, she rules over the cosmic primordial waters of creation and stearnly governs the cosmos, and all the cosmos exists within her womb.  She is viewed as the Rainbow Serpent Mother and is also known as Ochumare, the female counterpart to the the Yoruba Supreme Deity Olodumare.  She is envisioned both as the Maiden Eve who was tempted by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden as well as the mature the Virgin Mary standing on the head of the serpent.   Her image is either the Virgin Mary or naked women with serpents couled at her feet.  She is always placed next to Dambala Guedo.  They had many children,  one being


Dambala de la Torcha or Damballah la Flambeau is of the Petroh Division.  He is the cosmic fires of destruction and chaos.  He is the ball of fire that destroyed life on earth once, making way for new life and will do it again.  He is envisioned as Saint Patrick, as well as the young Moses kneeling by the burning bush.

Obatala Linde or Batala Belinde is synchrenized with Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. She is an ancient Lwa of the Nago Nation, although many concider this aspect a part of the La Raiz Division, or Indian Division. She is a Misterio or Orisha of purity, cleanliness, all that is white, and is concidered the patroness of Albinos, thus the white race. She is said to have been the first black woman to have given birth to a white child, the first white person on the earth.   In Sance this white child, is known as Gran Solier

Obatala Belinde is the feminine aspect of the Nago Spirits "Orisha" known as Obatala, who is the protector of the head, the brain and bones, in Brazil Obatala is known as Oxala.
In Haitian Vodoun "Vodou" she is known as Aida Wedo, or Ayida Guedo, a Petro Loa whose name in Spanish is Aida Gueso, who is the wife of Dambala and mother to the Simbi Nation.
Other vueltas are Ofelia Balendjo who is synchrenized with Nuestra Señora de la Merced, and some call her Ofelia Mercedes after an ancestral Dominican some say Haitian Mama Mambo who was a priestess of Aida Wedo. Ofelia Balendjo is the sister of Ogun Balendjo and daughter of the Nago Loa others say vuelta of Mambo Lemiye. Another popular vuelta is Amalia Belcan, also known as Amalia Domingo, and this vuelta is synchrenized with La Milagrosa. In this aspect she is part of the Ogun family of Loases known as the Belecou or Belekou which is known in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico as the Belcanes. In this vuelta, Amalia Belcan is the mother of Belie Belcan.

Obatala Be Linde is the mother of the Loa known as Gran Ogou Batala, or Ogun Batala, a younger, often carefree and less wiser aspect of the ancient Obatala.

Offerings to Obatala Be Linde include, white candles, white flowers, white hard boiled eggs, coconut meat, coconut milk, merengue creams, vanilla cake with merengue frosting, white rice with milk, rice pudding, marshmallows. She does not drink any form of liquor. 
Lourdes = Gran Be Linde
La Merced = Ofelia Banedjo
La Milagrosa = Amalia Belcan

Symbol of the Three Magi, Los Reyes Magos SIMBI

The Simbi Family
Cosmic Water Spirits
The Simbi Nation or Los Simbises are ancient Lwa of life that preside over the elements of Water and Earth and are ancient Lwa of Magic. There are countless Simbi, some branches or traditions honor more Simbi than other. For example Haitian Vodou definetly honors more Simbi than Sanse, in fact many Sancista and servidores do not even think they honor or work with the Simbi Division, although they are represented within their Cuadro and Santuarios. (This of course is so far from the truth.) Mama Chimbi in Sance for one, also known as Filomena  Lubana or Santa Marta la Dominadora is by far a Metresa who is by far the most popular of the Simbi. In her arms she holds coiled around her wrist and waist are Siguelia and Sigueloa, two virtually unknown Simbi Loa, but both symbolizing black magic and occult powers, Mama Chimbi although a Gedesa and a Metresa is one of the most impotent Simbi within Zanci "Sance /Sanse", she is imperative in dominating occult enemies and black magic. On Mama Chimbi's lap sits a child, this is a Lwa as well known as Ti Jean Petro. Ti Jean Petro is the father of the Petro Nation, that originally came from the Dominican Republic. Ti Jean Petro was a Dominican Spanish former slave turned powerful and well respected Papa Bokor by the name of Don Juan Felipe Pedro who Incorporated the energies of the oppressed and often violent Arawak, Carib and African Ancestral Spirits into his practice of Vodou. He Incorporated the color red, which became a part of the Petro nation. Unknown to outsiders of Vodou and all its branches, all the Loa and Orisha lived in human form, and are or were historical figures who ascended to the statues of Loa.

Also San Cipriano who is known as a Gede and a Simbi is known as Guedé Sanguiñao or Sanguiñé is a great Simbi Magjcian Loa who fathered Siguelia and Sigueloa.

The Simbi Nation comes from the Congo Region of Africa, and many Saints such as the Three Magi "Wise Men" Saint Patrick, Saint Bartholemew and Saint Paul are synchronized with them. Saint Paul is synchrenized with Simbi Anpaka, who both heals and poisons with the magic of his roots, herbs and leaves. The Three Magi, are, Simbi Andeso who resides both in fresh sweet waters and salt waters he is also known in Spanish as Chimbi Dos Aguas, Simbi Ganga a great and powerful warrior sorcerer and Simbi Makaya who also is a Loa of Smoke and the smoke in incense and steam that rises from volcanoes and hot ground embody him, in this aspect he is also closely associates with Papa Candelo, or Simbi de La Torcha..

The Simbi preside in a realm between Heaven and Earth, the Atmosphere, which is envisioned as a vast sea of spiritual fluids where the Loa and Spirits traverse back and forth from the material plane to the spiritual plane.

Dambala and Rey Molinu are envisioned as Rada Loa, while most of the other Simbises are Petro and Congolese Spirits.

The Simbi embody the essence of fertility, and the creative life force. They are the life giving rain of Papa Bondye and are viewed as the first magical force of creation. They embody birth, death, rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. They are the ancient Sorcerers and Wizards who teaches humans, Alchemy and the magical art of healing, and within each human they reside in the spark of life and procreation.

Gran Simbi Dlo "Glo", Gran Rey Molinu, Rey del Agua, Is the Ancient father of the Simbi Division of Spirits, Padrino of Mama Chimba and a great Magician Loa who is the bearer of souls, both are of the Rada Division and their off springs are ancient spirits whose Division is named after them. "Division Simbi"
Papa Chimbi, Pai Simbi, Ochu del Mar, or Ochu Mar who is synchronized with Saint Bartholamew is the Ancient Loa of transformation, son of Gran Dambala and Ayida Wedo. He is a great sorcerer, like his nation he is a water spirit. He is known world wide as the Rainbow Serpent, and has manifested himself materially as the Staff of Moses.




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