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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses


My second installment in my Grimoire Collection videos, the first being The Book of Oberon by Daniel Harms, and Joseph H Petterson, with sigil drawn by James R Clark.   The second video is of The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses or The 6th and 7th Book of Moses edited by Joseph Petterson. 

My love and interests in Grimoires began with books by Anna Riva, and her now classic little Grimoire titled Secrets of Magical Seals, A Modern Grimoire of Amulets Charms Symbols and Talismans, which latter led me to Purchase the Puerto Rican author / Writter book of the version of the 6th and 7th Books of Moses which was published by Original Publications in the late 1980s or early 1990s. 

Well respected book in the Southern American Hoodoo traditions and gaining interest within the English speaking Hispanic Latino populations of the Mane lands of the United States, which incorporate these works within their Brujeria traditions.  I hope you enjoy, please press like, leave a comment and subscribe.


The Book of Oberon: A Sourcebook of Elizabethan Magic

Many people ask me what reason and purpose does a Puerto Rican Sancista, Espiritista, and Papa Boco " Papa Bokor / Lwa" has collecting Grimoires and Books of Shadows.  Ever since I was young I have always had a deep love and respect for Occult knowledge and Arcane magical practices and Mysteries; especially Judeo-Christian Magic.  Many people think Espiritismo is similar to Southern Conjour and Hoodoo which is far from the truth, Hoodoo is more akin to Latin American Brujeria, as many sects of Brujeria have similar roots and traits to Souther American Hoodoo, such as Native American Shamanism and African Congo Bantu Magic, with a mixture of Christian mostly Catholic lore.  Both Brujos and Espiritistas understand that unlike modern neo-paganism and Wicca, Brujeria as well as Espiritismo are not religions but spiritual and magical paths that have their roots in Ancient pre-religious Shamanistic practices which predates all man made religions.   Most Espiritistas and Brujos, may they be from Puerto Rico, Spain, México, Brazilian or Venezuela "Witches" have been influenced by the religions of the land but still hold to their ancient ways, although often unknown to the Brujo.  In Latin American countries, the Curandero Shaman paths and African Yoruba and Congo traditions have been influenced greatly by Roman Catholicism which has been interwoven into the beauty and arts of what is Hispanic Brujeria and Southern American Hoodoo "Gafe / Gaferia".

I have been asked to do Videos on some of my collections of Grimoires and Books of Shadows that I as a Brujo collect and that have influenced my spiritual path, and will be doing book reviews sporadically on some of the books within my collection,  which are heavily influenced on the Kabala, King Solomon, Moses and other Judeo Christian magical paths that can be used in your Hoodoo " Budú Gafe", Brazilian Quimbanda or Macumba and Brujeria practices.  In Brujeria we try to fill in the dots and understand that the man known as Jesus Christ was both a medium and a Brujo, just as was King Solomon,  and Moses.   We try to find the ancient coronation within these highly elevated masters,  and their similarities with ancient Spirits such as Cernunos, and Osiris-Dionysus and other elevated Pagan Spirits.  We don't argue nor care if they are the same Spirits or difrent interpretation, paths or avatars of the same energy, nor if they are seperate entities altogether.

Many believe that our ways are the ways of "el Diablo" the Devil,  we believe in both the Mysteries of positive and negative energies in the Universe, these energies that our limited human minds, can not fully grasp nor comprehend; that cosmic duality we simply call good and evil.   We often say, all is of God, and if it's of the Devil and not of God, which is the cause of all causes,  than this God is not God as this God has no control in an area or mystery in the universe.  Brujos believe in the balance of both good and evil, in both positive and negative energies, which can be often a dangerous less traveled path that can lead one to Spiritual enlightment.  We also believe that if not harnest correctly or respected these two paths can lead to one's destruction or to one's spiritual evolución, you can't have one energy with out the other. 

To make it clear I do not practice and am not a member of the Golden Dawn or practice Hermetic Ceremonial Magick nor am I a Necromancer or practice Necromancy, as most of these Grimoires are based on those traditions, but I incorporate them as most Brujos do into my personal Brujeria.

I do not invoke Lower Level Spirits or lower level demons as I only work with the Spirits of my Cuadro Espiritual, but I do use some of the Conjuros and seals in these Tomes and Grimoires in my personal daily practices.  I remember one time a famous Puerto Rican Brujo from New York once say to me, Hoodoo was the latest craze, which I remember thinking and looking at him like he had three heads.  Hoodoo is Brujeria brother, and it's nothing new to a Puerto Rican or Latin American Brujo.

In the future I'll do a Video Bondye Sambia willing of my own Grimoire.  I will begin with newer Grimoires in my collection and go from their.  If you enjoy these videos, please hit like, subscribe and leave a message down below.

Sancista Brujo Luis

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