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The Commission of the Arabians / SANSE TRADITION

Comision de los Arabes
The Commission of the Arabians

One of the most popular and misunderstood Commission of Spirits within Sanes, Espiritismo Criolla and Santerismo is the Comission de los Arabes, "Arabians".  Many people from Spain can trace their descendants from Arabia, and the Arabian culture as well as the Moorish and Roman, and traces of these cultures can be seen and felt in Spanish food, language and architecture.   Not only in Spain but through out the Caribbean and Latin America, were many Arabians and Spanish Arabian descendants migrated to and called home.  Many Espiritistas have a Guia of an Arabe in their Cuadro Espiritual, I have one that revealed himself to me in a Sesion but I rarely work with him because of lack of knowledge of him and because he has yet to reveal more of his identity to me.

The Arabes are Spirits that work under the element of Air and Fire, and can be very hot tempered. They like oil lamps with scented oils, and of course resin incense. They are spirits of high magic and will not work any form of low magic such as Brujeria, root work or Hoodoo, they prefer to work High Magic such as Alchemy, written spells, seals, amulets and Talisman magic.


The Arabe within a Cuadro Espiritual are spirits that hold the keys to the ancient wisdom of magic. They are known for their thievery and love of gold.and jewelry, and the Spirits often take gold, gemstones and even semi precious stones which they use in their magic. There are many folklore that say the Wise Magi (Magus) or the three Wise Men, who visited the new born Christ child were Arabian, some say Persian Wizards. They are astronomers, star gazers, and mathematicians and many in life were also sorcerers.

If and when they come down in a Misa they are very wise, and knowledgeable, and often come telling an individual that a certain tradition is not meant for them.  The Spanish word, Ojala, as in "Ojala que no llueva" can be traced back to the Arabian influence within the Spanish culture.   Ojala means. O Alah, and I find it a bit hysterical when Pentecostals say it.   "More about Ojala below."

The Djinn / The Genies / Los Genios
(Los Genios, also called Genies, Djinn or Jinn.)

Many Espiritistas and Sancistas agree that the Arabians that make up one of our guide is often accompanied with a Genio or a Djinn. The Djinn are classified as Lower Demons, and can be good or evil. There are legends that say that the Demon (Devil) that tempted Jesus in the Dessert was a Djinn by the name of Shaitan where we get our word Satan from .
( Seitan Shaytan, or Shaitan, or any variation are Djjin that whisper in humans ears tempting humans to commit sins.  While Good Djjin are said to have a blue aura or blueish skin, which represents their coolness and milder temper, the Djjin who are of a more malignant and aggressive nature have a red aura or red skin, which represents an aggressive nature.
One account tells how the Biblical King Solomon was the only human to have complete powers over the more aggressive Djinn, especially one in particular which he used to dominate his enemies, control his kingdom and have power over demons.

Many times Espiritistas who maintain a statue of an Arabian on an altar often place a lantern or oil lamp, without having knowledge of what the lantern may represent.  Although it is rare for Espiritistas to work with Genie spirits, these lanterns have their origin in Genie "Djjin" lore.

Apparently, the Arabic word djinn or jinn or genie comes from the same root as the word "genius", found in all Aryan languages, which corresponds to a very particular type of playful, mischievous and trickster spirit that can bestow wishes, but often at a price. They are wise, and highly intelligent, and can be masters of deception.

Ancient Islamic tradition states that Allah made Angels out of pure light, humans were.created.from dust and.the Djjin were created from fire.   Their bodies are said to be not of solid matter, but of smoke, which holds a strong stench, being compared to that of a mixture of sulfur and skunk spray. 


They are said to be older than humans, and have an almost longer indefinite life span.  Some are said to be immortal and some traditions also state that they excited 2000 years before Adam and Eve.  Again the.malignant Djjin Ibis (Shaitan) is said to be the Djjin who transformed into a serpent and tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life.   It is understood that although the Djjim have a human appearance they can assume any form they desire at will.  They can appear as a man, a dog, an elephant, a tiger, a scorpion or a snake.  The Djjin have the abilities to float on air and fly.  They can become invisible at will, and they are said to be able to transport or fly into the lower heavens where they spy on Angelic activities.  Ancient Arabian Sorcerers and Wizards used these abilities of the Djjin to eavesdrop on Angelic conversations about future events.  The, Sorcerers used this information as a source of divine wisdom to profasize about future events. 

The Djjin live similar lives as humans do, but exist within a parallel universe within our own, in between the realm of the Living and the realm of the Spirit, which is not effected by our time, hence why they seem to be immortal.  In rare cases the Djjin have been said to cross into the.material plane in which human greed and the Djjin´s mischievous nature.and ways made them cause havoc upon the earth.  It is believed that ancient Arabian wizards and sorcerers where able to imprison those Djjins, into bottles, rings and lanterns.  Female Djjins are traditionally imprisoned in bottles while male Djjin where imprisoned within lanterns.  These bottles and lanterns also preserved their life span within our world.   King Solomon's ring was said to have had an imprisoned a Djjin that bestowed upon him wisdom and the knowledge to control demons, and the wisdom of seals.  These lanterns, bottles and rings are made of Gold and precious stones and hidden from man being able to release the Djjin within them, which is as simple as rubbing or polishing the bottle or lantern. Some are said to be hidden under desolate and inhabitable locations such as the desserts, and frozen tundras, while others under the depths of the oceans.  Still others believe that the Djjin coexist within this earth, often they live within the outskirts of human societies, and venture within it disguised as humans or animals.

The Djjin that live within groups also are said to be religious, atheists, agnostics, and even heretics.  Human history has attributed much natural disasters such as.floods, sandstorms volcanic.eruption and destruction of whole civilizations to the Djjins.  Also shooting stars where once believed to be Angels cast from Heaven by God, some of these Angels became demons while others Djjins.

If the Arabian that is within your Cuadro Espiritual was a Sorcerer or Wizard, it is believed that even in death they have a connection with the Djjin they had in life.  These Djjin to the Spirit of the Arabian is somewhat like a Tutelary deity, dæmon, daimôn, which is similar to a Spirit Guide that works within your Cuadro Espiritual.

The Two Friends


There is a tale of two Arabian friends who where traveling through the dessert, when a disagreement erupted amongst both of them.  One of the friends became so enraged with the other that in a fit of anger he hit the other. 

The one who had been hit was so offended and in shock  that his close friend struck him, that he could not say a word in disbelief.  He sat on the sand of the dunes of the dessert and wrote with his finger upon the sand.

(This Day my friend striked me apon the face.)

Soon after the one who had gotten hit forgave his friend, they got on their camels and arrived to a lush dessert oasis.  They were so hungry and hot that they feasted on Coconuts and fresh clean water.  Soon afterwards they decided to refresh themselves from the dessert sun, and began to swim in the oasis waters.  But the one who got hit swam to deep and began to drown.  The friend who had struck him quickly rescued him and brought him to the safety of the shore.
The one who got hit then went up to a rock and with a chisel wrote upon the rock.

(This Day My Friend saved my LIFE.)

This surprised his friend, which asked.  "Why is it that when I strike you, you wrote on the sand, and now that I saved your life, you write upon a stone?"  At this the friend replied.  "When a dear friend does something that may hurt or offend us, one should write upon the sand were the winds of forgetfulness and forgiveness will be responsible for erasing and deleting it from our memories,  but on the.other hand, when a dear.friend does something good for you, one must record it on the stones in memory of their kindness, where no winds on earth will erase it. 

 The Genies and True Happiness

In the beginning of time, when God made men walk upon the earth, some mischievous Genies met within the dessert.  One said.  "We must take away something valuable from men, but what shall we take?"

After much thought one said.  "I know, lets take true happiness away from men and hide it from them!"  "And where shall we hide it?"  Said another Genie.  "Let us hide it on the highest peak of the earth!"  Replied one, to which another replied. "No!"  "Remember man has a strong will, and the day will come when they will climb mountains and find it."  "Then let us hide it within the depths of the Seas!"  "No!  Remember man is a curious creature and the day shall come when they will invent a device to take them to the depths of the seas, and they shall find it." 

Another Genie then replied. "Let us hide it in a far off planet, such as the moon or maybe a star!"   "No!"   Replied another.  "Remember man is in aw with the sky, the moon, the stars.and heaven and the day shall come will learn to fly and they will reach the moon and stars.and there they shall find it!"

Amongst the Genies there sat one who was wiser than them all, his name was Ibis Sheitan.  Ibis Sheitan listened quietly to his brother Genies then rose and said.  "I know exactly where to hide true Happiness, where no man will ever find it."  "Oh egsaulted and wisest amongst us, let us no where to hide true Happiness, where no man shall ever find it."  Replied all the Genies.  "We shall hide it within their very souls, in this way, man will always look out and far, and will never truly look within."  Replied Ibis Sheitan.

They all agreed knowing very well that Ibis Sheitan was the wisest amongst them, and they hid true happiness within the souls of men.  And from that day on until the end of times, men shall always look for true happiness all over the world, never knowing that true happiness can only.come from within their very souls.


Arabian Saints

There are many Arabian Saints honored within Santeria, Sanse and Santerismo, Santa Barbara being one who is viewed as Chango to some Oya to others or Erzulie Dantor to others.  Saints Cosmas and Saint Damian are known as La Marassa, los Jemelos and were martyrs born in Arabia who had dreams revealing how to heal others.

Talisman Ojala Spell

This is a Spanish written spell that uses the word Ojala which is a corruption of the Arabian word for Inshallah, which means  "Allah wills it."

The term Ojala is used in.all Spanish speaking countries as a way of saying.  "I.Hope"  It is used in many talismans and amulets as a way of bringing ones desires and wishes.  There are many variations of the spell, some use candles, tobacco, herbs, or incense.  Here is the spell as it is written in Judika Ille's book.  Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. 

On a small piece of paper, write, while focusing on your desire. 


Fold the paper carefully and wear it within a locket or a medicine bag until your desired goal is achieved.


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