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The Gypsi Maria Candelaria & Don Diego el Duende


My Gypsi.  Merciful Spirit.  Kind and just soul.  I a firm believer of your charitable mysteries, your power, and your merciful ways invoke you here and at this moment.
Oh my Gypsi Maria Candelaria.  For the blessings bestowed upon you by God, great wandering spirit, free me of all illnesses. 
Always forgiving, and by the blessed hand of God, I ask you that as our Lord forgave you of any mortal sin, I ask that you intercede on my behalf so that I may be forgiven of mines. And for the salvation given unto you by the Son of the Omnipotent God.
Oh My Gypsi Maria Candelaria I ask you to to hear my pleas.  Embrace me with your goodness oh  prodigious soul and bestow upon me, Light and Progress.
You that have been blessed and covered in a bed of flowers.  With the prodigy of your Tarot cards, free me of my restlessness, free me of my concerns, free me of my lamentations. 
Oh, My Gypsi, Maria Candelaria, great spirit of the Commission of Gypsies.  I ask of your blessings. 
Bless me with your powerful magic.
I ask you in the name of God, to radiate my body with your blessed fluids, so that I may vanquish from my life all evil thoughts that I myself think, or those that enemies may plot.


Don Diego el Duende is an earth Spirit, brought to South America and the Caribbean with the migration of Gypsies.  Don Diego el Duente is a troll like goblin earth spirit, that is a like a muse to the Gypsies.  When ever you see a Flamenco dance fiercely or a Spanish Guitarist play amazingly that the hairs on the back of your neck stand, it is because he is present.  Spanish gypsies sing a form of music called. Canto Hondo, deep singing, similar to the Southern blues.  They sing in a mournful toan of their suffering and persecution.  This style of music is never written nor composed, it is improvised, and it is then when the Gypsies say they sing with el Duende, or dance with el Duende or play music with el Duende. To be possessed by this earth elemental muse like spirit. 

Powerful and Sage friend. Prince and King amongst Kings.  Protector of Men and Gypsies.  Free me of the evil intentions my enemies may wish upon me.  Eyes they have, but shall not see me.  Mouths they have, but shall not speak against me.  Ears they have, but they can not hear me.  Hands they have but can not touch me.  Legs they have, but will not follow me.  Intentions they may have, but will not come to pass. 
Oh Don Diego el Duende, with the power bestowed upon you by God.. Amen.

Oración a la Gitana María Candelaria

Gitana Mía, Espíritu clemente; Alma bondadosa, Yo, fiel creyente de tus misterios, de tu poder y de tu misericordia, Te invoco en este momento.
Oh! Gitana María Candelaria Por la bendición que te ha dado Dios, Que fuiste errante, libre de toda enfermedad. Perdonada siempre por la Mano de Dios, Te pido que así como fuisteis liberada de tus culpas, me ayudes a redimir las mías, Por la Salvación que disteis al corazón del hijo del omnipotente.
Oh! Gitana María Candelaria, Te pido escuches mis ruegos Llévame a tu bondad, alma prodigiosa, dadme luz y progreso.
Tú que has sido bendecida Cobijada entre las flores Con el prodigio de tus cartas líbrame de inquietudes, líbrame de los lamentos.
Oh! Gitana María Candelaria, Espiritu de la Comision de los Gitanos, Pido tu bendición, Bendíceme con tu magia poderosa, te pido en el nombre de Dios irradies mi cuerpo con tus santos fluidos para alejar de mi los malos pensamientosque quieran enviarme mis enemigos.

Oracion a Don Diego el Duende

Amigo sabio y poderoso, príncipe de príncipes, rey de reyes, amparador de los hombres y gitanos, líbrame de las malas ocasiones que persiguen mis enemigos.
Bienvenidas sean las cosas en tu nombre y poder, ojos tengan y no me miren, manos tengan y no me toquen, pies tengan y no me alcancen, armas tengan y no. den fuego.
Cobardes difamadores aquí estoy y voy con el Duende, que el valor se les desmaye y los pelos se les ericen, que todos sean llenos de terror y miedo.
Que bienvenidas sean a mí las cosas, como yo las deseo, Señor de la Naturaleza.
Don Diego Duende, ya es tiempo que venzasmis enemigos. En el nombre de Dios.

Sanse Religion, Espiritismo, Brujeria

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The Commission of La Madama and el Congo

Commission of
the Madamas and Congos

La Madama is one of the most loved and respected groups of Spirits of the various courts or commissions in Caribbean Hispanic Espiritismo.  Many confuse La Madama, or "La Negra" as many Caribbean Hispanics call her as being one spirit but this is not the case, the Madama are many.  The Madamas represent the Female Force, and wisdom within a family unit.   Historically las Madamas or Las Negras where the Mammys, the Mamei, Mama Mei or Mai, the house slave servant who where responsible for the caring and well-being of a master’s family.  They where the matriarch, the eldest and wisest of the Masters slaves, and where loved and respected by the family

The Madamas where the healers and the midwives and where well knowledge in midwifery.  They had a vast knowledge of herbalism, and home remedies, and as one today enters into a pharmacy to seek a remedy for what ails one.  The Madamas could enter any forest or wooded area and find the correct herb for what it was needed for.  

Las Madamas where also termed as Brujas by the Spaniards as they had a vast knowledge in magic, it is a fact that the first quemaduras "witch burnings" in the Americas happened in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The historic location is in front of el Castillo de San Cristobal, today the location is marked by the Lincoln School.  In those days this area was called el Charco de las Brujas (the Puddle of the Witches).  African slaves who practiced their African magic and sorcery and where accused of Witchcraft which in the Spanish point of view was connected to the Devil where paraded through the old city walls and then brought to el Charco de Brujas and tied to stakes and burned alive.

One important historical case which took place in 1608 was that of African woman who proclaimed to have  Mayorazgo "Spirit Guide" that resided within their stomach.  The eldest of the women became possessed by her Mayorazgo Spirit and spoke in a man's voice.  The spirit even said that his name was Pedro Lorenzo, and that in Africa all Spirit Guides resided within the stomach, abdomen. Miraculously these women lives where spared, and ordered to be taken to the The Catedral de San Juan and immediately exercised and properly baptized.   Note if you look at most statues of a Madamas you will notice that either one or both hands touches their waist or abdomen.

Present day statues of La Madama are usually considered a Spiritual Vessel and Espiritistas always cleanse, baptize and open the bottom of the statue and fill her with an orange or red cloth bag with her mysteries.

La Madama has many sacred emblems, of those, a straw wooden broom which is her tool for cleansing and purifying, a pack of La Baraja Española,  Spanish playing cards which she uses to tell fortunes, a knife which she uses for protection and cutting herbs, and a bowl or basket which she uses to place  healing herbs and make healing brews.  Each of the items represents one of the four elements. Broom, air, cards earth, bowl water, knife, fire.  A wooden rosary is always places around the statutes neck.  Tradition says that the African slaves could not afford the expensive imported European beaded rosaries of their masters so they made their own out of wood and rope.  African women where often fond of rosaries.

La Madama has been venerated in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba since the days when these wise women took care of the children and there wisdom has never been forgotten, so much so that they have been sanctified within Espiritismo tradition.  There was even a law in Puerto Rico that declared that if a slave were left as guardian to his/her master's children he/she became free.

  I once spoke to a practitioner of Hoodoo who mistakenly called the Madamas  Sorceress and a conjure and root worker,  or root doctors, this is far from the truth.  A sorceress in Spanish is an Hechizera or an enchantress who works magic for personal gain, and power, something La Madamas are clearly not about since all their labor on earth was for the greater good of their oppressor and kinfolk, and it is known that in Africa root doctors where primarily men, this tradition came along to Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Venezuela.  The women where the healer women who worked with herbs and the men worked the roots.  The Congo Spirit is the typical root worker conjure man. 

There where African women who worked in black magic and roots, these women in Caribbean Hispanic communities where called Las Congas.  While the Madamas had a motherly nature one thing is true about the Congas and the Madamas, as viewed in Espiritismo tradition, they have a strong character and are very opinionated and outspoken.   One famous Conga is that of Negra Fransisca there are two historical Negra Fransiscas one was Dominican the other Venezuelan interestingly both where powerful Spiritists and well knowledge Witches.  The Dominican Francisca was married to Don Francisco while the Venezuelean one was married to el Negro Felipe.

The Venezuelan Negra Francisca Maria Dolores lived in the 1800, her fame is as respected as that of New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.  Legend says that La Negra Francisca Maria Dolores  was an exotic mulatta beauty of caramel skin with hazel eyes, her father was a Spaniard and her mother was a freed slave.  Her character has been described as sweet, loving, flirtatious, with superior intelligence as a business woman. 

She was well sought of from both blacks and whites as a Macumbera practitioner of Macumba and because of her superior talents as a clairvoyance and a medium.  She was married to el Negro Felipe Rodriguez who has been remembered as a womanizer and alcoholic.  (His statues always depicts him poring liquor from a jug to a cup.)  Negro Felipe was also a powerful medium and Macumbero, and is said to have been married to 9 Women, all named Francisca.
Francisca Maria Dolores was believed to have been barren, a curse placed on her by Felipe's other wives who where also all practitioners of Macumba and envious of her power, fame and beauty.  

As the legend goes Francisca through a dream was told that Felipe's other wives had placed the barren curse upon her.  The following day Francisca prepared a powerful bilongo (black magic) to lift the curse and return it to her enemies.

Shortly afterwards she became pregnant but miscarried after the death of Felipe.  Deeply saddened she went into seclusion until her death.  She is buried in the town of Ocumare de la Costa, and her tomb has been visited by Espiritistas from all over the Caribbean and Venezuela, as the tomb is always full of candles and offerings. 

Little is known of the Francisca of the Dominican Republic with the exception that she was a powerful Vodou priestess and was married young to Fransicisco and they where inseparable until the day they died.  Statues of the Dominican Francisca is always accompanied by el Negro Francisco because in embajadas (ceremonies where they are invoked to come down) she refuses to work without her life long partner.


The Congos are the spirits of the witch doctors, paleros, juju man, root workers.  They are often of a strong character, demanding, and up front.  They never hold their tongues and love to smoke tobacco and drink hard liquor.  They are often invoked in lifting curses, and combating black magic.  Many are suspicious of none black people.  In Africa they where kings, and great shamans who where captured and became slaves.  This is the reason of their suspicion to none blacks.


The commission of the Esclavos are the spirits of the slaves both male and female.  They usually appear in embajadas and sèances as very wise, soft spoken and inquisitive.  I have been working with a Esclavo by the name of Otelio since the mid 1990s.  He often comes to embajadas and sesiones, to lift causas, and give words of wisdom.  In life Otelio's face was branded, as was tradition for slaves to get branded on their foreheads by their masters.  He tried to fight it and got the left side of his face branded.  He became blind in his left eye and speaks through the right side, rarely moving if ever the left side of his face.

Some Escalvos fall under the Majordomo Court, or the Butlers.  Other where Marronage or  Cimarrón, the spirits of runaway fugitive slaves who hid in the mountain areas of Puerto Rico and lived amongst what was left of the Taino or in caves.  The unpaved roads and heavy jungles and rain forests insured their safety and freedom.
Names of famous Madamas and las Negras.  These are some of the names of various Madamas that come down during Sesiones and Velaciones, there are to many to name but these are the names of those that make frequent appearances and help to guide.  Understand that in present Hispanic Caribbean cultures the word Negra is not an offensive or racists word.  It is used mostly as a term of such as honey or dear.  Many Carribean Hispanic use the word Mi Negrita, to mean my love.


Names of Some Madamas

Negra Tomasa
Ma Fransisca
Dońa Elena
Doña Amparo
Tia Maria Calunga
Negra Josefina
Maria de la Luz
Maria Conga
Ma Cesilia
Ma Anabel
Mai Maria Cuatro Costal
Negra Ophelia
Ma Juana
Mama Ela

Music.  Bomba and Plena
Offerings. Tobacco and black unsweetened coffee.
Color. Orange and Red
Flowers.  Carnation
Patron Saint. San Martin de Porres
Ascended Spirit. Afra
Names of Congos and Negritos

Ta Jose
Negro Francisco
Negro Felipe
Candelo el Negrito
Pa Tomas
Pai Jose
Hermano Juan
El Prieto Candido
Congo de Guinea
Hermano Moises
Tata Jaquin


Oh holy spirit of La Madama. I Implore your sublime influences, for my protection. By the Virtues that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost have placed upon you, I ask you to help and Guide me. Oh Grand Spirit of La Madama, give me courage! use your divine wisdom, and your divine influences, so that no man or woman, under the eyes of God, may harm me. I ask this with pure respect, pure faith, pure hope, and pure charity.


Oh Madama, I humbly invoke your sublime holy spirit.  Lady of waters, I invoke you by your name Negra Tomasa, Negra Francisca, Mama Juana, Mama Ella, Ma Elena Ma Amparo, and Mai

I invoke you as my fortress of protection and by the virtues bestowed upon you by God, intercede on my behalf. 

Liberate me from all that is evil, and bring only righteousness and goodness on my path.  May the light of God eliminate my home and all that I hold sacred.

Oh Madama, liberate me from tormented souls, and may those who wish me ill, repent and come asking for forgiveness from the offense they may have done against me.

May my pathway be clear and smooth.  May your Ascended Spirit guide me and may all evil be banished from my life.   Amen.


La Madama are known for being Yerbateras and Santiguadoras, and they used herbal infusions for baths.  This is a bath and not meant for human intake.  Pregnant Women should not handle Rue (Ruda)

With Rue Rosemarry, and Basil. (Ruda, Romero, Albahca) My body I shall perfume so I may be cleansed in invoking you.

With Wormwood, Bonesett, and Sage (epasote, rompe zaraguey and salvia) to cleanse purify and remove bad thoughts, and evil vibrations.
With Marjoram  (Mejorana) so that luck come my way.
With Wild Mint, and Holy Thistle (Yerba Buena, Yerba Santa) so that I can have light and clarity of mind.
Oh Madama, as I light this candle, illuminate my life and pathway.  As I pour this herbal infusion over my body, cleanse and purify my aura.
Oh blessed and glorious Madama I place my faith under your protection.  Amen


Oh glorious black queen, your heart is as pure as all the Ascended Souls.  I implore that you calm my anxieties and aid me in being victorious in all my undertakings.  Show me the virtues of patience so that when times of turbulence arise,  I may deal with them accordingly. 

Oh Negra Francisca, bestow upon me courage, and values I so need in this life.  Fill me with your spiritual fluids and faculties so that no evil under the Sun and Moon may not cause me harm.  Lend me some of your wisdom and the knowledge to know the difference from what is correct and what is incorrect.  Show me a sign and let me know that where ever I go and where ever I am, I will be in peace and tranquility because your guiding spirit is not far.
I implore you Negra Francisca, as my Centinela, protective Spirit Guide, protect me in all my journeys.  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Oh Glorious Congo Spirit, for your virtues you have enteted the Kingdom of Heaven and have obtained the Holy Blessings of God.  You are a leader of the heavenly commission of spirits and you are surrounded by Angels.

I an admirer of your strength and courage, knowledge and wisdom, ask in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that you fill my body with your powers and help me in separating the evil thoughts my enemies send towards me.

Free me Oh Congo from the snare of the Devil, and the embrace of his demons. Vanish from me all evil spirits and bind their hands and feet, may they never reach me.

Oh Glorious Congo, With you at my side I shall defeat my enemies, and with your strength I shall overcome all my obstacles.  With your sublime powers that have been given to you by God, I ask that you help me in my daily needs.

Guard my home against envy, jealousy, and bad faith, and free me of all negative influences.   I light this candle in your honor, and ask that you illuminate my path.  Amen.


Oh divine redeemer, spirit of the Congo.  I call to you, may you come and work the spiritual labor.  May you work both the  material and the spiritual. 

You Congo that in life suffered what we consider unimaginable.  I implore that you protect me from suffering the same fate.  Protect my beliefs and do not let others judge me, or make me feel like I have to hide what in my heart I know is wright. 

Oh my beloved Congo, be my guiding light in this life, and keep all that is wicked away from me.  Bring only that which is good to my life.  I ask this in the name of God.  Amen.


Negro Felipe and Negro Jose, you that where captured from your motherland of Africa and brought to the Americas against your will.  By God sent and by the Virgin protected.  In Africa you where a king, a prince, and of noble blood.  Striped  of your honorable titles and given the title of Slave.  But still you endured, and became immortalized as ever wise and ever humble, and the very descended of those who persecuted you, today honor you as living saints of the celestial courts.

Oh Negro Felipe and Negro Francisco, I ask that you make impotent those that wish to strip me of my freedom, and wish to conquer my mind, body, soul, and my freewill.  Keep away from me all black magic, evil intentions and ill will.  All this I ask with much faith and  reverence of the eternal freedom bestowed upon you by the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

To you Brother Negro Juan, who was in the canoe when our Lady of Charity appeared before You, Juan Indio, and Juan Blanco.  You who are the backbone to my spiritual frame, and to all the good spirits  that take an interest in my well being.

Oh Negro Juan you that knows first hand my tribulations, I ask that you help me in making my life peaceful and still, as peaceful and still as Our Lady made the waters for you and the other Juans. 

You know all my necessities, I ask you to intercede on my behalf in front of Our Lady and the Celestial Court.  I ask this with much faith.  Amen.


10.24.1790 to 07.5.1869


Our Lord and Heavenly Father, you that took into your Kingdom the Sage amd Teacher Rafael Cordero Molina, the Afro Puerto Rican Freeman, who had a burning desire within his soul to teach all children, black and white, rich and poor. 

Born of a brilliant Wisdom, and a charitable heart for his fellow man, poor and homeless.

Let me be as he was and be like a good neighbor, and a good Samaritan.  Let me be generous in serving all those who are in need. 

Lord I ask, let the memory of his charitable works be remembered and may his name be Holy and elevated upon the altars.

Veneration of Virtue, respect for the good man who devotes himself, like the Divine Master Rafael Cordero Molina, to the teaching of those who do not know.  To pouring into the hearts of the youth the principles of Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Knowledge, and Glory.  Bring me to shed a tear, not on an opulent tomb, but on a humble grave, brightened by the merits of the virtuous man who sleeps within.Such a man as was Rafael Cordero y Molina.  AMEN.

Hermano Brujo Luis
Sanse Santerismo, Brujeria, Espiritismo  Puerto Rico

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How beautiful is the Moon, her complexion of silver.  She peeks through the clouds and pours down her rays.

Her image reflected in the ocean leaves a trace of brilliance, of every tint of blue so profound.

How pleasant are the flowers, their aromas, their scent, that baith the brooks with their discreet silent murmurs.  Which are sweet and tranquil, silent melodies of love. Brings joy to the Nightingales that in flight greets the trees. 

How pure are the rays, that in my soul are reflected. How loving are the echos of yearning that be.

How immense and profound are you my Father, your everlasting love has affected the flowers, the birds, the moon and the sea.

How beautiful is the moon. How greatful are the flowers.  How enchanting is the melody of the Nightingale dove.  How beautiful is the Moon, how beautiful is thy love.

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 Restless Spirits

To speak of a spiritual path that deals with evolving oneself and connecting and communication with spirits of light, one also must speak of those spirits that cause confusion, discord and are of a disruptive nature. 

Being of Puerto Rican decent naturally most of my clients are Puerto Rican and some suffer from what is labeled as "PRS" Puerto Rican syndrome.  Yes this is a real medical term, and is known to Puerto Ricans as Ataque de Nervios.  Many medical doctors and psychiatrist dealing with Puerto Rican patients understand the importance of not just helping Puerto Ricans cope with mental issues and disorders, but helping them find a spiritual way or outlet in keeping PRS under control.   Most Puerto Ricans like many people of Hispanic decent do not completely believe or have faith in psychiatric methods, so they search for a spiritual healer to help them in keeping under control el Ataque de Nervios.  Hispanics who come from rural pueblos understand that in order to be well, one must keep in balance physical, mental and spiritual health.  When I have a client I try to understand if the problem is a problema material or a problema espiritual.  If the problem is of a material nature it is my responsibility in instructing the person to make an appointment with a medical physician, or counselor, if the problem is spiritual I do what I can in helping the individual and if it is more than I can handle I help them find an Espiritista, Brujo or Santero that is capable of helping the individual.  If I can help the individual, I try through spiritual consultation to determine the origin of the problem.  When I find the origin of the cause of el Ataque, which is not as easy as it sounds, I prescribe ritual baths, despojos, prayers, and other methods in lifting the causa.

Puerto Rican syndrome is a pseudo epilepsy or psychosomatic disorder known in Spanish as Ataque de Nervios, which can cause the individual suffering from it convulsions, foaming of the mouth, screaming, fainting, biting, kicking, shaking in seizures and fainting. Many Puerto Ricans believe they know its origins.  This syndrome that comes on when a person is under great stress has in some part to do with the belief and dealing with sorcery, curses, hexes, or lower level demons, and tormented souls, brought upon the individual by dabbling in black magic, or the recipient of a curse or witchcraft.   It is important to understand that not all Ataques have to do with sorcery or black magic.  Some have to do with a person suffering a susto (fright or soul loss)  while others also border between mental and spiritual, and it is my job in helping them spiritually but also instructing them to seek psychiatric help in order to balance both.  And there are many when the problem is a mental disorder and these individual need more help that we can not possibly give.  As a spiritual worker we must be responsible and careful in not making it worse for the person.

The origins of los Ataque de Nervios has its origins both in Africa and of the native Tainos. The Spanish would keep diaries or chronicles on how these people suffered.  Both the African women and Taino women would scream, cry, pull their hair, shake in convulsions and foam in the mouth when they where placed under great stress.

Many individuals who invoke lower level spirits and demons do so for personal gain, controlling or causing harm whether it be in defeating an enemy or causing harm on a rival, in matters of love, or for obtaining power.  Alot of people invoke these spirits with very little knowledge of what they are getting themselves into and far less on what they are doing, what they are inviting into their lives, what they are unleashing and who in actuality they are invoking, with out understanding that there is always a high  price to be paid when working with this lower class of entities.   Some also go to Nigromanticos,  priests of the dark arts, Brujos, and Hechizero Diableros shamans and pay expensive prices for them to call on these entities, usually to cause harm or for gain.   It is widely known in Hispanic communities that Nigromantes exclusively work with lower entities and lower demons because of how quick results are given.  The reason for the quick results is in part because of how close they are to the realm of the living, and because of their greet hunger for material offerings.

The Intranquil Spirits where almost virtually unheard of, unknown or forgotten outside the Hispanic communities, unless one was initiated into these traditions that dealt with them, or new personally of one who practiced these arcane secret societies.  It took the English translation of a popular Spanish prayer book titled La Fe en la Oracion, used amongst the Hispanic occult community to revive these spirits into the English speaking communities.  One of the prayers has been widely excepted by the English speaking communities and can be found all over the Internet as a Prayer to the Intranquil Spirits in love magic.  Pink 7 day candles (the color of passion) can be found in botanicas, ritual supply shops and Hispanic bodegas through out the United States and are recently becoming a popular item in New Age shops and catalogs. 
But let me give the warning, these spirits should be avoided entirely.

Traditional Spanish invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are titled, Oraciones a los 7 Espiritus Intranquiloslos Siete Demonios Capitales.   This presumption is wrong.  The Seven Deadly Sins are Higher Demons, that rule over minions of fallen angels and demons and they where not created into a human body, although they can posses humans.  The Intranquil Spirits once lived in the material plane and are the tortured ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists of rapists, murderers, serial killers, and demented individuals.  They are the damned trapped earth bound souls in an astral plane very close to the plane of material existence.

Hechizeros and Nigromantes that work with the intranquil spirits, never do so in their own homes.  To do so is willingly inviting the Spirit to reside within the home, or worse on the body.  (Haunted House / Haunted Individual). These Hechizeros and Nigromantes, always work outdoors in the dead of night, usually in burial grounds or cemeteries and under the protection of a Guide, in Hispanic traditions this guide is usually, in the Caribbean El Baron del Cementerio,  and in Mexico and South America under La Santa Muerte, or a Catholic saint that they associate with the Baron.  To work with these spirits within the home is to surely invite the entity to reside within the home. Note in Sanse we work with San Elias del Monte Carmelo and is one of the Seven Jefes Divisiones of Misterios, Los 7 Jefes de Sanse, The Seven Chiefs of Sanse, La Siete Division.  He is invoked under El Baron del Cementerio to help protect us from black magic and restless spirits. While San Miguel aids us in spiritual combat. Every positive has a negative.

The first offering to the intranquil spirits usually consists of an offering made at an entrance to a burial ground, this offering usually consists of coins, tobacco and liquor.  After they grant your desire these spirits will want more and more, until they obtain an animal sacrifice.  (Animal Sacrifice is not performed in Sanse, Santerismo or Espiritismo, as blood is the most sacred of substance and only God's to take.). If the person invoking the Intranquil Spirits does not give them what they ask, they will eventually turn on the practitioner.
It is important to understand that the intranquil spirits are usually attracted to weak individuals, those who suffer some form of mental disorder and anguish.  Anyone who works with Higher Spirits such as the Saints, a Centinela, Spirit Guide, Corte, Commission or Angel should not work with lower level entities.  In Spanish we call this, ensuciando tu Cuadro or ensuciando el Altar. Literally means making ones altar dirty, or relieving oneself upon ones Spirit Guides.  When an individual does so, their Cuadro Espiritual becomes weakened as the Spirit Guides abandon the individual, and it is hard to restore the relationship.  They are always present in your life, but they must step aside so one reaps what they sow.
Also it is a Hispanic folk belief that when one works with an Intranquil Spirit, one is literally selling their soul to the Devil.  It is a common belief amongst Hispanics that if one works with the Intranquil Spirit, one is making a deal to switch places or swap positions with this spirit.  For example, upon ones death one become a restless soul, and the Intranquil Spirit comes back to life, usually in the person who invoked them bloodline.  This is where the saying "the sins of the Father" falls into place.

Many individuals seak the Intranquil Spirits in love spells, this in itself is foolish, the person may return, but will never truly love the individual, in most cases they become obsessive and abusive, physically or mentally.  Also when working with the Intranquil Spirits one must be warned that this group of spirits are very greedy and possessive of the person who invites them into their lives.  Also everything they give you is not permanent and quickly will be taken away, causing the person to invoke them again, this becomes a dangerous and often deadly cycle.  
One can break the dangerous cycle, by reconnecting with God, and the Higher Spirits of Light, but this is truly rare, since the individual has to find purity in heart and  practice pure Love, Faith, Hope and Charity.  Which in reality and borrowing from the text from the scriptures.  "It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.'

As humans we are not perfect, and we must and will make errors and commit offenses along the way in order to learn.  Do we really need the help of lower level spirits?

Siete Demonios Capitales.  Seven Deadly Sins are.

Envy: Leviathan: An enormous demon of darkness and chaos; inspires arrogance and envy.
Gluttony: Beelzebub: The prince of demons; the lord of the flies; inspires gluttony, unholy desire, jealousy, war, and murder.

Greed: Mammon: Demon of wealth; son of the Devil; inspires gross injustice, idolatry, greed and the love of money over all other things.

Lust: Asmodeus: Demon of wrath; prince of demons; the father of monsters; inspires gambling, deceit, lust, and revenge.

Pride: Lucifer: A great angel cast into Hell; also known as the light bringer, the bearer of light, and the morning star; inspires pride and rebellion.

Sloth: Belphegor: Demon of indifference; inspires extreme laziness and spiritual apathy.

Wrath: Satan: An angel expelled from heaven; evil personified; the great adversary; inspires mankind to turn away from God; inspires mortal sins.


This is not a complete list, just the most known.

* Espiritus de la Ira
* Espíritus Ignorante
* Espíritus Traviesos
* Espíritus Destructivos
* Espiritus Burlones
* Espiritus Confusos
* Espiritus Atrasados
* Espiritus Dominantes
* Espiritus Perturbados
* Espiritus del Desespero
* Espiritu del Odio
* Espiritu Trastornado
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* Espiritus del la Desilucion
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* Espiritus de la Angustia
* Espiritus de la Desgracia

Intranquil Spirit Prayer

O, Intranquil Spirit, you that in Hell are wandering and will never reach Heaven, hear me, o, hear me.
I want you to grasp the five senses of (n.n.) and do not let him/her rest in peace,  that he/she should think only of seeing me, smelling me, hearing me, tasting me, and touching me, that he/she should find himself/herself as desperate as the waters of the seas and as torn as the wind in the storm until he/she returns to me, that he/she should run and run until he/she humbly falls at my feet because nobody will help him/her.
That neither a divorced woman/man nor a married woman/man, a widow/widower, nor a virgin woman/man, shall ever love him/her, but only me and me alone.
(N.N.)  I conjure you before the cross and God Almighty, that you are to run after me as the living run after the cross and the dead run after the light.  So be it.


In the Holy Name of God, I invoke you.  Spirit that Dominates, Spirit of Disorder Intranquil Spirits, Restless Spirits, Spirit of John the Conquer, Spirit of John of the Crossroads, Spirit of John the Miner,  Spirit of Juan of the Road, Spirits of the Four Winds, that find your self in all paths and all directions.    Spirits of Enchantment, Spirit of Saint Mark de Leon, Spirit of Saint Martha the Dominator, and Saint Helen of Jerusalem.  Spirit of Saint Salvador, and of Saint Ines of the Lost Forest, Spirit of Mary of the Light,

I conjure and invoke thee so that you may aid me in dominating the Five senses of (n.n.).
I conjure the Spirit Guide of (n.n.)  on the holy day in which he was baptized, and for the night he was consumed and for the hour he was born, and for the moment in which he shall die.
I conjure you in front of this sacred flame, let the light represent his head, his body, his arms, his legs, his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth.

Hear me oh Spirit that Dominates, that (n.n.)  may not sleep in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, eat in peace, drink in peace, until humbly he is at my feet full of love and desire only for me.

Bring him crawling on all fours as an obedient dog and as tame as a lamb. 
With one I See you.  With two I Bind You.
With three I Break you.  Blood I shall pour, and your heart I shall break. 
Dominated in mind, body, and Spirit. 
You shall not look upon another without seeing me, you shall not think unless your thoughts are of me.   My words they dominate you, my eyes shall blind you, and my Desire will break you.  As I desire, so shall it be.


Oh Seven Intranquil Spirits, you that in Hell reside and in the Kingdom of Heaven you shall never set a foot.
I offer you these 21 candles and I ask that you seek what I ask of you.
No one calls upon you, I invoke you. Hear my words!  Hear my words!
It is the witching hour and I stand naked giving you light. So that you may have the faculties to give what I ask. 
Spirit of Hate, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Desperation, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Discord, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Mysery, I invoke thee. 
Spirit of Disruption, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Confusion, I invoke thee.
Spirit of Rage, I invoke you.
O Seven Intranquil Spirits, Dominate in mind, body, and soul those who are my enemies and wish to cause me harm.
As I will it, So shall it be.


With one I see you.
With two I recognize you.
With three I bind and torment you. 
O Spirit of Rage, I call on you.
O Spirit of Anger, I call you.
O Spirit of Hate, hear my plea in this hour of disgrace.
I desire that you inspire within me eternal hate against those who offend me.  May they not see me coming, and may they disappear ever from my presence.  As I will it. So shall it be.


Juan the Conqueror, Juan of the Crossroads, and Juan the Miner.  You that dared enter the holy temple and steal of the sacraments.  I ask you to enter the heart of (n.n.) and steel his affection from my rivals.
Quiet the mouth of my rival, and have her lay down in defeat.
Do not allow the man I lost to sit in a chair, nor lay in a bed.  Give him no moments of rest, tranquility, nor harmony until at my feet he comes begging for mercy.
Spirits of the Four Horsemen, Black Horse, White Horse, Brown Horse, Auburn.
Spirit of Juan Minero, for the caverns you work and toil. 
I ask that you to work, and toil and dominate the heart of (n.n.). This I ask with much faith.  So be it.

These invocations to the Intranquil Spirits are just but a few of the countless Spanish invocations that exist, many also implore Demons and offerings of animal sacrifice and tobacco, but I purposely excluded them as they really are to blasphemous to even  mention. 


There is an old Puerto Rican tale about a witch who lived in a rural area of Puerto Rico.  Everyone in her Pueblo knew that she was a witch who practiced what was considered both white and black magic. 
The old Witch was alone in the world, she had became a widow at a young age, loosing her husband in a war and had lost all her children when they where very young.
The folks of the small pueblo often spoke of how the poor old Witch was known for her ataque de nervios because of all the sorrow and pain she had gone through in life.  Some would say she suffered these Atauque de nervios, for dabbling in the black arts, and she was often heard wailing and crying alone at night, with no one to console nor comfort her.
Although the Witch practiced magic, as is a custom in Hispanic countries, she was also a devout Catholic and was very fond of Saint Michael.
Each Sunday the old witch would weight for the congregation to leave the old church.  Then she would quietly enter the church and kneel before a large plaster statue of Saint Michael and pray.
When she was done, at the foot of the statue she would light two candles, one red and one black.
This always puzzled the Padre of the church, but he never bothered her on her weekly ritual.
One afternoon as the congregation left the church and the Padre was gathering the psalm books from the pews, he saw the old woman performing her weekly ritual at the foot of the large statue of San Miguel, and offerings of the red candle and the black candle.
The Padre's curiosity was overwhelming, he approached the old woman, and politely asked her the mystery and reason behind her always lighting both the red candle and the black one.
" Señora, Con Permiso, may I ask why you light two candles to San Miguel?  One red and one black?" 
At first this startled the old Witch, since everyone avoided her, and no one had spoken to her in years.
"Bueno Padrecito". She said looking up at him.  Then looking at the statue and pointing at the figure of Saint Michael, sword in hand, and then at the Diablo at his feet.
"In this life I have been good and I have been bad, I have done wright and I have done wrong.  I am up there in age and soon alone I shall pass. And I can not predict where my soul will go.  Will it go to Heaven or will it go to Hell?  So why not have a friend in both places.'

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Animas Del Purgatorio

Legend tells the tale of how when men where crucified, women where in charge of taking a pale of water and from a sponge attached to a long wooden pole, they would soak it in water and would give the crucified victims water to quench their thirst. On the evening of Good Friday when Jesus Christ was crucified a woman by the name Maria Celestina Abdenago brought water to the three upon the cross. She gave Dysmas and Gesmas water but for some reason she feared the savior, and did not give him water to drink. When Maria Celestina Abdenago died many years later she was sent to purgatory for denying the savior water.

Another legend tells the tale of how Maria Celestina Abdenago was a sorceress who practiced the black arts and when Jesus was carrying the heavy wooden cross through the streets, as he passed her house she ran into the street, up to him and spat in his face. Thus going to purgatory for her offense and insult done to the savior.

A popular Mexican and Spanish Anima Sola is Juan Minero, or John the Miner. For his sins on earth Juan Minero toils and labors hard in purgatory mining coal to feed the flames of both Hell and purgatory. His sin, tradition says that in a fit of rage he would enter into Holy Temples and shrines and defile the altars, by blowing out candles and stealing lanterns and spilling holy water on the ground.

The most popular image of an Anima Sola depicts a woman in a dungeon set into flames as she looks up towards the heavens. Her chains are broken and she looks at peace, as if the flames consuming her soul do not bother her. She patiently awaits the saviors forgiveness of her sins, as her arms are stretched upwards as if the savior has sent the Queen of Angels to set her free from her torment. The infamous famous image of the Anima Sola is of Maria Celestina Abdenago.

Many who don't know much of the Anima Sola assume that there is only one, when in reality there are countless souls in the "Catholic' purgatory or lower spiritual plane, cleansing there sinful souls before being forgiven and reaching a higher spiritual plane.

The Anima Sola or Lonely Souls of Purgatory are not evil spirits, as their souls are not damned in Hades or Hell, they are the souls of sinners who because of their mortal sins cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven until there souls have been purified from their earthly wrong doings.
Many people in Latin American counties pray to the Anima Sola and they are often invoked in love spells. On Mondays they are offered water, a white candle to give them light and many offer them cigars, cigarettes and strong liquor such as rum, whiskey or a can of beer. The Anima Sola are venerated on el Dia de las Animas, November 2nd the day of All Souls Day, as special Masses are done in honor of them. In Mexico this day is called, El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

I personally do not work with the Anima Sola. From my personal belief, these spirits should be respected and prayers should be said to them so that their sins are forgiven and so that their souls become purified and they may be able to move higher in the spiritual evolution chain. I have done Veladas for Anima Sola, include them in prayers during Sesiones and light candles for them on November 2nd, but I do not keep any Anima Sola paraphernalia on my altars, its just a personal preference.


Hear ye O Mortals, the lament of an imprisoned soul, alone and abandoned in an obscure dwelling. O Lone Soul, a soul of peace and of war. Soul of sea and of land. I desire that all that
 I have lost be returned.
O Souls, you who are alone and abandoned, I accompany you in your grief.
  Pity upon you
 I have, for I know of the grief and suffering you must endure within your harsh and long imprisonment.
I offer you this prayer and glass of water because I desire to lessen your pain and quench your thirst.
Sad Soul, Alone Soul, no one calls you, I call you. No one looks for you, but I seek you out. No one loves you, but I adore you. No one remembers you, but I keep you in my heart. I offer you this lit candle so that you may find your way into the light.
In this moment I offer to you my meritorious labor, and all that I have suffered, suffer and will suffer in this life, can never compare to yours.
I humbly pray that you finish paying for your mortal sins of the flesh so that you may find the grace of God, and be lifted from your imprisonment,
With your grace you shall be my benefactor. Amen


Traditional Spanish prayers to Juan Minero have to do with casting a love spell on an individual or performing black magic. I do not personally work with this spirit, but I include it because of its popular use within Diableria, Hechiserismo "sorcery" Brujeria Negra 'black magic' and Nigromante Nigromantismo "necromancy" These prayers fall under the works of working with the espiritus intranquilos, Intranquil or Restless Spirits, as they are mentioned by traditional Spanish names. I will only be including one prayers hear as the rest fall under the Intranquil Spirits.


In the Holy names of God, I invoke the spirits of Domination, the Intranquil Restless Spirits, the Spirits of Despair. The Spirit of Juan (John) the Conqueror, the Spirit of Juan of the crossroads, the spirit of Juan Minero, the spirit of Juan of sorrows, and Juan of the dangerous road.
I invoke the spirits of the four winds,
I invoke the Soul of the Anima Sola, Juan Minero. I ask you to enter into the heart of (n.n.). Oh Guardian Angel of (n.n.), step aside and do not intercede. Let him/her be restless and not find peace until by my side he/she stands.
Oh soul of Juan Minero, place me in his/her heart, and in his/her thoughts.
Saint Ines of the lost forests, aid me in returning his/her affection. Return him/her in body, mind and spirit. So be it

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  • El EMBAJADOR Male LA EMBAJADORA, Female: An assistant medium who will recite the prayers during the seance and make sure all runs smoothly and safeguards the Casilla while under possession.
  • El BANCO or LA CASILLA. The bench or vessel, a medium who will transmit messages received from the spirits or become possessed by a spirit to lift causas, and give spiritual advice and consultations.
  • Los Participantes, El Publico.  Those who attend a Séance, "Sesion Espiritual'. la reunión espiritista

The Reunión, or Sesion Espiritual "Sèance"  is at the heart of Puerto Rican  Espiritismo, Santerismo, Sanse, and the Brujeria traditions.  It is where we come to gather in a small group to speak and get information from our Seres, Muertos, Centinela, Santos, Cuadro Espiritual and Commissions.  The séance is a private gathering similar to the larger public Misa Espirualeits, Fiesta Espiritual, and  Veladas.

A reunión or sesion is done under faith hope and charity, meaning no one gets paid for this service, not even the Mediums conducting the séance, but it is expected of all attending and participating in the event to collaborate with the expenses in some form and bring the necessary ofrendas to the séance. The oftendas are offerings to the spirits and include items such as cigars, florida water, holy water, flowers, and incense to name a few.

In Puerto Rico a  Séance is never practiced with less than three people, and no more than  nine.  More than nine would fall under a misa espiritual or velada.  What I will be describing here is how I personally do a séance and how it is practiced amongst the Puerto Rican community.  From this point on I will be using both the English word Séance and Spanish words Sesion, or Reunión  as they are often used interchangeably within the Hispanic community.

The preparation call for the table that will be used for the Reunion, it should be cleaned and wiped down before la sesion, with florida water and holy water, and the table is always covered with a white table cloth.  A large glass fuente is filled with cool holy water and placed on the center of the table surrounded by white candles, usually three, or nine.

Another table is set aside which will be the tableau espiritual, an altar for the Centinela or Guardian Saint and other protective spirits guides of the Cuadro Espiritual pertaining to the person whose house the sesion is to be held.  This table becomes a shrine to the protective spirits and the items and ofrendas used for the Séance are kept there such as food, rum, coffee, cigars, flowers, a bell, florida water, a gourd instrument such as a maraca, and a black cloth.  A large fuente is also placed on the tableau espiritual, this one will have a mixture of Holy Water, anil indigo water, Florida Water, Bay rum, Kolonia 1800, Colonia Patchouli, Locion Pompeya, and Agua de Sandalo. Within the fuente a metal soup ladle is placed and around it enough fresh clean white face cloths for all attendants. Packets of wooden matches and fresh cigars are also placed around the altar.  Behind the fuente two white seven day candles are lit.

The house where the sesion is to be held must be physically and spiritually cleaned before the séance is to begin.  Garbage is removed, dishes are washed and the house must be neat and organized.  The house should be fumigated with frankincense sandalwood, and myrrh or with nag champa incense before the sesion begins, and four clear glasses with ice water and camphor is placed within the four corners of the house. 

The actual table where the sesion is to be held was traditionally a round dinner table, if it is imposable to have a round table, this does not matter as the candles around the fuente will create the spiritul circle.

Before the sesion it is imperative for the Embajador and the Banco to refrain from having any form of sexual activities that day, and that they fast for 6 hours prior to the Séanse.  It is not that these things are bad for the Mediums, but that it causes the mediums to become spiritually grounded and it also creates a spiritual barrier or blockage. Food and sexual intercourse, grounds a person, and in order to receive messages, the body should be as light and as clean as humanly possible. Both the mediums prior to attending the Séance must relieve their bodies of bodily waist, and cleanse themselves with a spiritual bath, prayers and fumigation.  The bath is done at home and prior to the sêanse, it consists of taking a hand full of fresh sage and mashing it into a gallon of cool holy water.  The water will take on a green tint, to this is added a large bottle of florida water and it is carefully strained and placed into a large glass bowl.  A white cloth is placed over the bowl and it is placed on the mediums altar as candles are lit and the medium says prayers to his Cuadro Espiritual.  This is left on the altar until the candles are consumed, usually small tee lites.  (NEVER LEAVE CANDLES UNATTENDED)   The mediums will take a bath with this spiritual wash by pouring it over the head in a bathtub as prayers are recited.  Half of the spiritual bath is saved to cleanse oneself when returning home at the end of the night.  This is an Amparo ritual that must always be done prior to the Seance. During the seance, both the Embajador and the Banco, should remove any belts jewelry, and shoes. If the shoes are not removed then the laces must be untied.

The only thing kept on the table where the sesion is to be conducted is the fuente espiritual with 3 or 9 white candles surrounding it, and Allen Kardec's book on Selected Prayers, a few bottles of florida water and ash trays for the cigars.

Everyone participating in the Seance are asked to arrive at a certain time and always as the sun begins to set, usually around seven in the evening.  They are instructed not to be late and that good personal hygiene is observed by all attendants.

At the entrance of the home a fuente is filled with a mixture of indigo, Rompe zaraguey herb, florida water and holy water so that all who attend may bless and protect themselves by making the sign of the cross when they arrive.   Also a ritual chalk made out of white egg shells is placed next to the bowl so participants can draw protective crosses on their wrists and in the back of the neck.  On either side of the fuente is a lit seven day white candle.

During the sesion all participants must  keep their legs uncrossed and their arms should never be folded and  during the actual séance both their hands palms down are kept on the table at all times; unless they are flicking a cigar, this is called la cadena espiritual.  The Embajador should keep his/her head covered by wearing a white head cloth or white bandana upon the head, this is a protective measure so that he/she can control the Séance and not become possessed.  Although Higher Spirits can speak through the Embajador,  and the Embajador can pass messages from the spirits to the living, he must stay in control of the reunión at all times.  Spirits will often give messages to other attendants, if they feel a strong message, they will politely wait until the Banco is quiet. Many Spirits want to come through during a seance, and the Embajador must insure complete control and order and that respect is observed at all times.  Benevolent spirits are not the only ones who will want to attend but los espiritus intranquilos will try and come. If an evil entity is present, or takes over the body of the banco, it is the Embajador responsibility to remove it or command it to go to leave.  If the spirit or entity refuses, the black cloth is placed over the bancos head, as a prayer of protection and banishment is said while wringing the altar bell.  Also Spirits might not ever posses the banco, they might let their presence be known, by wrapping noises or moving objects.

The reason why it is important the Embajador should say the proper prayers and invocations that will follow, is because it is the responsibility of the Embajador to insure the safety of all present, that he calls on benevolent and protective spirits,only, and to make sure an earth bound spirit or demon is not invited into the sesion, or that negative spirits are not left loose to wonder this plain of existence.

The Séance should commence one hour after the sun sets. Everyone participating should wear clean light colored clothing and come with a respectful attitude. All cell phones are turned off and all forms of distractions.  Once the reunión begins no one is permitted to leave or come in during the sesion.

During the Sesion, the Centinela or one of the spirits from the commissions might come down to consult of lift a causa.  The spirit within the casilla often stays seated but many times it will stand up and move around cleansing and purifying.  If this happens it is the Embajadors responsibility and job to ensure the safety of the casilla. The Embajador stands behind the casilla and makes sure the material and physical body of the possessed casilla is not harmed.

When the sesion begins all the candles are lit and electrical lights are turned of, and everyone takes their seat.  The Embajador begins to recites the prayers from Allen Kardec^s prayer book, beggining with the prayer of the Medium, at this time both the Embajador and the banco takes a ladel of the blessed water from the fuente and pours it on the clean face cloth and cleans his aura.  Then the embajador begins to recite the opening prayer, and counter clockwise one by one, the participants gets up, salutes the spirits of the tableau altar and takes a ladle full of liquid from the fuente and cleanses themselves.  The embajador continues reading the opening prayer as each individual salutes the altar and cleanses themselves and then again takes their seat.  Sometimes after the prayer and blessings, spiritual songs are sung as the participants light cigars to entice the spirits to join the reunión.  If songs are not sung, then quiet espiritista music is played in the background.

When the sesion is over all the waters from the altars and the table are thrown out the front door, Lights are turned on and all who attend enjoy a light meal, and talk about the event or messages told during the sesion.  

If the participants and mediums are up to it they can call friends over to dance as a Fiesta Espiritual is underway and the spirits and commissions are invoked to dance and trabajar las causas.


"For where two or three are gathered together in My Name,
 there am I in the midst of them." Mathew, 18: 20 


"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith the Lord.  I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those last days of My Spirit, and they shall prophesy." Acts 2: 17/18

Almighty and Powerful God, allow the enlightened and benevolent spirits to come and assist me in the communication that I seek.  Protect me from being enveloped by malevolent entities, and distance me from judging myself and from the pride of egotistical thoughts that will deter me from the purpose of your spiritual mission, which can cause conflict in my communication with other spiritualists and towards other mediums. If I should fall into error, inspire others to advise me of my mistakes and instill within me humbleness.   And If I for any reason should fall into the temptation of abusing the gift you have bestowed upon me, I pray that you aid me in seeing the errors of my ways before it deters me from the purpose of using this gift for greater good of mankind and my spiritual progression.


We pray to the Almighty Lord to send us good spirits to assist us, to keep away those who could induce us in error, and to give us the necessary light to distinguish the truth from the impostors.  Also keep away evil, incarnate or dis incarnated spirits that could attempt to place discord among us and deviate us from charity and love for our fellow man.  If any attempt to introduce itself here, prevent it from finding any access to anyone of us.  Good Spirits, that condescend to come here to instruct us, make us gentle to your advises and deviate selfishness, pride, envy, and jealousy from us.  Inspire in us indulgence, and benevolence for our present and absent fellow men, friends, and foes.  In ending, make it that in our feelings of charity, humility, and abnegation, we would feel in good spirits, and recognize your healthy influence.
To the Mediums who you will put in charge of transmitting your teachings to us, give them knowledge of the holiness of the command that has been entrusted upon them and the seriousness of the act they will accomplish, for the purpose that they would have the necessary fervor and devotion.  If there are persons in this reunion that have been attracted by another feeling, different to good, open their eyes to the light and may GOD forgive them if they come with bad intentions.  We particularly pray to the Spirits of (....), our Spirit Guide to help us and watch for us.

We ask the Divine Spirit and all our spirit guides and guardian spirits that are here tonight to watch over our work.  We ask that only good benevolent spirits be present and that our spirit companions protect us from harm and mischief from any troubled spirits whom may be attached, attracted, or sent to this place.


Lord with your Grace we invoke the Spirits of your Court, sweet emanation of the Sublime, of all the great and all the infinite good, holy, and just.  Elevated Spirits by your virtues to such a high grade of perfection and joy, where the Almighty's mission is directly received, so that the effects of his paternal love reach us; messengers of the divine word; come closer to us by Charity, because we are calling you with all the effusion of our souls, so that it vibrates in our hearts with the echo's soft emotion to our entrapped spirit, and to our gross senses, which are used to be dis according accents of our earthly lyres, and cannot conceive the beauty of our harmonies.  Let us glorify the Lord, whom by his mercy, we are beginning to enjoy in his dwelling of exile from the light of the truth, the hope of its love and the incomparable embrace of his paternal love, say that we wish the gift of suffering our tests with patience, because his infinite love has made us understand his great knowledge and our healthy mission in this world.  Thank you for such great benefits!  Guide us with Spirits sent from God, clear our souls, enlighten us with your knowledge from the rugged path of our lives, may the torch of truth shine in him, so that our souls would purify with your beneficial influences, and when our deserved peregrination ends, you lead us as simple doves to the foot of the throne of the King of Kings, to ask him for forgiveness for the faults and sing with you his praises.

(Followed by the Our Father and Hail Mary.)


Sensible and benevolent spirits, messengers of God, whose mission is to assist men and lead them through the good path, support me in the tests of this life, give me the strength to suffer them without muttering, deviate from me bad thoughts and make me not have access to any of the bad spirits that attempt to induce me to evil. Enlighten my conscience so that I can see my defeats, lead away from me the eyes of the veil of pride, which could enable me to see them and keep them to myself.  You. Above all.  My Guardian Angel, who watches over me particularly, and you, protecting spirits who take interest in me, make me worthy of your benevolence.  You know my needs; make it then, for me to receive the grace according to God's will.


Woe and Pity upon you Scribes and Pharisees, you who cleanses the outside of your chalice and plate, but within you are full of after anger and filth. 

Blind hypocrites, first cleanse the inside of the chalice and plate so that the outside may become clean and pure.  Pity upon you Scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, you that act clean and seam beautiful upon the eyes of men from the outside, but within you are full of putrefaction and filth.  As such on the outside you also show as just in the eyes of men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and anxiety.

In the name of the omnipotent God, the All Powerful God, may the bad spirits turn away from me and may the good spirits defend me from their influence.

Wicked Spirits, you who inspire confusion and bad thoughts within men.  Deceiving and lying Spirits, who delude men.  Mocking Spirits, who amuse yourself with mankind's incredulity.  I repel you with all the strength within my soul, and close my ears to your suggestions.  I implore that God's mercy be upon you. 

Benevolent Spirits you who undertake the task of accompanying me in this life, give me the necessary strength and enlightenment to resist the influence of these malevolent spirits.  Benevolent Spirits,  Safeguard me from pride and presumption. In the holy name of God.


We give thanks to the benevolent spirits who have come to communicate with us.  We implore them to help us put into practice the instructions they have given and also that upon leaving this ambient, they may help us to feel strengthened for the practice of goodness and love towards our fellow man.  We also desire that your teachings help all those Spirits who are suffering, are ignorant or corrupt, who have participated in our mission and for whom we implore God's mercy.  Amen.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011



'the natives brought fruit, wooden spears, and certain dried leaves which gave off a distinct fragrance."

"We found a man in a canoe he had with him some dried leaves which are in high value among them, for a quantity of it was brought to me at San Salvador" Christopher Columbus' Journal

When Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americans in 1492 the Taino people gave to him and the Spanish Conquistadors, a great gift, the most holiest of plants, and the most sacred of ritual objects, a messenger of the Cemis (the Gods / Spirits) in the form of an herb called Tobaku. This sacred messenger of the Gods was unknown to the rest of the world. Europe, Asia and Africa did not know of its existence, and the closets counterpart to the rest of the world came in the form of unsmokable resins and incense, which like Tobaku, transmits ones thoughts, desires, wishes, and prayers to the heavens in a cloud of smoke.

Tobaku like all great spirits, was and is a force to be respected, and never abused, he like all Spirits will not tolerate disrespect; to dishonor and disrespect this ancient spirit messenger, is to unleash his deathly vengeance. Tobaku blessed all who venerated and respected him with magical and healing abilities. But like all great spirits and things sacred to pre-Colombian America, Tobaku has suffered centuries of misuse and insult in the form of commercial tobacco.

The Taino used Tobaku in Prayer, offerings to the spirits, healing, purification, leisure activities, welcoming friends, peace treaties, and it was never abused and was always respected. Tobaku has grown weary of the exploitation and disrespect done unto him and has retaliated, unleashing his death grip and wrath on those who have abused this sacred spirit. Common sense dictates that anything you do to your body in excess (a habit) is detrimental.


The tradition of using tobacco as a sacred ritual object survived the European Conquest of the Americas. It is used, within Santeria, Vodou, Sanse, Espiritismo, Obea, 21 Division, Santerismo, Umbanda, 3 Potencia Venezuelana, Chamanismo, Curanderia, and Brujeria, to name a few; as an offering and as a form of cleansing, and communicating with the Spirits in all African, Indigenous, and Amerindian traditional religions. It is used for smudging a body or ritual objects, blessing talismans, for ritual purification, divination and cleansing, as well as an offering to some of the Saints, Orishas, Commissions, Courts, and Lwases, and transmitting ones wishes and desires to the heavens and realms of spirits.

I clearly have to state that allot of people do not like or enjoy the aroma of tobacco, as well one has to take into deep consideration the health hazards that come with smoking tobacco. Excessive use of this sacred herb has created many health issues. If you do not smoke, don't start. Use incense such as frankincense or copal, or use sage wands or sweet grass braids as a substitute. But as with tobacco use these items in a well ventilated area.

If you are interested in divination, and do not smoke, don't start smoking, use Tarot, playing cards, cowrie shells, coconuts, palmistry, or runes. I by no means am promoting tobacco smoking or usage, what I am talking about hear is giving an inside view on how tobacco is used in Caribbean and Latin American folk magico religious systems and beliefs.

Tobacco should be respected and never abused. Because of the stigma that tobacco has received after centuries of misuse and abuse. Tobacomancia or Tobacomancy is rarely if ever mentioned outside the Spanish speaking and Amerindian population.


I offer this smoke to Achiano the Spirit of the South,
I offer this smoke to Koromo the Spirit of the West,
I offer this smoke to Rakuno the Spirit of the North,
I offer this smoke to Sobaiko the Spirit of the East,
I offer this smoke to Atabey, sacred mother of Earth.
I offer this smoke to Yokahu sacred father of the sky. So be it, so it shall be.


To the Spirits of the Four Winds, Black horse, white horse, red horse, and brown, you that find yourself in the four Corners of the Universe. Above and below and in the Four Directions. I call to you oh Charitable Spirit of Tobacco, ancient messengers of the Omnipresent One. I offer you in homage to the Guardian Spirits of (n.n.). For wherever I go with this sacred smoke, you shall purify and cleanse. You shall remove any and every, seen and unseen negative vibration that surrounds (n.n.). And with the grace and power that the Holy Trinity has bestowed upon me, I (n.n.) purify and cleanse (n.n.). So be it, Amen.


With the permission of God.
With the guidance of the 21 Commissions of Spirits and the protection of my Guardian Angel.
With the watchful eyes of my Spirit Guides.
As above so below, and in the four directions, and to the Charitable Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the four corners of the universe. I ask for health, stability, and peace.
May the fluids of the Spirits that speak through the smoke of this sacred tobacco, be beneficial towards me and my cause. May all malice and deceit depart and scatter as the smoke does scatter, and only good and charity shall prevail. Amen.


In behalf of the smoke of this sacred cigar. I do conjure and invoke the Seven Divine Guardian Spirits of the Seven Heavens.

With this sacred smoke I summon the 3001 Rays of the Moon.
In the Divine names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I do invoke thee.
May you bless me with your Divine Grace, Wisdom, and Power, and bring forth that which I desire.
Oh Great Tobacco, messenger of God. I call upon your Divine Name, so that you may intercede on my behalf and open the doors of the Spirit Realm, and with the help of Saint Teresa de Jesus, lead towards me that spirit which will aid me in my task. Amen.


Puro, Purito, Puro! I do summon and conjure you. I invoke thee by the divine virtues that you have, and by the divine virtues that God has bestowed upon you. Spirit of the Tobacco, I ask that you penetrate the very soul of (n.n). So that he/she may not rest in peace, drink in peace, eat in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, nor live in peace, until he/she recognizes the wrong he/she done to me and resigns.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one believes in you. I believe in you. Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one calls to you. I call to you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, no one offers you water to quench your thirst, I offer you water to quench your thirst.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
Go now Seven Intranquil Spirits, go now and follow the smoke and ashes, for they will lead you to those who have offended me.
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Son/daughter of a swine! Pay Attention!
Spirits of the Lonely Souls of Purgatory, I believe in you.
With one, I see you, with two I bind you, with three I conquer you.
Paz, Paz, Cristo, Cristo, Dominus Nostrum.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


I offer the smoke of this sacred cigar to the charitable spirits of (n.n.). So that they may intercede on my behalf and dominate the five senses of (n.n.)
I conjure and invoke thee, Oh Great Spirits of the Four Winds that come from the Four Directions.
Wherever he/she may be, may he/she come humble and humiliated before my feet. As the prostitute presented herself humbled and humiliated before the feet of Christ, and as Christ presented himself humbled and tamed before Pontius Pilot. And as Pontius Pilot presented himself humble and humiliated at the feet of Christ.
So I demand you to do the same.
As Saint George slew the dragon, as Saint Martha, dominated the serpent, as Saint Michael defeated the Beast. So do I; slay, dominate and defeat you.
By the Divine Power present before me, you are commanded to no longer commit a treacherous act against me.
And if by chance you resist and continue to harass me, so shall you pay the price for your offence.
With one I see you, with two I recognize you, and with three I conquer you.
Paz. Paz. Cristo. Cristo. Dominus Nostrum.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I (n.n.) ask permission of my protective spirits to help me work my spiritual labor in this sacred hour. Give me the faculties, and strength needed to cleanse and purify, to lift and remove any negative fluids, to lift and remove negative vibrations, on my body, within my home, and all that I hold sacred.
Eliminate from my path, all curses, hexes, black magic, and wrong doing,
In the holiest names of the Queen of Heaven and Angels, I call on the 21 Commissions of Spirits, the 21 Jefes, the 7 Powers. To the brotherhood of the white mission, the Ascended ones, make my heart pure. To King Solomon the sage bestow upon me wisdom. To Saint Clair, make my path visible. Saint Expedito, Saint Benito. Saint Michael and Saint Barbara. I call on my Spirit Guides, and my Ancestors, to help me in conquering all the obstacles that are set in my path.
Eternal Father, Our Lord Papa Dios, embrace me with your divine light, and protect me. Amen.


The client is the one who purchases the cigar. 3 must be brought, or a package of cigars. One for the divination, the rest as offerings to the Diviner's, Spirit Guides and ancestors.

When you are reading the tobacco to an individual, only you and the person getting the reading should be present in the room. Consecration is the key to success. Other influences in the room can deteriorate the success of the reading. The cigar will pick up on the vibrations of others present.

Make sure all cell phones are off, loud noises, and any distraction that can cause the Adivinador to loose concentration. All gadgets, phones, and television must be turned of. Quiet music can be used.

When you give a consultation with a cigar, some say that they should not get it done more than once a week. I disagree with this theory, once a month is the more adequate and appropriate time between tobacco divination.

Never read more than one cigar per sitting, per client at a time. To do this will detract from the predictions and omens foretold by the first cigar and will give uncertain or false information.

A cigarette is never used, the cigar should be of pure quality, with out added ingredients, this includes flavored cigars. No cigars with plastic mouth pieces.

When using a cigar for tobacomancy, never use a lighter. With your dominant hand light it with three wooden matches at once.

Take 9 big puffs and proceed with the consultation,

After the reading the lit cigar is placed on the altar, the client asks the spirits to lift any and all negative information told by the ashes.

The cigar is kept erect during the reading, pointing towards the heavens, and the ashes are never flicked, let it fall naturally.




El Adivino (male) La Adivina (female), person doing the divination consultation.

El Cliente, the client or querent person receiving the consultation.

When the rim of the cigar has a perfect white circle, that signifies strong bonds, strong unions, a ring, love, a new relationship, an affair, marriage. Fidelity,Good health, long life.
If the crown has black spots on the ring, this signifies trouble in a relationship, a quarrel or disagreement with a loved one, separation, marital problems, false love, jealousy. Unfounded fears. If the spot is towards the person, they feel the doubts, if the spot is away and towards the diviner then its the querents partner who feels these feelings.

If there are black spots all over the foundation of the crown, this signifies resentments, gossip, mistreatment, dislikes, entangled in confusion or to trap or gain power over someone by dishonest or underhand means.

If there are spots with horizontal cracks this signifies a break up, split up, or divorce.

If there is a large black spot this signifies, bad company, untrustworthy friends, or lover. A dept that has not been paid. If the spot is towards the client, they are the one who needs to pay a dept, away from querent, someone owes them and has not paid.

When black spots touches the rim of the cigar this means bad times, towards client. If the black sports are towards the client, this means they are in it at the present, towards the consultant means in the coming future, left side means it was in the past, or that the bad times where at fault of another, and the querent client is still feeling the effects. Towards the right signifies that the client had much to do with the bad times they are going through and should take responsibilities.

A grey scale coming from the lit rim tells of sadness, and tears, towards client signifies the client, towards consultant means a loved one. On the left side means caused by outside influences, towards the right signifies within the home. Also foretells of minor illnesses.

A white scale on the lit rim, signifies good omens, reconciliation, new loves, new relations, good friend, Towards the right an old friend, right a new friend. Good health.

A red spot at the base of the rim tells of unexpected surprise or news. Towards client, something they expected and had forgotten about, towards consultant, something the client is not expecting. Towards left, news from your past, towards right important news in the distant future.

White circles on the base signifies a coming of money, could be a raise, better pay, lottery or games of chance.

One large circle on the base signifies, betrothal, the act of betrothing or the fact of being betrothed. A mutual promise or an engagement. Success in a business plans, a payment of an old dept. Happiness, good health and well being.

A large vertical slice tells of overspending,
Extraordinary spending habits, when the client should be saving. Careless spending foretells of instabilities and restless times. If slice is towards the client it is the client who has the spending problem, if towards consultant it is a loved one. Towards the left, overspending in the past is causing trouble, towards the right, save money for that stormy weather ahead.

A white vertical slice, tells of prosperity, stability, lasting friendships.

A red slice across the cigar, vertical represents getting hurt, hospitalization, operation, a horizontal red slice means loneliness, depression, sadness.

Many small red dots tells of false hope, and dissolution.

Two small red dots with a slice above it means lust or desire. If two black dots with a slice above it, this means being used or taken advantage of. Towards the client, towards consultant its another person. Towards left in the past, towards right, in the near future.

Two black dots side by side, one being bigger, self doubt, confusion, envy or unexpected betrayal.
Towards client, the client will feel this, towards the consultant, a loved one will. On the left, it happened in the not so far past, towards right in the distant future. Can also be outside influences, the evil eye.

Black slanting, or leaning lines tell of misunderstandings in a relationship.

Lines that form a zigzag or a cross means obstacles, an unpleasant trip, a barrier, Something that separates or holds apart. A boundary that obstructs or impedes, a blockage.

White thin stripes, horizontal means a trip is in the horizon, vertical, luck in business, endowment.

If the cigar only burns on one side, bad luck, unfortunate events are on the way.

Two or more scales form on top of the ashes, good luck after hard times, good times shall come. Two scales that touch means a pregnancy, a baby, twins.

If the ashes stands straight and tall. A wish or desire will come true, happiness in love, wishes will be fulfilled.

If the ashes twist to the left, in the past, right in the future. Debts, and doubts. Problems will arise in love. Pointing towards client, clients close relations, pointing towards consultant a third party, a secret lover.

If the ashes stand straight but gets thinner in center, a health problem that client needs to get checked or under control.

If the ashes suddenly break and fall, doubts in ones auspiciousness. Doubts in ones abilities for success.

In the Second part of the reading begins when the ashes fall by themselves, the consultant flicks the ashes and begins to give the second half of the reading. The consultant takes three to nine consecutive puffs and begins to read. If the patterns described here form on the first half of the reading they are interpreted accordingly as described below.

If the ashes fall within 3 or six puffs, bad omen, accidents or danger.


If many scales form interspersed that are black, gray or white. Practical life, with good and bad, no needs for major worries, problems will arise but nothing the client cant handle.

If gray scales with white rims appear, money is coming.

Many white scales means great achievements, one will achieve what they set their mind to, and desires will come true.

White scales with black rims talks about news or information is on the way. Family gathering, wedding, a social event, productive friendships.

A black dot within a circle foretells of a pregnancy.

A white dot with a crease or slice, a backup, miscarriage or abortion.

If a Cross forms in the ashes, strength, and power, control and dominating enemies.

If a point or an arrow forms in the ashes or with the body of the ashes, one is greatly.spiritually protected.

If a black spot appears on the arrow, a prayer, supplication, or offering must be made. A promise was made and not kept.

If the ashes part or split, horizontally from client to consultant, pathways, open doors, new beginnings, also someone is looking for your advice or help in personal matters.

If the ashes split vertically. Confusion, not knowing where to go, a split up, or breakup,
If the ashes split into a cross at the rim, crossroads, the person is at a crossroads in their life.

When the split has one large mound this signifies dominance or control. Towards client, the client is the dominant, towards consultant, the clients partner or loved one. Towards the left a woman is dominant towards the right a male.

When the larger mound has a split, this signifies mental disorders, anguish, depression.

When the superior mound has a crack or split, mental disorders.

When the smaller mound has a crack or split, this tells of problematic children, disrespectful, defiant defiance, and out-of-control child.

If the cigar burns brighter towards client, the client has bad intentions or ill wills with another. When it burns brighter towards the consultant, betrayal, bad and malignant intentions from a person, hidden agendas, they will turn their backs on you. Left side a female figure, right side a male figure.

When a pointing scale forms an arrow at the base, problems with the law, court cases. The arrow has a white rim, in your favor, black means not in your favor.

Sparks on the cigar is a good omen, signifies blessings and protection, the more sparks the greater the protection or bond is with ones spirit guides.

If a stick of tobacco sticks out from the burning cigar, court problems not in your favor.

When a scale curls, this.represents flourishing of undertakings. Plans will prosper and flourish.


The Smoke can be used as well with the ashes in interpreting the tobacco. One needs a basic understanding of the symbolic of patterns. But I will include a few major important ones.

Circles caused by the smoke, symbolize a ring of protection,

A figure 8 caused by the smoke, symbolizes something that will last a long time, it could be a chronic disorder, or a long love life, this all depends on the pattern of the ashes.

If the cigar throws little smoke, the person has a hidden agenda. Enemies will prevail.

If the smoke is thin, hardships, or weak personality, frailty.

If the smoke is heavy and smooth, the person has a strong character.

If the smoke goes to the right and does not go to its left, you will prevail over obstacles and adversary.

If the smoke goes to its left and does not go to its right, your adversary will prevail over you.

If the smoke clefts or separates in two columns Disagreements, arguments and fights.

If the right hand side of the smoke is thicker the client is at fault. Or a male influence.

If the left cleft is thicker, the outside influence is at fault. Or a female influence.

If the cleft smoke is equal in length, equal parties are at fault.

If the smoke) is fragmented: there will be financial loss.

If the smoke abruptly stops short then increases. Malice, evil eye, the client is under psychic attack or under the influence of black magic.

If the smoke intertwine in a tight weave, close nit, friendship, family and relationships.

If the smoke is intertwined in a tight weave then clusters, success: protection, unity, and profit.

If the smoke goes in four different directions, great confusion and doubts.

Letters or numbers created in the smoke, letters can be the first letter in the name of an enemy. Numbers represents time frames. 


time frames.