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The Commission of the Juanes

Commission of the Juanes


No other magical and spiritual tradition is as important to Puerto Ricans as the Noche de San Juan, or Night of Saint John. Celebrated every year on the night of June 23rd. In honor of the islands Patron Saint. During the eve of Saint John's birthday people from all over the islands go to the beach, build bonfires, play music and feast on food. As the clock begins to strike 12 midnight everyone rushes into the water and countdown out loud the final seconds, similar to New Years Eve. When the clock strikes 12, everyone walks backwards into the waters and jump in or dunk themselves 7, 9, or 12 times to ritually purify themselves and make a request to San Juan Bautista. The waters are believed to be pure on this night, blessed and have magical healing properties and help in removing curses, bad luck, the evil eye, as well as having healing properties. Before the countdown, many bonfires are built and many people jump the flames to cleanse themselves of unwanted negative vibrations.

   One of the most mysterious and often misunderstood Courts of Spirits within Espiritismo and the Sanse Religion is la Comision de los Juanes or the Court / Commission of the Juanes  It is believed that this group of Spirits is infinite and that they come from all walks of life and from every continent.  Although they are gathered into a single Commission of Spirits, the Juanes can also fall under any other  Commission such as the Gypsies, Indians, Pirates Africans or slaves and so on. The name Juan, or John means "Dios es Generoso" or God is Generous; the leader of this commission is either Juan el Bautista, John the Baptist, also known as Juan de la Fuente, John of the Fountain, and Juan el Apostol, John the Apostle the author of the Book of Revelations.  Juan el Apostle was a prophetic seer and wrote the last book of the bible through visions and oracles that he used to see and fortell future events.  Juan el Apostol was the only one of the 12 disciples of Jesus who died a natural death at an old age.  While San Juan el Bautista represents beginnings Juan el Apostol represents the End which leads to new beginnings. 

The Commission of the Juanes are the spirits of Emperors, Kings, Popes, Prophets, Patriarchs, Visionaries, Magus, Saints, Shamans, and Seers,   In Espiritismo they are usually indirectly invoked and are often mentioned in prayers and invocations to other Saints or Spirits, this is because the Commission of the Juanes represent that group of Spirits that open and closes doorways and pathways, and lead the higher level spirits to our spiritual sessions and reunions and are the messengers of the Hierarchy of Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters.  Such as was the Indian Juan Diego for the Virgin of Guadelupe, the three Juanes who found the statue of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre of the shores of Cuba, and other Juanes throughout history

The Commission of the Juanes are also prophetic spirits,  Just as Juan the Bautista prophesied the coming of the Messiah and Savior of Man, and as Juan el Apostol prophesized the apocalypse and the second coming of Jesus in the last days, the Juanes usually come to foretell future events.

The Juanes are also trickster and prankster spirits, and the King of these Tricksters is Juan el Conquistador, or John the Conqueror.  In Puerto Rico the king of these prankster trickster spirits is the jibaro child folk hero Spirit of Juan Bobo, or John the Simpleton.

The Marias also fall under this particular Commission and the Punto or leading spirit is ruled by  Maria Magdalena. (Mary Magdalene, who Jesus cast out from her body the 7 Intranquil Spirits Seven Demons) and was the first to witness the resurrection of Christ. Another Maria was the prostitute Maria who with her tears washed the feet of Christ and dried them with her hair, and then she anointed his feet with perfume and oils of Nardo "Spikenard" and Lavandula "Lavender".  Some of the most popular Maria that come to Embajadas in Sesiones Espirituales  within Espiritismo include Maria de La Luz, Maria de los Cuatro Costal, La India Maria, la Venezuelana Maria Lionza, the gypsi Maria Candelaria, Maria de las Siete Sayas, Maria Lucero, Maria Antonieta, Maria que Gira el Mundo and Maria Dolerosa to name a few.
Like the Juanes, many Marias are historical and folkloric figures and also are believed to be Pre-Columbian  Indigenous and African goddesses whose followers hid them in images of the Virgin Mary, to keep their memory and legacy alive. 

The name Maria "Mary" appears 51 times in the New Testament and they are 6 of these which are.

1. Mary, the mother of Jesus
2. Mary Magdalene, the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons.  After Jesus cast seven demons from her, she became one of His followers.
3. Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus
4. Mary, the mother of the disciple James and Joses
5. Mary, the mother of John Mark
6. Mary of Rome

As this group of Spirits opens and closes pathways they are often prayed and invoked for any multiple task imaginable.  Be it for work, money, dominating occult enemies or bringing back a wondering lover.  The following prayers are popular and come from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.  In Venezuela 3 Potencia Espiritismo where this Commission of Spirits is exceptionally popular they are known as La Corte de los Don Juanes


iOh!  Señor Juan, Espíritu de la bondad, que por medio de tu gran poder me ayudará a conseguir no un imposible, pero si, un poco de suerte en el juego y en el amor. Siempre te llevaré conmigo para que me des suerte y me libres de muchos males.
San Juan del Amor, quien me dará la grata dicha y ternura matrimonial con poder infinito, como se lo pido en el nombre del Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo. Amén.


Saint John of the Lovers, grant me the dignity to be worthy of the love of others and find an infinite union with my soul mate.  This I ask in the name of the Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen.


Oh, San Juan del Dinero, has que por medio de este velón con el cual invoco la sublime influencia del Padre Eterno, para obtener éxito y adelanto en todos los actos de mi vida, para allanar todas las dificultades que hayan en mi camino. Invoco la ayuda del Espíritu Santo para que la buena estrella alumbre mi camino.

Invoco al Dios de las alturas para que mi negocio, mi casa, prosperen y mi persona reciba un mensaje de buena suerte enviado por la Divina Providencia.

Oh, Gran Poder imploro tu suprema Majestad para que mi camino se vea iluminado por el faro de la fortuna.

Oh! Gran Poder de Dios quita de mi camino todo obstáculo que mis enemigos traten de ponerme.


Oh Saint John of Currency you that through the light of this candle which I offer to your divine and sublime influence, will intercede on my behalf, unto our Heavenly Father, so that I may obtain success and advancement in all the undertakings of my life.  With your influence I shall smooth down and remove all the obstacles and difficulties in my pathway. 

I invoke the Holy Spirit so that the brightest star shall brighten my darkened road. 

I invoke the Heavenly Father so that I may succeed in my personal and business affairs. May I receive a sign from the Celestial Court of upcoming abundance. 

Oh Heavenly Power, I humbly implore that my pathways in life be illuminated by the lighthouse of fortune and darken the pathway of those who desire me ill fortune.  Amen.


Por tu suprema grandeza de poder busco refugio y protección ante ti para que en esta vida no vaya yo a caer en la esclavitud de la pobreza. Líbrame de este mal pensamiento.  Te pido el privilegio de tener trabajo productivo para apuntalar mis virtudes, lucir mis honores, y para imponer y que tomen en cuenta mis opiniones y saber; porque la experiencia humana nos enseña que el honor, la virtud y el saber, sin dinero tienen poco valor. Amén.


By your Divine Viruses, I seek refuge and protection so that in this life I shall not fall into the bondage of poverty.  Free me of evil intentions of others, and I ask that I may be privileged in obtaining a steady productive job.  Amen.


Hermano mío, ven hermano, yo te imploro por medio de esta oración, te pido que no pienses en nadie sino en mí, y en este momento sublime, este pensando en mí y mi pensamiento lo torture y lo traiga hasta mí, manso como un corderito. Amén.


Come forth my heavenly brother, I implore you with the words of this invocation.  I ask that (N.N.) think of no one but me, and at this very moment may he/ she be thinking of me and no other, and bring him/her towards me as tame and obedient as a lamb.  Amen


Con el permiso de la Comision de los Juanes invoco al hermano de San Juan de la Tumba, para que con su bondad y justicia, interceda por mi para poder tumbar a todos los malos pensamientos de mis enemigo, y las malas acciones de espiritus extractores mandados por enemigos ocultos, a este espiritu extractor yo fulano de tal le dare mas luz de la que te dio mi enemigo, para que te conviertas en espiritu benevolente y mas bien resguardes de todo mal.  En nombre de San Juan de la Tumba pido con toda humildad que me des el permiso para tumbar lo malo espiritual que ami me tengan o uno de mis seres queridos amen


With the permission of the Commission of the Juanes I invoke you Saint John of the Tomb, with your justly goodness, intercede on my behalf and help me in removing all evil thoughts my enemies send my way.  Defend me against the evil spirits my occult enemies send my way, and to you evil spirit I humbly pray that I may help you find the Light which brings forth eternal peace, that light that the enemy who invoked you so failed to offer you.  May the Light embrace and enlighten your darkened soul. 

In the name of Saint John of the Tomb I ask with all sincerity to give me the strength that is needed to knock down the barriers that my enemies have built for me or my loved ones. Amen.


Salud, Dinero y Amor, felicidad ansiada por todos en el Juego y el Amor; siempre te tengo en mi mente Oh! San Juan de la Buena Suerte. Te hago esta invocación para que en algo me ayudes. Tú que siempre has protegido al apostador necesitado, que pobre y desamparado siempre de Ti se ha confiado.  Amén.


Health, Fortune and Love.  Happiness, friendship and luck in games of chance, and chances in love.  I always hold you are close to my heart oh Saint John of the Good Fortune  I invoke you great spirit, so that you may open the doorways of opportunities.  You that helps those who are poor and unprotected.  As you protect and bless them, protect and bless me with good fortune. For in you I have the utmost faith.  Amen.


Ofrezco este cigarro por los cuatro costados y los sinco sentidos de (N.N.) por el Santo día en que lo bautizaron y por el Santo Ángel de la Guarda, por el Santo de su devoción, por el día en que lo engendraron, por el día en que se va a morir, por el día en que lo van a enterrar, por los pasos con que han de dar con el en el cementerio, por los Siete Espíritus de (N.N.) por los Cuarto Espíritus que reinan en el Santuario de la Reina Margarita, por San Juan de la Calle para que nos traiga a (N.N.)  por San Juan del Camino para que nos lo ponga en el camino de mi casa, por San Juan del Pensamiento para que solamente piense en mi (N.N.) y no pueda pensar en otra mujer, por San Juan de los Amores para que ponga su amor solamente en mi, por San Juan del Dinero para que me traiga dinero, por San Juan de los Obstáculos, para que venza todos los obstáculos que tenga (N.N.)  para venir a mi lado, por San Juan de los Cuatro Vientos, Norte, sur, este y oeste para que me lleven el humos de este cigarro donde el frecuente hasta no estar en la puerta de mi casa, manso y humilde como llego Jesucristo a la presencia de Pilatos: así como me emborracha este cigarro, así quiero que emborraches a (N.N.) de amor por mi. Le ofrezco un Padre Nuestro y un Credo al Ángel de la Guarda de (N.N.) San Marcos de León, así quiero que amanses a (N.N.) y el espíritu vivo de el para que lo traigan a las puertas de mi casa. Por San Juan de las Voces, para que oiga mi voz donde quiera que este (N.N.) mas voces por el Anima de la llorona y las Animas Ambulantes. Si tiene cabeza que piense en mi, si tiene ojos que me vea, si tiene nariz que me huela, si tiene boca que me hable, si tiene oídos que me oiga, si tiene corazón que me ame, si tiene manos que me tienta, si tiene pies que me busquen, que no tenga gusto ni placer si no esta a mi lado, ni con mujer ni hombres hablar, ni en la cama pueda dormir, ni en la mesa pueda comer


I offer the smoke of this cigar to the four directions and the five senses of (N.N.), for the Holy day in which he was baptized, for his Guardian Angel, and for his Patron Saint.  For the Holy Day in which he was conceived, and for the Holy Day in which he shall pass.  For the Holy steps they will take to bury him, and for the Holy plot and Cemetery that shall be his eternal resting place.  I offer this smoke to his Seven Spirits of  and to the Four Spirits that surround our Queen Margarita.  To Saint John of the Road so that he may clear the path for (N.N.)  To Saint John of the Pathways so that he may place (N.N.) on the director of my home.  To Saint John of Thoughts so that (N.N.) may only think of me and no other.  To Saint John of the Lovers, so that his love may be dedicated only unto me.  To Saint John of Currencies, so that he may bring money to me.  To Saint John of Obstacles, so that (N.N.) may conquer all obstacles that do not allow him to be with me.  To Saint John of the Four Winds, North, South, East and West,  so that the Holy scent of this smoke reaches him and bring him enchanted to the foot of my door, tame and humble as our Lord Jesus Christ presented himself at the feet of Pontious Pilot.  Just as this smoke places me in a trance state, so will this smoke make (N.N.) feel in a state of trance, full of love only for me. 

I offer an Our Father, and a Creed to the Guardian Angel of (N.N.).  Oh Saint Marcos de Leon, I ask that you Dominate (N.N.) from head to toe, and bring him by my side.

To Saint John of the Voice, so that (N.N.) may hear my voice no matter where he may be. To the cry of the weeping spirit, and to the scattering spirits, hear me. 

If he has a brain, then think of me.  If eyes he has, see only me.  If a nose he has, then smell me.  If a mouth he has then speak good about me.  If ears he has, hear me.  If a beating heart he has, may it skip a beat for me. If hands he has may they want to touch me, if feet he has may they run to me.  May he find neither rest nor pleasure if by my side he is not. May no man nor woman come between us.  May he not rest in strange beds nor sit in a strangers chair without me in his thoughts ,    


¡Oh! Gran espiritu de San juan del Desespero.  ¡Oh! espiritu dominador vencedor de lo imposible desesperame a fulano de tal o fulana de tal y humillalo ante mi como se humillo Cristo ante la cruz.  Oh! Juan del Desespero, tu que poder tuviste para dominar y desesperar, y desesperaste a tu esposa, así yo te pido y te rezo esta oracion para que me le desespere y le trastornes los 5 sentidos a fulano de tal.  Amen.


Oh Great Spirit of Saint John of Despair, dominating and conquering Spirit of that which is impossible.  Abandon your watchful eye from (N.N.) and may he come humble to me as our Lord Jesus went humble before the Cross. 

Oh Saint John of Despair, you that have the power to dominate, and you that abandoned your  wife because of her insincerity. I ask that you abandon (N.N.) and conquer his five senses, until he feels disgrace, and humble and tamed he shall return before me.  Amen


Oh San Juan del desespero junto con San Juan del Tabaco, San juan del Tormento, San Juan del Camino, Juan de los Cuatros Vientos, Juan del Amor, Juan de la Calle, Juan del mal pensamiento, Juan de la traicion, Juan del volteo, junto con todos estos espiritus de la Comision de los Juanes, pido que me desesperes a fulano (a), que llegue manso y humilde hasta el último momento de su desesperacion que no pueda beber, ni dormir, ni fornicar, ni comer, traquilo sino que viva todo el tiempo desesperado.

Ofrezco las luces de este velón a: San Juan del volteo, San desacedor y Don Juan del Estrellamiento, para que en esta hora y esté momento volteen , devuelvan y deshagan toda maldad, brujería, hechizería, envidia, chisme e intriga que hayan hecho en mi contra. Amen.


Oh Saint John of Despair, Saint John of the Tobacco, Saint John of Torment, Saint John of the Road, Saint John of the Four Winds, Saint John of Lovers, Saint John of the Road, Saint John of Thoughts, Saint John of Betrayal, Saint John of the Cart, together with all the Commission of the Johns.  Ask that you abandon your protection on (N.N.).  May he come tame and humble before me.  May he not rest in peace, sleep in peace, stand in peace nor live in peace until he comes before me asking forgiveness.  

I offer the light of this Candle to Saint John the Tumbler and Saint John the Crasher, so that in this moment and in this hour may you repel and return all envy, black magic, curses, hexes, evil eye, and bad thoughts that my enemies may wish upon me.  (N.N.) You can not harm me, for a Commission of Spirits protects me.  Amen.

Espíritu bueno cuya misión es asistir a las desgraciadas ayúdame y darme tu protección para que me vea con buenos ojos y siempre me piense y recuerde, que yo por medio de este tabaco te invoco y te pido que me guíes por el camino del bien. Y cuando yo te pida algún favor concédemelo que yo lo que te ofrezca te cumpliré. Para hacer la invocación prender una vela y poner una copa de ron donde se haga la petición, además del tabaco del principio.

Good Spirit whose mission is to assist those suffering a disgrace, help me and bless me with your protection, so that I others see me with kind eyes.  I through the smoke of this cigar invoke your presence so that you may guide me through the correct path in life.  Consider what I ask of you because all that I have ever promised you I have faithfully complied.  Amen


Hermano de todos los Mártires que viven en este mundo de luchas y sufrimientos. Te pido la gracia de conseguir un trabajo para ganar el sustento de cada día y no me falle la alegría de mi bienestar. Siempre condúceme por el camino del bien y la prosperidad. Concédeme esta gracia.  Amen


Holy Brother of all the Martyrs that live within this world of so much struggle and suffering.  I humbly ask that you open the pathways so that I may find work so that I may sustain myself and be able to live a life of peace and well being.  Always guide me in the direct pathways in life, open the doors of opportunities and prosperity.  Amen.


San Juan de la Conquista, San Juan de la Calle. Según te atreviste a entrar a la casa santa de Jerusalén y apagar la lámpara del sacramento del altar entra por siempre en los cincos sentidos de (N.N.) y no lo dejes pensar en nadie nada mas que en mi, que no pueda en silla sentarse, y que no tenga un momento de paz y de reposo, hasta que venga vencido a mis pies. Amen.


Saint John the Conqueror, Saint John of the Road, as you entered into the shrine in Jerusalem and extinguish the candles upon the altar enter into the soul of (N.N.) and conquer his five senses. May he think of no one but me, until he returns on his knees asking for my forgiveness.  Amen.

Various Juanes From the Commission

  • San Juan del Tabaco
  • San Juan de las Aguas Benditas
  • San Juan de los Caminos
  • San Juan de los Cuatro Vientos
  • San Juan del Trabajo
  • San Juan de los Negocios
  • San Juan de la Tumba
  • San Juan del Volteo
  • San Juan del Trueno
  • San Juan del Relampago
  • San Juan del Reventon
  • San Juan de los Llanos
  • San Juan de las Yerbas
  • San Juan de los Bosques
  • San Juan de los Altares
  • San Juan de la Luz
  • San Juan del Dinero
  • San Juan del Dominio
  • San Juan de la Sabiduria
  • San Juan de la Fuerza
  • San Juan de la Proteccion
  • San Juan de la Estabilidad
  • San Juan de la Firmeza
  • San Juan de la Evolucion
  • San Juan de la Buena Suerte
  • San Juan de la Fortuna
  • San Juan del Triunfo
  • San Juan del Reviente
  • San Juan del Estalle
  • San Juan del Desate
  •  San Juan del Despojo 
  •  San Juan Retornado
  • San Juan de los Hierros
  • San Juan Cazador
  • San Juan Desibilisador
  • San Juan del Destranque
  • San Juan del Decruce
  • San Juan de la Cruz
  • San Juan de la Caretera
  • San Juan de la Carreta
  • San Juan de la Lagunita
  • San Juan de la Quebrada.
  • San Juan del Tesoro
  • San Juan de las Calles
  • San Juan del Suspiro
  • San Juan del Dinero
  • San Juan de las Cuatro Ramas
  • San Juan del Abandono
  • San Juan del Amor
  • San Juan de los Suenos
  • San Juan de la Cordillera
  • San Juan del Domingo
  • San Juan del Regreso
  • San Juan de las Plantas
  • San Juan de los Borrachos
  • San Juan el Bebedor
  • San Juan de la Luna
  • San Juan del Sol
  • San Juan de la Cadena
  • San Juan de los Portales
  • San Juan Reviente
  • San Juan Terrateniente
  • San Juan de los Encantos
  • San Juan Santiguador
  • San Juan Conquistador
  • San Juan del Pensamiento
  • San Juan de la Limpieza
  • San Juan de las Montanas
  • San Juan del Reventamiento
  • San Juan del Turbamento
  • San Juan del Desespero
  • San Juan Minero
  • San Juan de la Fortaleza
  • San Juan de lo Prohibido
  • San Juan Tricado
  • San Juan de las Llanuras
  • San Juan del Socorro
    Saint John of Tobacco
    Saint John of the Blessed Waters
    Saint John of the Pathways
    Saint John of the Four Winds
     Saint John of Work and Labor
     Saint John of Business and Negotiation
    Saint John of the Tomb
    Saint John of Turn Around
     Saint John of Thunder
     Saint John of Lightning
     Saint John of Coalition
     Saint John of the Plains
    Saint John the Herbalist
    Saint John of the Forests
     Saint John of the Altars
    Saint John of the Light
    Saint John of Currency
     Saint John the Denominator
     Saint John the Wise
     Saint John of Strength
     Saint John the Protector
     Saint John of Stability
     Saint John the Firm
     Saint John of Elevation
    Saint John of Good Luck
    Saint John of Fortune
     Saint John of Triumph
     Saint John of the Bust
    Saint John of Combustion
    Saint John of the Knot
    Saint John the Cleanser and Purifier
    Saint John the Returner
     Saint John of Iron
     Saint John of Union and Marriage
     Saint John of the Cross
     Saint John of the Cart
     Saint John of the Crossroads
     Saint John of the Lagoon
    Saint John of the Brook
    Saint John of Treasures
    Saint John of the Street
     Saint John of Sigh
    Saint John of the Four Leaves
    Saint John of Abandonment
    Saint John of Lovers
    Saint John of Dreams
     Saint John the Ranger
    Saint John of Sundays
    Saint John of Roots
     Saint John the Drunkard
    Saint John the Drinker
    Saint John of the Rays of the Moon
    Saint John of the Rays of the Sun
    Saint John of the Link
     Saint John of Portals
    Saint John of the Bust
    Saint John the Land Holder
     Saint John of Enchantments
     Saint John the Healer
    Saint John the Conquerer
    Saint John the Thinker
     Saint John of the Mountains
     Saint John of Turbulence
    Saint John of Desperation
     Saint John of the Fortress
     Saint John the Prohibited
    Saint John of Sorrows
     Saint John Tricase
     Saint John the Helper
    Saint John the Trickster

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