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Candelina La Morenita is the wife of Papa Candelo, and the legends tell the tale that Candelina was pregnant and to have a child with no husband.  This during s time when it was taboo and punishable by death for an unwed woman to give birth to a child.

Candelina concealed her pregnancy for as long as she could, but soon her stomach grew, and her pregnancy was discovered.  Thus her punishment was set and she was to be burned alive at the stake with her unborn child. 

On the cold early February morning she was tied to the stake and wood were placed before her feet and the torch was brought.  Candelina looked up towards the arising morning sun and asked Gran Solier in the name of Bondye to save her and her unborn child from this unjust punishment, for she at the time was a virgin and had conceived through Divine intervention.  As the fire was set Candelo Sedife came upon the event, and was horrified at the sight.  He being the Loa master of fire, soften the heat beneath her feet and burned the ropes that bonded her hands.  Candelina jumped down and when the men who were to burn her began to call her an evil witch for using her sorcery to set herself free, where about to grab her, Candelo Sedife in a blaze of fire materialized before them, and shielded her.  This of course frightened the men, who ran for their lives.

Candelina being thankful embraced Papa Candelo, who at the time had never known the warmth of the embrace of a mortal woman as great as Candelina's, that he quickly feel deeply in love with her.

He took her to live in the cave of one of the eldest of the Candelos, Candelo Pelayo and they taught her the mysteries and magic of fire.  When the child was born she named him Candelito, and took on Candelo's name of Se Dife, "is of Fire" thus becoming knows as Candelina Se Dife, or in Spanish Candelina del Fuego. 

Candelina also known as Candelaria is a calm Metresa unlike her husband Candelo who is of raging fire that runs rampant upon the earth, her energy is calm as the flame of a candle, but one must take great care with her energy, because at any moment it can become as ferocious as Candelo's. 

She is synchronized with our Lady of Candlemas and her feast day is February, 2.  She enjoys everything in the color of red, such as red sweet wines, but also will drink beer, and as Candelo, she to enjoys tobacco, such as cigarettes and thin sweet cigars. Candelina is also known as a powerful witch, and she is the Loa that announces the coming spring,



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