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Santa Marta La Dominadora,
 haz que la culebra no decienda ahora.
Salve La Morocha,Salve La Morena, Dios Salve a la Morocha,  Dios Salve a la Morena, Santa Marta la Dominadora.
Saint Martha th Dominator,
do not allow the serpent to desend apon me now.
All Hail the brunette. All Hail, the brown skinned one.
  God Save the brunette, God Save the brown skinned one,
Santa Martha the Dominatrix.

Santa Marta la Dominadora is a complicated Loa, a Misterio that pertains to various Nations of Loa.  She is a Ghuede or Ghuedesa, as she works closely within the Cemetery, protects sacred burial grounds and ushers the Spirits of the Dead, she is a Metresa, which are female Loases that govern over human emotions such as Love, desire and passion, she is a Rada Loa as ancient as time immortal, but in the new world she is a Petro Loa, because of her fierce and fiery nature, and lastly she works with the Simbi Loa family, which are the spirits of ancient life and are symbolized as serpent Spirits that pertain to the first cells that created life on earth and govern over sorcery and magic.  Santa Marta la Dominadora or Saint Martha the Dominator as she is known in English is an unpredictable Loa that is known as a Saint, a Sorceress, a witch, a healer and even a Demon.  She is like the serpent that embodies her essence, when left alone she can be a docile and beautiful creature, but tampered or disrespected she can be dangerous and deadly.  She is as the Simbi loa, such as Gran Simbi, Simbi D'l'eau, Dambalah, Oshumare, and Ayida Wedo, because she slithers like a snake, and does not communicate through her voice, but telepathically, and the sounds she does make are the hisses of serpents and snakes.  Her eyes are said to be so piercing and so dominating, that even the most powerful Demons from hell would freeze and cower back. 

There is a Spanish proverb that says.  'Con los Santos no se Juega!". "With the Saints, one should not Play!".   If this is to be true of any Saint, then with no other would it apply to as much as it would with Santa Marta la Dominadora.  To play or "work" Santa Marta la Dominadora with no proper knowledge or complete reverence is like playing alone in a dessert with a rattle snake.   My advice, do not disturb La Culebra "the snake' because quite frankly it is not as easy as most people think.  As Santa Marta la Dominadora is a powerful Sorceress many people petition her in magic often to dominate others, love magic, or controlling others.  As she is powerful, often times she gives that which we ask, but with a high price.  She slithers, drags and unleashes her wanga and bilongo magic, but it comes as a double edged sword, at any moment it can come back and strike you dead, or take away that which you value the most.   When it comes to Santa Marta La Dominadora, the saying, "be careful what you wish for" is of great importance.

As the Petro.Loa are fierce, imagine adding Guede, and Simbi into the recipe and one will get a Loa that is as unpredictable and as complicated as they come.  She is like the Medusa of Greek mythology, beautiful to look at her reflection, but one glance into her fiery red eyes would transform even the Sun itself into a cold piece of stone.  Although she is a Petro Loa she is also considered a Rada Loa, and as the Petro Loases, when angered or disrespected the Rada can harbor and unleash a fury that rivals that of any Petro Loa.

As a Sancista it is my responsibility to inform you that many experienced individuals invoke Santa Marta La Dominadora for black magic, sorcery, enchantments, evil intentions and unleashing evil spirits or demons on rivals.  Again this reminds me of a Spanish proverb, Uno no puede tapar el cielo con solo un dedo. (One can not cover up the sky with one finger, or burying your head in the sand /ignoring the gravity of a situation,  or wilfully ignore something.). Often these very individuals who work Santa Marta la Dominadora for these wicked intentions pay the high price, often illnesses reach them, early deaths fall upon their loved ones, they become mentally unstable, and paranoid.  It is in this aspect that Santa Marta la Dominadora becomes like the ancient Ouroboros or Uroborus, the serpent or dragon that eats its own tail, until nothing, not even a carcass is left.  It is my responsibility to advice in not using any Saint, Loa, or Orisha for personal gain, dominating or sorcery, especially Santa Marta la Dominadora.  One should invoke her for protection from evil spirits and demons, or healing over black magic, protection or dominating occult enemies who only wish you harm, but again one must be very careful, and with good intentions.  One can also invoke or venerate her for peace of the home, peace with family members, and within work and healing the damages caused by black magic.  What is the point of getting even on an enemy, when all they desire is your misery.  Petition her for strength, endurance, and stability, no vengeance is sweeter than that of knowing that your enemies have no power or control over you.  Even this will enrage the strongest  sorcerer and have him/her doubt his/her own abilities, it is through this that we should petition Santa Martha la Dominadora.  In dominating our very own inner demons, greed, desires, trials and tribulations. 

Many individuals who often work or petition Santa Marta la Dominadora have no idea who she is or what she represents.  They have no clue of her history, her origin or if in fact this Saint, as is with any Saint, makes up a part of ones Cuadro Espiritual.   Many who petition her especially those outside of Dominican 21 Division, Puerto Rican Sanse or Haitian Vodou, do not know how she would act in sacred ceremonies, and still often those who do not understand her completely would confuse her for a tortured soul, earth bound spirit, intranquil spirit or demon, if in fact she even would make her pressense known.  Since in fact she only works with her Servidores, because she as all Loa have little patience for games.  Often Santa Marta la Dominadora who is a fiery spirit will often scare the living hell out of those who do not know her or have a history with her.  Many people outside of those religions and traditions that properly respect and honor her, go to the internet, as you are reading this one now, and believe themselves to be experts of the Mysteries.  This is far from the truth, because not even we who are the Servidores de los Misterios know the Mysteries completely, hence the word Mysteries. 
(Definition of Mystries : a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand.  A secret religious rite believed to impart enduring bliss to the initiate: a cult devoted to such rites: something not understood or beyond understanding: a private secret : the secret or specialized practices or ritual peculiar to an occupation or a body of people: profound, inexplicable, or secretive quality or character.)

These very individuals read the prayers, light the candles, and even set up altars in ways that are not respectable, not just to Santa Marta la Dominadora, but to any Spirit, Loa, Misterio or Orisha or the religions that practice them. Many say, that the Loas or Orisha work for them, that they do not need to follow the traditions that have honored them with great respect.  I say yes, they often do listen, but darkness is a thresh hold that can so easily be crossed, and it is at this very thresh hold that the furies of these ancient spirits await.  Often time the Misteries do comply, but again often times these individuals forget to give thanks, and agknowledge properly that which the Loa have given, and it is at these times when bitterness, tribulations and greater losses arise.


Santa Marta la Dominadora within the Puerto Rican Sanse tradition and Dominican 21 Division is known as one of el Baron del Cementerio's Nine daughters, her real name is Filomena Lubana.  Traditional African folklore states that a young orphan boy was wondering at night through a burial ground that was directly near a swamp.  The orphan was honoring the anniverery of his mothers death, who was the eldest female buried on the grounds. (Barona / Baronesa)  Filomena Lubana was also at the burial grounds that very night honoring her father's grave who as the orphan boy's, was one of the oldest of the graves, (Baron) but obviosly holding a male carcass.  Suddenly the orphan boy was surrounded by serpents who began to encoil themselves around the young boy to squeeze the life out of him and swollow him whole. Filomena Lubana who was in  deep silent prayer and meditation herd the struggle from a distance and ran to investigate.  When she saw the attack on the small boy, and being of a fierce warrior lineage, she went and attacked the serpents that were about to eat the orphan.  Filomena Lubana then asked the orphan where his father was, and he replied he had never known him.  Filomena Lubana who was known as a fierce warrior and at the time was childless took pitty on the young boy and raised him as her own. 


Many of the tradional prayers of Santa Marta have one thing in common, they are prayers of dominating a wayward or strayed lover.  The following prayer falls also under that chategory, but it is an old Spanish prayer, rarerly if ever seen written in English.  This prayers demonstrates that which people often ask of La Dominadora.
Marta, Marta, la que los vientos levanta la que los Diablos encanta la que guiso los vinos a los finados, la que quita los dientes a los ahorcados La que desenterra os huesos a los enterrados.  La que con Doña Maria de Padilla trata y conversa.. La que los nueve hijos pario y todos nueve se le desminuyeron… Asi como esto es verdad, me bayas al corazon de Fulano de Tal y me le quites tres gotas de sangre, donde quiera que estuviere melo traygas, presto corriendo, volando donde yo (nombre) estoy; asi me lo amarres y amanses y me le pongas el amor en su corazon, para que me quiera, y en su memoria me tenga, que no me pueda olvidar, ni de noche ni de dia donde quiera que estuviere, para que ninguna mujer donde quiera que estuviere no tenga sosiego ni pueda comer ni dormir sino fuere conmigo ni pueda tener otra mujer.


Martha, Martha, the one who raises the winds, the one that Demons lust over.  The one that pours then serves the wine over the deceased,  The one that pulls the teaths of the hangedman.  The one that digs up the bones of those that are buried.  The one who sits with Mistress Maria de Padilla to converse.  The one that bore nine children, and nine she buried.  As this is the truth I ask you to enter into the heart of (n.n.), and from him remove three drops of blood.  Where ever he may be I ask that you bring him to me.  Bring him walking, running but is a haist, bind and tame him and place love only for me within his heart.  May he love me and in his every thoughts may I be pressent.  May he not forget me, night nor day, and where ever he may be, may he only think of me, and with no other woman whatsoever may he find peace and comfort.  May he not rest, nor work, walk, nor run with his mind on any other woman but me.  This I humbly ask you Santa Marta la Dominadora.

Marta La Bruja

Before I go into the paths of Santa Marta la Dominadora which are known as vueltas, I would like to speak of Ezili Quenua, also spelled Sili Quenua or Sili Kenwa.  In the Dominican Republic it is this Misterio that is sinchrenized and associated with the Biblical Saint Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus. To make matters more complicated as they are with those traditions that honor the Lwa, "Loa,, Loases", in Haiti the manifistation of Sili Kenwa is Erzulie Coeur Noir, or 'Black Hearted Esili".  It is Sili Kenwa who is known as the ancient witch of the swamps, known also as Marta La Bruja, or Martha the Witch.  Sili Kenwa works wangas together with Marta la Dominadora, usually in dominating the five senses, not just of humans but of other Misterios and Demons alike.  She holds a torch which demonstrates that she is a Petro Lwa, that is very hot tempered.  In her hand she holds a Bible, which is the symbol of a Witches book of sorcery and magic and undernearth she holds a lantern which is the vessel she keeps the ingredients to her magic.  At her feet behind her stands the Dragon known as Tarasque which is ofren associated with el Espiritu Dominante.  Many people outside of Caribbean traditions associate the biblical Saint Martha with Lubana Filomena.  

Filomena Lubana

The Misterio known as Lubana Filomena is the one who is always portrayed as the Snake Charmer.  She is as Dominican as Merengue and Bachata.  Legend has it that the name Lubana Filomena comes from a Folkloric Dominican Aftican Slave by the name of Juana Saltitopa who was known as La Negra Filomena.  Who was known as a Dominican Black woman who in the 1860s faught for the independence of her people.  As with many African woman Juana Saltitopa's name was never recorded in historical texts, but her legend lived and lives on amongst the Afro Dominicans who venerate her as a Highly elevated ancestral spirit and is the base behind what is much of the folklore and legend of Lubana Filomena / Santa Marta la Dominadora Dominicana.  She is also known as Marta La Colora, or Martha the Red haired one, who was a mulatta of brown skin and blood red hair.  She in this aspect is often split into two avatars, Marta la Negra or Marta la Prieta, the more docile of the two and then Marta la Colora, the one who has a temperment that rivals that of the Furies of Hell.  Marta la Colora is often associated with Santa Marta de la Bandera.


Marta Ghede

Marta Ghede or Marta Guede is the consort and companion of el Baron de Cementerio, in this aspect she is not only viewed as the Serpent that lives within the cemetery but also as the serpent, rodants and insects that consumes the flesh of the dead when it begins to dicampose.  In this aspect she symbolizes, that from death, life is sustained, and through life so shall death follow.  In this avatar she is also know as Marta Guedelia, one of el Baron del Cementerio's most beloved children.  Hear she is seen as Eve in the garden with the Serpent on the Tree of Good and Evil known as BIBI CEIBA.


Marta Mambo

Marta Mambo or Mambosa is the ancient mother of humanity, especially the black race.  She is the first female womam, the dark skin beauty who knows all the knowledge of healing and herbology.  She is a Curandera, a Hierbera and a Bruja.

She is the one who instructs the first humans in the knowledge of herbology, through trial and error.  Herbs can save life as easy as it can take a life.  Mambosa is a stern, strict and often severe Loa, unapologetic and dangerous.

Marta Gunguna

Marta Gunguna is the daughter of the Loa known as Gunguna. In this aspect she is a priestess and healer, she heals all the ailmemts that aflict humanity.   In this aspect she is also known as a Medium and bestows Mediumistic abilities on humans, it is in this vuelta that she is able to communicate with the Spirits of the dead.  Marta Gunguna is synchrenized with the Biblical Witch Medium of Endor, Saul and the Witch of Endor in I Samuel chapter 28

Marta Pye


Marta Pye / Marta Pie pronounced Peeh Yeh is respected and venerated on the southern border that seperates Haiti from the Dominican Republic.   Although the Pie Nation of Loa are not widely known outside of Haiti with the exception of Anaisa Pye.  Marta Pye is fastly becoming a popular Loa outside of the island of Hispañola as her Haitian and Dominican followers and children migrate to Puerto Rico and the west coast of the United States.  Although in Haitian Vodou she is of the fiery Petro Division and is seen as a dark skinned Loa, in the Dominican Republic she is part of the Airy Rada Division and is seen as having white skin.  The image used to represent Marta Pye is that of Santa Marta de Betania.


Siguelia is a Simbi  loa or the female serpent, the female snake, the one who slithers on her stomach and hisses when her servidores are possesed.  She eats only raw eggs, and raw meat.  In some Puntos and Sociedades she speaks while in others she hisses like a snake, while still in others she communicates telepathically.  Although Siguelia or Sigueloa is viewed as female, in this aspect she has no sexual genetilia but the snake itself embodies the male penis, and the venom that comes from Siguelia's fangs represent the male sperm that not only can it bring life, but if abused can bring illness and death.  In this aspect she reigns over the ground and earth.  Siguelia lives within a snake pit which symbolizes the female vigina genetilia.  Siguelia is always held up high by Metresa Loubana, and she symbolizes one having the upper hand in any given situation.  While some say that Saint Martha the Dominator is the Serpent being held bu the snake charmer, others say that they are vueltas, the two snakes are named Siguelia and Sigueloa.


Mama Chimbi

Within Puerto Rican Sanse, Sance and Espiritismo Criolla tradition of the Mesa Blanca tradition, Santa Marta la Dominadora is known as Mama Chimbi, or Mami Simbi, and is the head of the Simbi division of Loa.  Her husband or companion was Papa Guedeh who is synchrenized with Saint Expedite, but they seperated because of Papa Guedes fasination for human woman and infidelities.  They are often seperated by El Baron del Cementerio who keeps order between them, because to have them placed togther would bring seperation, quarrels and even divorce within the home.  Although Mami Chimbi is a powerful sorceress, she often suffers in matters of love, and infidelity.  Her children are those woman who loose a husband to another woman, or withstand a relationship of lies and infidelities.  In the Mami Chimbi avatar she speaks as does any other Misterio, while most Martas usually speak telepathically or hiss.
Madama Dambala

Traditionally within Sanse, Santeria and Espiritismo, las Madamas make up a Commision of Spirits of African priestesses that pracriced Espiritismo and Santeria.  While Madama or Madame Dambala pertains to the Madamas, she is more the Spirit of the old Voodoo Queens of New Orleans long passed, who are slowly climbing the spiritual latter and becoming Loases such as Marie Lavoe.  Madame Dambala is a Loa of the New Orleans, Louisianna Voodoo Tradition.  She is dipicted as a Madama, and works her magic with rattle snakes, reptiles and swamp serpents.  She is a Pitonisa in that she uses the cards to fortel future events and is an expert in venom and poisonous herbs.   Her head dress is often larger than that of the Madamas of the Caribbean and it represents a coiled snake encircling her head, which is a symbol of her wisdom of Root magic, potions, divination and communicating with the dead.  While Madame Dambala is seen as a Voodoo Queen, their is an aspect that resembles the Haitian Loa Ayizan, who is known as the Swamp Witch.  Madame Dambala is said to be the wife of the New Orleans Voodoo Loa known as Blanc Dani.


In Haiti the image of Santa Marta la Dominadora is used to represent the ancient Rada Lwa known as Ayida Owedo, or Ayida Wedo known in Puerto Rican Sanse as Yida Guedo, or Eida Gwedo.  Ayida Wedo is the first wife of Dambalah, and are viewed as the daulty of night and day, good and bad, ying and yang. 


Mami Wata, Madre de Aguas, an ancient deity Loa from Central Africa is often dipicted with the statue of Santa Marta La Dominadora.  Mami Wata in herself is as complex as time itself, and she is known to have more Caminos and Vueltas than any other Loa.  To name a few.  Mawu, Yemaya, la Sirène, Mamba Muntu, Maman Dlo, Mamy Wata, Mamadjo, Watramama, Owumiri, and Watermama just to name a few.  Mami Wata is the serpent goddess of the sea, who in the ends of time will bring all humanity back to its base of origin, Africa.  She is the Serpent Goddess who on her back brought the souls of the Slaves back to Africa where each would reign in Spirit as Kings and Queens.

The Vodou / Espiritismo / Santeria tradition of Maria Lionza from Venezuela is a mixture of African and Indegenous traditions with European Spiritism and folk magic and herbal lore.  It is similar to Brazilian Umbanda and Puerto Rican Sanse, The central figure of this tradition is known as the Goddess known as Maria Lionza, or Maria de la Onza. 

Maria Lionza or Yara as she was known by the natives of Venezuela was an indigenous Cacica, daughter of the Cacique Yaracuy, and granddaughter of the Cacique Chilua and the great-granddaughter of Cacique Yare.

As legend has it, a great Shaman of the village predicted that a girl was to be born with strange Green eyes as green as the grass, that could turn as blue as the skies.  This of course was an omen and unheard of within the indigenous people of Venezuela.  The Shaman went on to say that the unborn child was to be sacrificed and offered to the Master of the Waters, the Great Anaconda, because if not it would lead to the ruin and extinction of the Nivar tribe.
When Yara was born, she was born with the colored eyes that were only seen from the White man, but Cacique Yaracuy instantly feel in love with his daughter and could not find it in his heart to sacrifice his daughter.  So he decided to hide her within a cave that was guarded by 22 warriors to make sure she would not escape, in the hopes that the prophesize would not come to pass.

One night when Yara was a young woman the magical rays of the blue moon shown upon the warriors and  all 22 fell into a deep sleep.  Yara escaped the cave and for the first time since her birth she wondered outside of the cave.  Yara was captivated by the beauty of everything around her, the treas, the stars, the moon and the sky.  Soon she came upon a lagoon and there under the rays of the moon Yara saw her reflection for the first time.  Captivated by her own image, she was unable to move, but her presence awakened the Master of the Waters, the Great Anaconda, who emerged from the depths of the lagoon.  The great anaconda fell in love with the girl, and drew closer to take her away.  But Yara resisted the Master of the Water's  advances.  This enfuriated the anaconda and he swallowed the girl whole, taking with her the waters of the lagoon.

But the great anaconda then began to swell and combusted, and the waters  came out flooding the village below, and drowning all the inhabitants of the tribe within their sleep.
With the regergitation of the lagoon came out Yara who reamerged as the goddess Maria Lionza, thus becoming the new owner of the lagoon, the river and the waters, and the protecter of the fish the plants the animals and all the hidden tribes that now made their homes around the lagoon.

Hindu Goddess
Mexican Virgin

Manasa the Hindu Snake Serpent Goddess, and Naga Kanya the Hindu Goddess of Snakes Naga Kanya are but some of ancient Goddesses that are symbolized as Serpent Goddesses.    Lastly with close inspection of the Virgen of Guadelupe known as the Goddess Tonantzin  one will see that the ancient Mexican Goddess appears to be standing on the head of a serpent which makes up the lower half of her dress.   To speak of Serpent Goddesses around the world, would take more than your patience will allow.  So to end this I will talk about the basic fundamentals of Santa Marta La Dominadora.

Santa Marta la Dominadora and all her vueltas feast day fall on the 29th of July.  Her day is either Monday but preferably Tuesdays.  Her Paños or Fulas are purple, red, black, green, and brown.  Often the shades of her paños are of a dark color.   In her Servicios Santa Marta La Dominadora will take candles but enjoys oil lamps with a mixture of snake oil carabanchel oil, and iguereta oil.  In Sanse and 21 Division her offerings are always placed on the ground, and she enjoys Raw eggs on freshly ground expresso coffee grounds in which a raw egg is carefully placed on top, covered in honey or molasses and given Menthol cigarettes, cigars, dark expresso coffee, grape soda and Malta Goya or Malta India.  Her associated numbers are 5 and 9.  Santa Marta is associated with the element of earth and fire and these elements should be preasent with her servicios.  She only eats raw eggs and is offended if the egg is cooked and will only drink expresso coffee, dont bother with the decafinated, again this is an offense to her and she will not consume of its energy.  Her offerings are always acompanoed with a tin or metal cup of water, a tin or metal cup of blood red dried wine and a tin cup of brown spiced rum.   The plates for her offerings can be of terra cotta, metal, woven fibers or gourds.  She also enjoys rubber, plastic or wooden snakes around her offerings.
Her servicios are always placed on a metal mug, and plate and never on crystal or clear glass. She can be offered cake, corn cakes, various dark colored flowers, swords and knives, silver colored jewelry, beads, green altar cloths, kola nuts, squash, okra,  money, coins and metal trinkets..



Martha of Bethany, also known as Saint. Martha, is a biblical figure in the Gospels of Luke and John. She is described to live in the village of Bethany with her siblings Lazarus and Mary, near Jerusalem and was a witness to Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus. In the Gospel of John, Martha and Mary are associated with two incidents: the raising from the dead of her brother Lazarus (John 11) and the anointing of Jesus at the home of Simon the Leper (John 12:3). In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus visits the home of two sisters named Mary and Martha. In Catholicism, Martha's sister Mary, is Mary Magdalene

An old mythical legend tells the tale that Saint Martha sister of Lazarus and Mary left the holy land because of the persicution of the Cristian people in the Holy Land and migrated to the land of Gaul, which is modern day France.  There she encountered an evil sea serpent that was part demon and part dragon which terrorized Gaul.

The serpent dragon made its way from the ocean to the river where a village resided and used the water as often we do as a source of survival and the transportation of goods.   The dragon was discribed as half beast and half fish which had teath as sharp and as long as swords, a horn on eather side of its head, which resembled that of a furotious lion.  The dragon had the body of a crocodile, the tail of a serpent, claws as sharp as daggers, and on eather side, demonic wings, which he used to fly with.  The Dragon was named Tarasque

Tarasque was such a fierce dragon that no warrior nor knight could subdue the beast, for it is said that he was a strong as 12 Lions and 12 Bears.  Although Tarasque lived within the murcy waters of the lagoon, it is said that any ship that disturbed his slumber or any virgin maiden collecting waters for her house chores would pay the ultimate price.  From the vowells of Tarasque's stomach came flames that smelled of Brimstone and sulfar, and could scortch and melt the strongest of swords, spears and shields. 

The pagan people of the villages had heard that a great female Cristian warrior resided amongst them, and they went to her and pleaded her to dominate and subdue the dragon that was causing havoc amongst the villages.  Saint Martha agreed and went to the shore of the lagoon, where she found Tarasque feasting on human flesh.  When Tarasque noticed her he instinctivly inhaled so that he could exhale his flames, but at that very moment Saint Martha sprayed Holy Water into his mouth which extinquished the flames within his stomach.  Then she took out a Cross and showed it to the beast which rendired him motionless.  At this Saint Martha with her own girdle and ribbons of red and white lace, binded his feet, arms, mouth and tail, and at this she dominated the Dragon, and killed it.  And this is how Saint Martha dominated, and slayed the Dragon, saving a village and giving them back peace.

Novena to St. Martha
 (pray for 9 consecutive Tuesdays)


Saint Martha, I resort to thy aid and protection. As proof of my affection and faith, I offer thee this light, which I shall burn every Tuesday. Comfort me in all my difficulties and through the great favors thou didst enjoy when the Saviour was lodged in thy house, intercede for my family, that we be provided for in our necessities. I ask of thee, St. Martha, to overcome all difficulties as thou didst overcome the dragon which thou hadst at thy feet. Amen.

Holy Virgin Saint Martha , Who entered the mountain and tied Up the beast with your ribbons, I beg you to tie up and dominate [insert name of target].

Saint Martha, Let him/her not sit in a chair, Nor lie in a bed until he/she is at my feet. Holy Martha , hear me, Help Me for the love of God.

Holy Virgin Martha , For the oil which you will consume today, For the oil which nourishes this lamp, For the wick which burns away all impurities, I dedicate this Lamp to you, So that you may relieve me Of all my Miseries And Help Me to Overcome all Difficulties. As You dominated the beast at your feet, Give me Health and Work So that I may provide for my needs.

My Mother, Grant me that [insert target's name] May not live in Peace, Until he/she comes to stand at my feet. In this way my Mother, For the Love of God Grant my Petition and Eliminate My Misery. Amen.


To name all the Misterios, Loas and Orisha that govern over or work within the cemetery, would take a book.  But I will write about them in the fututre.  Here are some.  Mama Buyita, La Barona, La Baronesa, Guedelia, Oya, Yewa, Guedesa, Centella, LLekua, just to name a few of the many Spirits, Loa and Orisha that work the Cemetery.









Jose Prado said...

Fascinating article, I prayed to her today to dominate, my depression. I hope she accepts my prayer.

Unknown said...

I loved this article. I've been searching for an article which would teach me more about Filomena la Dominadora.. Thank you for posting it :)

Jo said...

I started praying to Santa Marta 2 weeks ago and I have already started receiving my graces from her. Thank you Santa Marta.

Anonymous said...

Saint Martha definately makes things happen. She had previously helped me with a VERY difficult situation. Thank you Saint Martha for all your help.
I am currently petitioning her to help me with an almost impossible situation. I petition her every Tuesday. This is going to take some time but I have every faith the Saint Martha will come through.
I can't thank her enough. And thank you for allowing an area to speak on my Pator Saint. Blessings to all. Thanks again Saint Martha.

Anonymous said...

Saint Martha is the mother of all mothers no doubt I pray to her everyday and keep her pichure with me she helped me with love and finance thank u my mother

Anonymous said...

Santa marta madre mia gracias pir conceder mis necessidades y por atraer a mi lo que todos dicen que es un impossible yo se que re todo es possible con su ayuda lo pido de buen corazon y no para danar solamente felicidad yo miro que non puede ser gran cosas sin mi madre conmigo no e mirado ningunas de mis metas sin mi santa marta virgin dominadora de la serpiente porfavor concedeme.los deseos que te pido ayudame para cubrir mis necessidades y que nadien me quueta ser mal y quiero que h.r venga a mi h.n.g permanente mente te lo pio de todo corazon que asi sea madresita mia

Holy Virgin Saint Martha , Who entered the mountain and tied Up the beast with your ribbons, I beg you to tie up and dominate [insert name of target].

Saint Martha, Let him/her not sit in a chair, Nor lie in a bed until he/she is at my feet. Holy Martha , hear me, Help Me for the love of God.

Holy Virgin Martha , For the oil which you will consume today, For the oil which nourishes this lamp, For the wick which burns away all impurities, I dedicate this Lamp to you, So that you may relieve me Of all my Miseries And Help Me to Overcome all Difficulties. As You dominated the beast at your feet, Give me Health and Work So that I may provide for my needs.

My Mother, Grant me that [insert target's name] May not live in Peace, Until he/she comes to stand at my feet. In this way my Mother, For the Love of God Grant my Petition and Eliminate My Misery. Amen.

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My Mother is good to me she made my cheatin boyfriend of 9 years give me all his love and she helps with savioring money

Anonymous said...

through spritual consultations, Ive been told that Santa Marta was a saint that was protecting me .. What does that mean ? Last night I saw her in my dream just as a statue multiple times. Im not familiar on Saints and the meaning behind it , can someone tell me ?

I thank you Santa Marta for your spritual presence and protection.

Unknown said...

Can Saint Martha be used for same sex couples? Say an ex lover who is still in love with you been together for 3 years, staying at your house days at a time but is now having an affair with a married man w/ kids in spite of you. If so how can I get Saint Martha to get rid of this man and have the ex lover stay w/ the lady lover?

Unknown said...

Can Saint Martha be used for same sex couples? Say an ex lover who is still in love with you, been together for 3 years , staying at your house days at a time but is having an affair with a married man w/ kids! If so how can I get Saint Martha to get rid of this man and have the ex lover stay with her lady mate.

Anonymous said...

My dear mother St Marta.thank you for protection and.presence in my life...nothing is impossible with..Thank you Mother.....

nelly said...

Thank you for this article...for some reason I was inspired to read more on her tonight and when I typed her name in the search engine this was the first article that I went to and it feed me with everything I wanted to know! Again thank you fo this article and thank you for taking so much pride in your work! Peace and blessings to you my brother!

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear Mother you surely flowered me with your blessings...Thank you for answering me...continue to work for me and my cause....

Anonymous said...

Se reza con una vela encendida. Preferiblemente una vela roja o una vela rosada.

Oración Milagrosa:
Confió en ti mi Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo mi Señor Jesús mi único Salvador con todas las fuerzas te pido me concedas la gracia que tanto deseo Que ...(Nombre de la persona) esté pensando en mí, queriendo a toda costa estar a mi lado, queriendo verme, abrazarme, besarme, que su boca tenga muchas ganas de besarme y que en su mente solo me tenga a mí. Amen.

Oración a Santa Marta La Dominadora:
Santa Marta Virgen por Caramanchel vas a consumir hoy por la llama con que se enciende esta vela y por el algodón con que se limpiaron los santos oleos.Te enciendo yo esta vela para que remedies mis necesidades, socorras mis miserias y venzas todas las dificultades como venciste la fiera brava que tienes a tus pies, para ti no hay imposibles,dame suerte y dinero para cubrir mis miserias y necesidades. Así Madre Mía concédeme que ...(Nombre de la persona) no pueda estar ni vivir tranquilo hasta que a mis pies venga a parar, así Madre Mía concédeme lo que te pido para aliviar mis penas por el amor de Jesús, Santa Marta Virgen que al monte entraste,las fieras bravas espantaste,con tus cintas las ataste y con los hisopos las amansaste, así Madre Mía si esto es verdad concédeme que ...(Nombre de la persona) venga a mi para siempre.Santa Marta que no lo dejes en silla sentar ni en cama acostar ni tenga un momento de tranquilidad hasta que a los pies míos venga a parar. Santa Marta escúchame ampárame por el amor de Dios. Amen.

Oración al Espíritu Del Dominio:
Tu que dominas todos los corazones, domina el corazón de ...(Nombre de la persona) Con el poder infinito que tuvo Santa Marta para amansar al dragón, así yo quiero que amarres a ...(Nombre de la persona). Oh! Espíritu Dominante! Con tu divino poder que Dios te ha dado haz que ...(Nombre de la persona) sea dominado en cuerpo y alma por mí, que mi presencia le haga falta donde este, que no pueda estar tranquilo sin mí. Espíritu Dominante, domina mis enemigos, con tu divino poder que Dios te ha dado. Amen.

Se reza 9 Ave Maria y 1 Gloria al Padre durante 9 días y luego al noveno día simplemente compartes la oración con otra persona a quien creas que le puede servir y espera a haber lo que pasa al 4to día de haberla compartido. Reza con mucha fe!

Unknown said...

Do you have an email i need help how do i know shes willing to work with me on getting my ex lover back it seems to me him and this new girl are only getting closer.

Unknown said...

May you please help me how do i know if shes answering my petition i lit a green st marta la dominadora candle for her Friday i put a glass of water and coffee near her how do i know if shes answering my petition to bring my ex back. To me it seems him and the new girl are only getting closer

Unknown said...

I need help. I just started working with her friday i lit a green dominadora candle for her with a glass of waterv&& a glass of black coffee for her how do i kno if she accepts my petition?

Unknown said...

Help me please i need advise

Anonymous said...

About a week ago I had a dream I saved my son from the grips of a snake. A day or two later I stumbled upon a webpage with St Martha's prayer. Ever since I've felt very drawn to work with her. I even noticed I keep saying "Filomena" in my mind. I plan to start on Tuesday. Thank you for this post. Any additional advice or comment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I had a dream a snake was on my bed. In the dream i woke up and before i screamed Santa Marta told me not to and that the snake is doing its job and not harming me in anyway. The next day i lit her a candle and prayed and so far she's been blessing me with positivity.

Nikki said...

Thank u Santa Marta for all that u do & have done for me. I always go to her aide for help with my boyfriend, even when we break up. She never let's me down. She is very powerful! I appreciate u and I'm grateful for your loyalty and work. I respect u and have faith in u always...

ysweettreat said...


Tu que dominas todos los corazones, domina el corazón de ______________. Con el poder infinito que tuvo Santa Marta para amansar el dragón, así yo quiero que amarres a ________________ ! OH espíritu dominante! Con tu divino poder que Dios te ha dado haz que __________________ sea dominado en cuerpo y alma por mi: y que no pueda mirar a nadie mas que a mi, que su amor y su cariño solo sean para mi, que mi presencia le haga falta donde esté, que no pueda estar tranquilo sin mi. Espíritu dominante, domina a mis enemigos con tu divino poder que Dios te ha dado. AMEN.

Se rezan 9 Ave Marías y 1 Gloria al Padre durante 9 días y luego al 9 día se publica la oración y se cumplirán tus deseos. Observa lo que ocurre al 4 día de su publicación. Usar velas blancas o rojas.

Señor Jesús, Santa Marta, Espíritu del Dominio gracias por escuchar mi pedido.Por favor concédanme la gracia que tanto deseo.